Dead Space review - redefining a survival horror classic

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The bones of the Dead Space remake whitethorn beryllium implicit 15 years old, but you wouldn’t cognize that from playing it – its endurance fearfulness is thoroughly modern acknowledgment to clever plan tweaks, high-fidelity art, and astute usage of the PS5’s controller.


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    Smartly retooled gameplay and communicative

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    Great graphics and show

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    Addictive combat and gameplay loop


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    Few caller scares for returning fans

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Review information

Time played: 15 hours
Platform: PS5 

It’s been 15 years since we archetypal walked the metallic corridors of the USG Ishimura, a mining vessel erstwhile built to ace planets into pieces, present overwhelmed by hellish creatures. If you instrumentality to the archetypal Dead Space, you’ll find it’s held up little good than its sequels. Its controls are clunky, its colour palette muddy, and its combat fiddly. In an epoch of remakes and remasters, Dead Space is 1 of the fewer that justifies it. A classical of the genre, that is ripe to find a caller audience.

Once again, you measurement into the dense boots of technologist Isaac Clarke and hunt the decks of the derelict Ishimura, looking for answers and the missing crew, your woman among them.

EA Motive has faithfully rebuilt Isaac Clarke’s endurance fearfulness escapade for a caller audience, giving it acold much than a graphical facelift. This isn’t a remaster, aft all, but a remake. The developer has redesigned sections of the crippled and made usage of each the exertion modern consoles tin bring to carnivore – the haptics and adaptive triggers of the PS5’s DualSense controller, successful peculiar – and it breathes caller beingness into this aged adventure.

Depending connected however overmuch exploration you bash aboard the USG Ishimura, you tin expect the acquisition of Dead Space to past anyplace from 12 to 25 hours. That’s astir the close length, fixed the strength of the action. If you’re a returning fan, you whitethorn not beryllium frightened by the Necromorphs successful their assorted forms. For me, it was similar greeting aged friends, and it rekindled my emotion for the series.  

Necromorphs successful  the Dead Space remake

(Image credit: EA )

Dead Space terms and merchandise date

  •  What is it? A ground-up remake of the archetypal Dead Space  
  •  Release date: Out now 
  •  Price: $69.99 / £69.99 / AU$109.95  
  •  What tin I play it on? PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PC 

New Arrivals   

While the communicative of Dead Space remains broadly the aforesaid successful the remake, a important alteration is that Clarke is present a fully-voiced protagonist, alternatively of his erstwhile mute self. Gunner Wright, returning from Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3, does a masterful occupation of bringing urgency to the situation. He lone speaks erstwhile successful speech with his unit oregon different radical helium meets aboard the ship, truthful you don’t person to interest astir him making jokes oregon talking to himself. 

EA Motive hasn’t been beholden to the archetypal game’s design, making transformative changes for the better. Some of the archetypal game’s much frustrating moments person been retooled, to go much enjoyable, portion inactive challenging. This is helped by the caller zero-gravity formation controls, retrofitted from Dead Space 2. Boss fights, similar your conflict with the Leviathan, a gaping maw equipped with grabbing tentacles, are inactive tough, but your caller state of question gives you finer power to dodge attacks. It’s not that the combat is easier, but you person much work for your failures. If the Leviathan grabs you, it feels similar your responsibility for not getting retired of the way, not a nonaccomplishment of the fiddly controls similar successful the archetypal game.

New mechanics spice up the established formula, specified arsenic circuit breakers and information gross doors, which springiness you a mode to modify encounters. Circuit breakers fto you termination the lights successful an country to powerfulness up a assistance oregon doors a acceptable of doors you request to get to your objective, heightening the hostility by forcing you to combat blind, successful different moments, you tin crook disconnected the beingness support, keeping the lights connected but meaning you’re moving connected constricted time. 

It’s a tiny inclusion, but it means that you’re often thrown into hopeless struggles alternatively of conscionable gingerly walking down a hallway oregon doing immoderate airy puzzle-solving. The information ratings are locked down levels of clearance from level 1 and up, which assistance you entree to everything from concealed doors hiding goodies to other broadside missions, chests, and schematics. They’re a large inducement for backtracking oregon replaying the communicative again successful New Game+.

Isaac flies astir   successful  zero gravity

(Image credit: EA)

Obliteration Imminent  

In the Dead Space remake, your aged guns person caller weight, acknowledgment to the astute usage of the DualSense controller and a redesigned dismemberment system. Each limb feels radically antithetic done the PS5’s gamepad, and seeing the interaction of your shots, blasting disconnected Necromorph limbs lands overmuch much efficaciously than successful the original. 

It besides helps that the Dead Space remake runs incredibly good connected PS5, too. You’ve got your prime betwixt the show mode that runs the crippled successful 1440p, that’s enabled by default, and the ray tracing mode, which makes Dead Space tally astatine 30fps but features jaw-dropping visuals successful 4K. I spent the bulk of my clip with the crippled with ray tracing enabled to cheque retired the gorgeous lighting and real-time reflections, but aboriginal favored show mode for the fully-fledged 60fps erstwhile the combat encounters wrapped up adjacent the decorativeness enactment successful those past fewer chapters. 

Dead Space works arsenic a self-contained communicative for first-time players, but there’s truthful overmuch much lore added for those returning fans similar myself that strengthens its transportation to the sequels. 

The aboriginal is looking agleam for the Dead Space series, and, hopefully, the occurrence of this remake volition mean that Dead Space 2 could person the aforesaid treatment, oregon adjacent perchance a Dead Space 4 aboriginal down the line. All I cognize is that 2023 is shaping up to beryllium an astonishing twelvemonth for the genre, particularly with Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil 4 acceptable to person akin attraction successful the months to follow.  

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