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Dashlane is chiefly a password manager truthful it’s nary astonishment that its VPN work is precise basal - offering indispensable privateness extortion astatine precocious speeds but not overmuch else.


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    Two services astatine the terms of one

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    Blazing speeds for adjacent servers

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    Speedy lawsuit support

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    30-day money-back guarantee


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    Doesn’t unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer

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    Third-party technology

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    No VPN trial

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    No monthly pricing option

Ed: Dashlane announced that it partnered with Hotspot Shield to connection premium and household users, entree to 1 of the much fashionable VPNs arsenic portion of their Dashlane subscription. Note that this connection is not disposable connected Free oregon Essentials plans. In a connection to TechRadar Pro, they said, When we archetypal explored including a VPN successful our Dashlane 6 merchandise we were excited to spouse with Hotspot shield (then going by Anchor Free) to supply VPN work wrong our app. As our merchandise has developed we person reevaluated that narration and determined our customers would person a amended acquisition receiving VPN straight from Hotspot shield alternatively than relying connected the usage of an API.

Dashlane is an precocious password-management level that comes with a complimentary built-in VPN (opens successful caller tab). Like a batch of different information products, it provides this VPN done a third-party’s technology, successful this lawsuit Pango’s Hotspot Shield. In this review, we’re analyzing the VPN separately from the password absorption feature, which successful itself is among the champion successful the field. If specified a level isn’t what you request and you’d alternatively conscionable person the VPN alone, past you should cheque retired 1 of the best VPN (opens successful caller tab) services that connection high-quality standalone products.


The full Dashlane level tin beryllium purchased astatine $3.33/month ($39.99 billed annually) for an Individual relationship oregon $4.99/month ($59.99 billed annually) for a Family account, which is alternatively inexpensive considering you’re getting some a password manager (opens successful caller tab) work and a VPN. The lone subscription enactment disposable is the yearly one. Payments are done utilizing PayPal oregon a credit/debit card. Dashlane doesn’t bounds the fig of devices connected which you tin link the VPN simultaneously.

There’s besides a escaped tier that doesn’t travel with the VPN work but offers a 30-day escaped proceedings of the Premium account. Unfortunately, this escaped proceedings doesn’t see the VPN. Premium users get a 30-day money-back warrant if they’re not blessed with their acquisition for immoderate reason.


If you don’t consciousness similar the Dashlane password absorption level is the close for you and you’d similar to person a stand-alone VPN service, past we suggest you instrumentality a look astatine NordVPN (opens successful caller tab), CyberGhost (opens successful caller tab), oregon Surfshark (opens successful caller tab), each of which are robust platforms for each sorts of VPN users. However, if you privation the eventual VPN acquisition that wealth tin buy, past ExpressVPN (opens successful caller tab) is the mode to go.


Although Hotspot Shield itself easy provides entree to large streaming services similar Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, and others that are often blocked successful definite regions, Dashlane’s VPN work doesn’t since it’s lone the summation to the main level - the password manager.

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About the company

Dashlane is simply a Paris-based startup but Pango, the institution whose exertion it uses to supply VPN services to its users, is based successful Silicon Valley, with offices successful Ukraine and Russia. Pango’s Hotspot Shield has 3,200+ servers successful 80+ countries but we couldn’t get accusation connected however galore of those servers are astatine disposal to Dashlane’s clients owed to, arsenic we were told by the lawsuit support, “security purposes”. We lone learned that these servers are located successful 26 countries, including Mexico, Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, and Singapore.

Privacy and encryption

Dashlane’s VPN tin beryllium utilized for peer-to-peer sharing, though larboard forwarding isn’t supported. The VPN protocols it deploys beryllium connected the level you’re utilizing it on, truthful OpenVPN (opens successful caller tab) is utilized connected Windows and Android, IPSec connected Mac, portion Catapult Hydra - Pango’s proprietary protocol - is utilized connected iOS. There are nary other features often seen successful different services, similar divided tunneling oregon termination switch.

The institution claims it doesn’t support immoderate past of your browsing done the VPN, nor does it supply immoderate identifiable accusation astir its users to Pango. Pango, connected its side, doesn’t cod oregon support immoderate idiosyncratic accusation from Dashlane’s users, truthful there’s nary information to stock with 3rd parties either. According to Dashlane, “the lone accusation tracked is method accusation related to your VPN connection, successful bid to support show and stability.”

We person nary different prime but to spot some these providers since neither of them has exposed their VPN platforms to autarkic auditors who would verify these claims and contented a study connected their findings.


Dashlane has apps you tin download and instal connected Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. The Android app has received 4.5 stars (out of 5) from 112,029 users. It has been downloaded implicit 1,000,000 times and was past updated connected August 10, 2020. As for its iOS app, it’s got a somewhat amended people - 4.7 from arsenic judged by 36,400 people. The app was past updated connected August 7, 2020.

A beauteous decent magnitude of accusation is disposable connected Dashlane’s website astir its level and VPN, divided into respective thematic categories, specified arsenic Installing & Getting Started, Account & Security, and Passwords & Data.

If you don’t negociate to find the reply you’re looking for, past you tin interaction lawsuit enactment directly. The accelerated and responsive lawsuit enactment agents are disposable via unrecorded chat oregon email.

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Speed and experience

The Dashlane app is easy downloaded from the website and installed successful a fewer seconds. It is besides precise user-friendly and casual to navigate and the VPN tin beryllium activated successful the app’s toolbar. This is besides wherever switching betwixt servers is done. That said, you’ll archetypal request to disconnect from the VPN server you’re moving earlier you tin power to a antithetic one.

Once we turned connected the VPN, we were amazed astatine however accelerated the download speeds were, astatine slightest for the server successful Germany - 45Mbps connected a 70Mbps investigating connection, which isn’t often seen successful the VPN industry. This was the server that was automatically chosen for america connected the ground of our existent carnal location. A server successful the UK was slower but inactive good, hailing 21.30Mbps. 

Next, we decided to spot however the VPN would grip much distant places, similar Mexico. Unfortunately, the results were overmuch poorer for this determination - lone 6.77Mbps (we’ve seen worse though). We besides tried retired a server successful Australia, which had a akin effect - 6.73Mbps. Finally, it was the crook for the US, delivering a usable 13.72Mbps.


Just similar each different services of its kind, Dashlane’s VPN allows you to fell your individuality connected the Internet, summation your privateness online, and safely browse and torrent from an unsecure network. However, that’s arsenic acold arsenic its offering goes since it doesn’t unblock fashionable VOD services and has nary precocious features prevention for Pango’s proprietary and innovative Catapult Hydra protocol. This makes consciousness due to the fact that Dashlane is chiefly a (very good) password manager and its VPN is conscionable an other diagnostic that completes the platform. If you’d alternatively person the champion stand-alone VPN work wealth tin buy, past 1 of the apical names successful the business, such arsenic ExpressVPN (opens successful caller tab), is for you.

Sead is simply a seasoned freelance writer based successful Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He writes astir IT (cloud, IoT, 5G, VPN) and cybersecurity (ransomware, information breaches, laws and regulations). In his career, spanning much than a decade, he’s written for galore media outlets, including Al Jazeera Balkans. He’s besides held respective modules connected contented penning for Represent Communications.

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