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The Dell G3223Q won’t permission you disappointed if you’ve ne'er seen a 4K show moving astatine 144Hz before, particularly with agleam and color-rich HDR content. But the mediocre opposition of its IPS sheet keeps it from truly blowing america away.


  • +

    Lovely color

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    Good larboard selection

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    Smooth 4K


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    Contrast holds backmost HDR

  • -

    Slightly wiggly stand

Dell G3223Q: Two infinitesimal review

While the Dell G3223Q gaming show isn’t coming successful with chaotic specs, its bringing 4K/144Hz to a large, agleam show astatine a respectable price, astatine slightest erstwhile it’s discounted beneath Dell’s fishy MSRP.

The best gaming monitors person immoderate stunning options among them, and caller technologies are shaking up the field, similar the QD-OLED sheet connected show successful Alienware’s caller AW3423DW. Unfortunately, Dell's G3223Q lags down galore of these trends, and it makes it's terms pugnacious to justify.

The Dell G3223Q is disposable for $1,099 (£659 / AU$1,499), which is precise costly for what you're getting, though Dell has dropped this terms down arsenic overmuch arsenic 30% connected it's site. Whether you tin get a little (and much justifiable) terms is different matter, and it shouldn't travel down to luck whether you get a bully value.

What feels truthful egregious astir the precocious MSRP is that the Alienware QD-OLED show is lone $200 much and it brings game-changing show tech. And LG’s 42-inch C2 OLED isn’t acold astatine that constituent either.

Dell G3223Q Key Specs

Panel size: 32 inch
Panel type:
Fast IPS
3840 x 2160
600 nits
Pixel response:
1ms GtG
Refresh rate:
2 x HDMI 2.1, 1 x DP 1.4, 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1, 1 x Audio Out (3.5mm)

Meanwhile, Dell’s G3223Q gaming show is thing of a gaming mentation of the Dell G3223QE with the sheet swapped for the purpose. But it besides swaps ports, upping bandwidth for show connections to enactment the faster refresh rates needed for gaming but dumping USB-C, the KVM switch, and the outbound DisplayPort transportation for daisy chaining monitors. 

Instead of a 32-inch concern display, we’re looking astatine a 32-inch 4K/144Hz show boasting 1ms GtG pixel effect time, pre-calibrated colour covering 95% of the DCI-P3 colour space, DisplayHDR 600 for other brightness, and FreeSync Premium Pro. But this show is inactive rocking an IPS sheet with the emblematic symptom points that travel on with the tech.

Don’t constitute it disconnected excessively quickly, though. Between the wide colour gamut, the sharpness, and the in-your-face brightness of the display, the visuals tin beryllium downright stunning erstwhile HDR comes successful to punch up brightness and colors to an extreme, particularly for the adjacent proximity of a monitor.

But opposition is arsenic wanting arsenic it’s ever been connected an IPS display. When displaying HDR trial footage that pairs a agleam and colorful taxable with a achromatic backdrop, the sheet stumbles hard. Not lone is each that achromatic country raised up to a noticeable gray, but the corners are lifted adjacent more, truthful the achromatic abstraction doesn’t look uniform, making it each the much distracting.

Pitch achromatic is thing to behold, but it’s not the be-all-end-all of a utile monitor. The Dell G3223Q looks large erstwhile it’s displaying tons of bright, colorful content. This includes portion moving with aggregate windows. Text is sharp, there’s nary weirdness with brightness. And adjacent with HDR connected successful windows, the show doesn’t look to get confused astir what should beryllium achromatic and what should beryllium astir white.

Then there’s its chops for gaming. 4K, oregon Ultra HD to beryllium much specific, allows for a batch of item to radiance through, and the 32-inch sheet does a large occupation filling up our tract of presumption astatine an arm’s magnitude away. The 144Hz refresh keeps it each flowing smoothly too, whether implicit DisplayPort 1.4 oregon the 2 HDMI 2.1 ports that tin besides service up 4K/120Hz from consoles.

Gaming peripherals tin besides tidily link to the 2 USB ports serving arsenic a hub connected the show (conveniently adjacent to the beforehand of the show alternatively of tucked backmost with the show ports). During action, there’s a spot of question blur to moving objects, and super-fast movements tin permission a trail, but determination aren’t isn’t excessively overmuch successful the mode of ghosting oregon coronas. Turning the overdrive to Super Fast oregon Extreme does present coronas down moving objects, but fails to noticeably amended the question blur. While FreeSync Premium Pro is disposable to support frames looking clean, we find the show besides plays bully with G-Sync connected an Nvidia graphics card.

All of this comes built connected to a reasonably adjustable stand, albeit 1 that likes to wiggle a bit. And astir backmost the show has a spot of bias lighting.

Ultimately, the Dell G3223Q is simply a fantastic looking show successful the close conditions, and good balanced erstwhile it comes to features. It has immoderate weaknesses that tin harvest up successful circumstantial situations, but it’s inactive connected the pricey broadside for gaming monitors. If you tin get it nether $800/£700/AU$1,100, we tin urge it, but astatine its afloat MSRP, it’s a pass.

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  • First reviewed June 2022
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