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The Das Keyboard MacTigr mechanical keyboard is simply a well-built keyboard that brings mechanical power comfortableness and reliability to the Apple crowd. Only the omission of backlighting and wireless capableness support it from being the cleanable keyboard for Apple users.


  • +

    Cherry MX switches supply unthinkable tactile feedback

  • +

    Sturdy and precise well-built

  • +

    Fully plug and play


  • -

    USB-C incompatible with older Macs lacking USB-C connections

  • -

    No backlighting oregon immoderate RGB lighting

  • -

    No typing space adjustability

Das Keyboard MacTigr: One infinitesimal review

The Das Keyboard MacTigr mechanical keyboard is simply a precocious performance, full-size keyboard constructed with the Apple idiosyncratic successful mind. The MacTigr keyboard features metallic construction, low-profile Cherry MX Red switches, and ace accelerated USB-C connectivity. The MacTigr keyboard incorporates keycaps with Apple bid designs alternatively of Windows bid designs resulting successful a keyboard which integrates incredibly good into the Apple user’s environment.

The chassis features a durable, aluminum unibody which houses the keyboard components arsenic good arsenic a stainless alloy screen sheet that tin easy withstand years of abuse. The low-profile Cherry MX Red switches connection a pleasing, tactile sensation for the user. The keys are rated for 100 cardinal actuations (ahem, keystrokes) which statistically means that you’ll ne'er person to regenerate this keyboard.

The MacTigr comes implicit with a afloat tenkey fig pad, media controls, a measurement dial and afloat n-key rollover. While the MacTigr specifically has the keycaps representing Apple commands, the MacTigr tin link to Windows PCs arsenic well. The MacTigr features a wired USB-C connection. There is nary USB-C to USB-A dongle included with the keyboard, truthful if your machine doesn’t person a USB-C oregon thunderbolt port, you mightiness beryllium retired of luck. The MacTigr keyboard besides lacks definite cardinal backlighting and wireless connectivity. 

It’s an costly keyboard and surely not for everybody. The Das Keyboard MacTigr is designed for the Apple idiosyncratic looking for a keyboard with somewhat retro architecture, mechanical tactile feedback and unthinkable durability. Anyone looking to wage a premium to get this benignant of acquisition from a keyboard person astir apt been waiting for a keyboard similar the MacTigr to travel on for rather immoderate time, and they surely won't beryllium disappointed.

Das Keyboard MacTigr: Price and availability

A Das Keyboard MacTigr connected  a glass-top desk

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  • How overmuch does it cost? $219 / astir £190  / AU$340
  • When is it out? It is disposable present done Das Keyboard.com and immoderate large retailers
  • Where tin you get it? Available present successful the US. Available soon successful the UK and Australia.

Das Keyboard MacTigr Key Specs

Connection: Wired USB Type-C
Switch type: Cherry MX Red
Layout Type: MacOS
Number of keys: 104
Dimensions (L x D x H): 17.16 x 5 x 1.06in | 436 x 127 x 27 mm

The Das Keyboard MacTigr Mechanical Keyboard is simply a heavy niche point marketed to Apple users. It retails for $219 successful the US market, astir £190 / AU$340. However, this is simply a terms immoderate radical are consenting to wage for prime mechanical keyboards, and Das Keyboard is astir arsenic premium arsenic it gets.

The MacTigr lacks immoderate of the features of different mechanical keyboards successful the $200 dollar range, but galore competing keyboards successful this terms scope impact immoderate benignant of commercialized offs.  

For example, the Razer Pro Type Ultra mechanical keyboard retails for $159.99 and features backlighting and wireless capability.  However, its keyboard layout incorporates Windows-specific keys (e.x., the “CTRL” key, the Windows key, etc.) alternatively of Apple-specific ones. If you’re consenting to look past the Windows keycaps (you tin remap keys arsenic needed for MacOS use), the ProType Ultra is not a cleanable fit, but it is simply a bully value.

  • Value: 4 / 5

Das Keyboard MacTigr: Design

A Das Keyboard MacTigr connected  a glass-top desk

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  • Fantastic comfort
  • Great responsiveness
  • Built successful USB hub

The Das Keyboard MacTigr mechanical keyboard has a well-built, robust plan for a keyboard. The chassis is constructed of an aluminum unibody and a stainless alloy top. The stainless alloy apical is tightly fitted into the underlying aluminum shell. The all-metal operation contributes to the alternatively important value of the MacTigr (an awesome 1.1 kilograms, oregon 2.43 pounds). However, it should beryllium noted that radical looking for this benignant of mechanical keyboard already expect immoderate heftiness, truthful determination are nary surprises here.

A Das Keyboard MacTigr connected  a glass-top desk

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The MacTigr features Cherry MX Red switches nether each cardinal connected the keyboard. This creates an incredibly durable cardinal plan built to withstand bonzer use. Cherry GmbH, the German power manufacturer, claims that the Cherry MX Red power tin past up to 100 cardinal keystrokes.

The MacTigr keyboard is comprised of the modular 104 cardinal layout that combines your modular Apple keyboard with a tenkey keypad. The MacTigr integrates low-profile Doubleshot PBT keycaps which resists important deterioration and tear. You’ll besides person the summation of 3 media power buttons – previous, play/pause, and beforehand – a measurement dial and a slumber relation button. 

There is simply a USB-C transportation cablegram arsenic good arsenic a 2 larboard USB-C hub connected the rear of the keyboard. There are nary adjustable keyboard feet to assistance up the rear of the keyboard, truthful you are stuck with a level typing angle.

A Das Keyboard MacTigr connected  a glass-top desk

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The USB-C transportation cablegram measures successful astatine conscionable nether 72 inches, and the magnitude of the cablegram is much than capable for astir workstation layouts. The USB-C exertion ensures speedy information transmission to your computing device.

There is nary integrated keyboard lighting, therefore, the MacTigr can’t utilize Das Keyboard’s proprietary “Q” lighting software. It’s not a existent deal-breaker, nevertheless galore of the keyboards successful the Das Keyboard lineup do connection backlighting. For a wired keyboard that doesn’t person to interest astir artillery life, it would person been bully to spot immoderate backlighting oregon RGB integration successful the MacTigr.

  • Design: 4 / 5

Das Keyboard MacTigr: Accessibility

A Das Keyboard MacTigr connected  a glass-top desk

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  • No backlighting
  • Flat typing angle

The Das Keyboard MacTigr is somewhat disappointing successful this category. The MacTigr does not incorporated immoderate extendable kickstands oregon adjustable feet to alteration the user’s typing angle. This doesn’t look similar specified a large woody but galore competing keyboards successful this terms scope bash person this feature. 

This forces the idiosyncratic to manually set their assemblage presumption to find the astir comfy typing angle. It’s not a important interest since this is casual capable to do. However, for a terms constituent of implicit $200, it is funny however this keyboard doesn’t see this feature. 

There is nary wireless oregon Bluetooth capability. The MacTigr provides astir 6 feet of cablegram transportation betwixt the MacTigr keyboard and the USB-C input. This volition realistically tether astir radical to their workstation. While this is not an contented for most, anyone with mobility issues volition person to support this successful consideration.

Furthermore, the deficiency of backlighting oregon RGB lighting whitethorn origin immoderate trouble for the visually impaired, particularly successful dimly lit environments. It doesn’t look that backlighting would person been excessively costly to incorporate. There are really cheaper Windows/Linux keyboards from Das Keyboard that diagnostic backlighting and/or RGB lighting and are disposable for acquisition connected the Das Keyboard website.

  • Accessibility: 3 / 5

Das Keyboard MacTigr: Performance

A Das Keyboard MacTigr connected  a glass-top desk

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  • Incredible responsiveness
  • True plug-and-play

The Das Keyboard MacTigr keyboard volition yet beryllium defined, by Apple users, not connected its deficiency of fancy features but alternatively connected its show and comfort. 

Here, the MacTigr stands out. The MacTigr is incredibly pleasing to usage erstwhile you find the due typing space astatine your workstation. All keystrokes registry perfectly with an advertised actuation unit of astir 50 grams of pressure. The pre-travel and full question is measured astatine 1.2 millimeters and 3.2 millimeters respectively. 

The effect is simply a perfectly registered cardinal actuation with minimal magnitude of digit pressure, yet a batch of tactile feedback to the user. This tactile feedback makes typing a batch easier to consciousness arsenic opposed to typing connected an optical keyboard oregon membrane keyboard outfitted with scissor switches. 

The quality is that erstwhile you’re typing astatine precocious speeds, the absorption and feedback tells your encephalon that the cardinal was actuated without you adjacent having to conjecture doubly oregon look astatine the keyboard to marque definite that you pressed the cardinal adequately. The effect is simply a stronger typing bio-feedback betwixt the fingers and brain. 

If you are a nonrecreational typist, this allows you to enactment and benignant overmuch much efficiently. Even if you’re not a nonrecreational typist, you volition announcement that the Das Keyboard MacTigr conscionable feels easier to use. There is simply a flimsy audible sound erstwhile typing but it is alternatively brushed and ne'er seems distracting.

The MacTigr incorporates “n-key” rollover (NKRO) to assistance with precocious velocity typing. NKRO is the quality to observe each keystrokes nary substance however galore of the keys are pressed simultaneously. Current lit and studies whitethorn quality the effectiveness of NKRO, and assertion that 10-key rollover is much than capable for immoderate idiosyncratic unless you’re playing definite video games (such arsenic bushed games involving much than 1 person). Still, NKRO does enactment arsenic advertised and it is simply a bully diagnostic to have. 

Finally, the MacTigr keyboard incorporates existent plug and play technology. There are nary drivers to download and the MacTigr should beryllium automatically recognized by each machine it attaches to. As stated before, this keyboard is not meant for Windows PCs, but it connected to our Windows devices with nary issues astatine all.

  • Performance: 5 / 5

Should I bargain a Das Keyboard MacTigr?

A Das Keyboard MacTigr connected  a glass-top desk

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Buy it if...

Don't bargain if...

Also consider

Das Keyboard MacTigr: Report Card

ValueThe Das Keyboard MacTigr was developed specifically for Apple computers. The keycaps diagnostic the designs of Mac commands alternatively of Windows commands, making it a precise unsocial keyboard. However, it is besides the astir costly keyboard that Das Keyboard makes. Other Das Keyboard offerings see much features for little money.3 / 5
DesignThe Das Keyboard MacTigr is impeccably well-built. It’s unfortunate that determination is nary backlighting oregon RGB lighting.4 / 5
AccessibilityThe deficiency of backlighting and adjustable footing whitethorn beryllium to beryllium a small hard for those with peculiar carnal oregon imaginativeness needs. There is nary wireless capability, truthful users volition beryllium tethered to their workstations.3 / 5
PerformanceThe MacTigr performs incredibly well. Typing becomes a pleasant tactile acquisition and the bio-feedback the idiosyncratic gets allows them to absorption connected contented alternatively than what their fingers are doing. The plug and play exertion works precise well.5 / 5
Total (Average)The Das Keyboard MacTigr is designed for a precise niche market, but for those individuals who are looking for a premium Mac keyboard, you volition beryllium impressed.3.8 / 5
  • First reviewed September 2022

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