Daily Authority: 🔮 Android 12L = Pixel Foldable?

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👋 Good morning! I’m conscionable finishing the publication Ender’s Game. Not definite however I’d missed this connected my sci-fi speechmaking list! 

Android 12L means Large

12L multitasking

Tristan Rayner / Android Authority

Android 12? Yesterday’s news! The caller announcement is that this rumored, leaked, talked astir caller ChromeOS and tablet-focused Android update is being worked connected arsenic Android 12L, and it’s present disposable arsenic a developer preview.

Google’s words for developers interaction connected improved UI for apps adapting to bigger screens, amended multitasking, and compatibility, with this blog station giving an overview:

  • So contiguous astatine Android Dev Summit, we announced a diagnostic driblet for Android 12 that is purpose-built for ample screens, we’re calling it 12L, on with caller APIs, tools, and guidance to marque it easier to physique for ample screens. We besides talked astir changes we’re making to Google Play to assistance users observe your large-screen optimized apps much easily. Read connected to spot what’s caller for ample screens connected Android!

Expectations, phrasing:

  • Google’s being cautious not to denote this arsenic a abstracted operating strategy similar iPadOS is abstracted to iOS.
  • But much breathtaking is that Google’s astir apt moving connected this due to the fact that it has a bigger surface instrumentality coming: similar a tablet, oregon astir apt much accurately, a caller foldable phone.
  • Look astatine this timeline:
12L timeline
  • There’s nary nonstop last day for the last release, but you could reasonably presume a March/April release, which whitethorn good coincide with a larger-screen Google phone, tablet, oregon foldable.
  • It also, confusingly, volition mean that it is coming retired astatine astir the aforesaid clip arsenic the archetypal Android 13 developer preview, meaning aggregate Android beta releases astatine the aforesaid time.
  • But conscionable arsenic Google confuses with its disjointed efforts connected things similar messaging, social, the latest Google Pay fiasco, we’ve been present before: Google fractional attempted a tablet interface with Honeycomb backmost successful 2011-12 but developers didn’t truly fuss supporting it.
  • So, Google perfectly needs to decently enactment its ain 12L ambitions with its ain apps that bash larger screens right. Then, get developers connected committee to marque an existent app satellite that tin vie with iPads. 
  • Google’s fto america down capable times that we tin each beryllium skeptical, but if it releases hardware to spell on with the 12L bundle adjacent year, that’ll beryllium a large measurement towards a commitment.

By the way, we got a clump of votes connected a canvass astir what should beryllium the adjacent Google Pixel product, with much than 50% voting for a Pixel Watch.

  • Next up, and what got my vote, was a Pixel tablet astatine lone 16% of votes.


Throwback Thursday


Tristan Rayner / Android Authority

This is excessively good: 52 years agone tomorrow, the archetypal net connection was sent via ARPANET, a DARPA-funded probe effort astatine UCLA successful 1969, by Leonard Kleinrock, a prof of machine subject astatine the university, and 1 of the names of the aboriginal internet. (His co-academics, Irwin M. Jacobs, Andrew Viterbi, worked with Kleinrock connected aboriginal net epoch tech, but aboriginal went disconnected to recovered Qualcomm.)

Anyway, for the 50th anniversary, Los Angeles Magazine had a amusive chat with Kleinrock. A mates of quotes from a Q&A:

Q: What precisely is ARPANET?

Leinrock: Sputnik went up and caught the US with its pants down. The authorities realized it needed a web that would let computers to pass and stock resources. I had figured retired the mathematical mentation erstwhile I was a grad pupil astatine MIT. The mentation was there, the request was there, present these 2 were going to travel together. ARPANET was a bid of high-speed lines connected to machine “nodes” astatine assorted universities.

Q: [When sending the archetypal message] what happened?

Leinrock: I had 1 of my bundle developers with me, and we decided precocious 1 nighttime to marque the archetypal connection. In bid to log successful to the distant machine astatine SRI, you had to benignant “LOGIN.” The archetypal connection sent connected the net connected October 29, 1969, was “LO” — due to the fact that the web crashed aft the archetypal 2 letters. Samuel Morse had a bully connection acceptable with the telegraph. Armstrong, too, up connected the moon. Those guys were smart. We had nothing. There wasn’t a camera here. Not adjacent a dependable recorder. But we ended up with the astir potent connection possible. “LO,” arsenic successful “lo and behold.”

Brilliant, I reckon.


Tristan Rayner, Senior Editor.

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