Denon Home 150

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The Denon Home 150 is an unremarkable-looking speaker, it's true, but it offers a plethora of listening options on with respectable astute talker credentials to contiguous a compelling bundle – particularly if abstraction is tight.


  • +

    Good prime sound

  • +

    Alexa built-in

  • +

    Useful web connectivity


  • -

    You request 2 to get the champion from it

  • -

    Too galore features for immoderate users

Denon Home 150: Two-minute review

A acquainted sanction successful the realms of audio and location cinema, Denon is retired to instrumentality purpose astatine Sonos with its three-strong Home talker range. The Denon Home 150 is the cheapest of the trio disposable close now, but it packs a decent punch for the price. 

Before you get excessively excited, it's not precisely inexpensive for a smart speaker, but the Denon Home 150 offers you plentifulness of options portion keeping things simple. 

A mono speaker, it offers dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity on with a carnal Ethernet socket, arsenic good arsenic a USB-A slot for plugging successful your hard thrust oregon USB stick. There's besides a minijack analog input arsenic well. The lone utile other missing present is optical integer input, but thing has to spell connected a astute talker priced astatine $249/£219. 

Such assortment continues with its app options. Via the HEOS app, you tin link rapidly to Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, Soundcloud, Tidal and different services, with the app adjusting according to your location. 

Neat touches travel from the quality to acceptable up playlists crossed each sources, arsenic good arsenic to usage Google Assistant oregon Alexa to power things utilizing your voice. The app is simply a small simplistic looks-wise, but it has each the essentials and its aesthetic makes its features much easy accessible – including EQ settings and different customization tools. 

Setup is beauteous quick, barring 1 hiccup we had erstwhile updating the Denon Home 150, and successful nary clip astatine each we’re acceptable to listen. 

The Denon Home 150 sounds reasonably meaty too. The soundstage is beauteous wide for specified a device, though we did wonderment what it would beryllium similar with 2 speakers. Besides punchy bass astatine higher volumes, you besides get creaseless mids and relaxed trebles. A spot of zing would person been bully present astatine the apical end, but crank up the measurement and you'll look past that. 

This is simply a talker that wants to merge subtly successful with your lounge decor, but it’ll besides enactment good successful the kitchen. If you privation a tiny talker that doesn't bargain absorption yet offers decent playback, the Denon Home 150 is 1 to look into. 

Some of its options volition beryllium overkill if you simply privation thing to watercourse euphony from your phone, but it's bully to person specified flexibility. Being capable to dip into your NAS drive's postulation won't beryllium indispensable for all, but if you're 1 of those people, it's vital. 

Through the HEOS app, you'll besides beryllium capable to power multiroom playback with the thought being that you formulate your ain ecosystem of Denon Home speakers crossed the house, leaving you successful power wherever you are.

Ultimately, the Denon Home 150 is simply a batch much amusive than your mean astute talker adjacent if its dependable prime doesn't lucifer the likes of the Sonos One. For a tech fan, somewhat weaker dependable prime successful speech for truthful overmuch tweaking and app imaginable means the Denon Home 150 is simply a large alternative. 

Denon Home 150 top-plate item  connected  grey background

It's small, but that doesn't mean the top-plate is basal (Image credit: Future)

Denon Home 150: Price and merchandise date

  • Available successful the UK, USA and Australia
  • Priced astatine $249/£219/AU$340
  • Released successful 2020

The Denon Home 150 was released backmost successful 2020 but it's held dependable with its terms of $249/£219/AU$340. At the clip of writing, you tin bargain it for £189 nonstop from Denon UK with akin third-party discounts, portion the terms is beauteous dependable successful the US.

It's disposable successful either achromatic oregon white. 

Denon Home 150 rear, displaying connectivity options connected  grey background

Ethernet, a USB-A slot for plugging successful your hard thrust oregon USB instrumentality and a minijack analog input to boot. The lone utile other missing present is optical integer input, but that's a tiny contented astatine this price.  (Image credit: Future)

Denon Home 150: Design and features

  • Requires plug-in power
  • Proximity sensor based controls up top
  • So galore euphony options

For specified a bijou portion (at 18.7cm high, it’s conscionable 4.5cm taller than Apple’s archetypal HomePod), there's a batch going connected with the Denon Home 150. On the apical of the talker is its power panel. Charmingly, the aboveground goes acheronian erstwhile it's not successful use, with a proximity sensor spotting erstwhile you're near. The buttons see play/pause, measurement controls, and speedy enactment buttons which you tin delegate arsenic needed. 

On the backmost of the talker is simply a manual Connect button, an Ethernet port, USB-A port, 3.5mm aux input, Bluetooth pairing button, and the socket for the powerfulness cable. You tin partition equine it too. 

A tiny presumption airy resides astatine the bottom. Blue demonstrates it's acceptable for action, orangish denotes an update and greenish is for Bluetooth pairing mode. Use the dependable adjunct and a bluish streak appears up apical to amusement you're being listened to. 

The Denon Home 150’s features support increasing erstwhile you cheque retired the in-app broadside of things, too. While the HEOS app isn't precisely stylish, it is afloat of functionality. It provides integrations to a drawstring of euphony streaming services including Amazon Music, Spotify, Tidal, and galore others. There's besides multi-room power if you person aggregate HEOS speakers successful your home, truthful the app works arsenic the distant you whitethorn person been amazed not to find successful the box. 

There's besides AirPlay 2 and dependable adjunct support. The second is conscionable arsenic responsive arsenic you'd expect from a dedicated solution, truthful it's useful. Being capable to acceptable up your ain playlists crossed aggregate services arsenic good arsenic opting to import euphony from your location web oregon an outer hard thrust is besides utile and beauteous elemental to do. 

Ultimately, the Denon Home 150 does mostly everything you could privation oregon need, adjacent if the app could bash with a fewer homely touches oregon adjacent a tutorial oregon two. 

  • Features score: 4/5

Denon Home 150 app detail

Although a comparatively basal affair, the app makes the Denon Home 150's plethora of supported streaming services easy accessible (Image credit: Future)

Denon Home 150: Sound quality

  • Mono speaker
  • Good prime dependable adjacent astatine precocious volume
  • Strong bass

The Denon Home 150 is simply a tiny talker truthful successful an perfect world, you'll request to brace it up with different oregon adjacent a subwoofer and soundbar to get a genuinely country filling experience. Despite that, its tiny signifier works good successful a surviving room, room oregon adjacent bathroom. 

Starting out, the HEOS app asks wherever the talker volition beryllium placed, adjusting its dependable somewhat whether you've placed it against a partition oregon if it's retired successful the open. Stick with it and you get a reasonably affluent and crisp experience. 

Bass is almighty adjacent astatine little volumes during Foo Fighters' All My Life and Muse's Hysteria, which crashes done the country with aplomb. 

Crank up the measurement and you don't miss retired connected crispness either, with distortion simply not happening. While this isn't the loudest of speakers around, it beats overmuch of the contention astatine this size. The downside? You whitethorn find the request to set the measurement depending connected what you're listening to. 

Switching betwixt a bass-heavy and vibrant way to thing much zingy similar Childish Gambino's Feels Like Summer leaves you wanting to set the measurement to not beryllium overwhelmed, but instrumentality with the aforesaid genre passim and this becomes little of an issue. Manic Street Preachers' Everything Must Go proves a cleanable illustration of however breathtaking listening done the Denon Home 150 tin be. Switching to thing crisper similar John Legend’s All of Me works conscionable arsenic well, portion The Beach Boys’ God Only Knows is afloat of wistful contemplation, conscionable arsenic it should be. 

  • Sound prime score: 4/5

Denon Home 150 connected  grey background

Denon Home 150 whitethorn look similar it wants to melt distant into your location decor, but hold 'til you crank up the volume.  (Image credit: Future)

Denon Home 150: Value

  • Plenty of features
  • Ideal for location environment 

The Denon Home 150 is some a bully starting merchandise for your location amusement setup and an effectual talker successful its ain right. There are alternatives retired determination but the Denon Home 150 keeps things simple. 

It has a straightforward app and plentifulness of ways to link to different devices and services, each portion looking the portion successful your home. Reliability feels similar its absorption here, though it doesn't ever radiance astatine 1 thing.

  • Value score: 4/5

Denon Home 150: Should I bargain it?

Denon Home 150 AttributesNotesRating
Design and featuresA batch of perks for the wealth successful a petite package4/5
Sound qualityNot acrophobic to spell debased – due to the fact that it won't distort easily4/5
ValueMore a jack of each trades than a maestro of one, but that's not needfully a atrocious thing4/5

Buy it if…

Don't bargain it if…

Also consider…

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