Desktop crypto wallet Flare goes mobile with release of iOS app, Android next


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Flare, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet launched last year, has announced today the release of an iOS application. It was confirmed as well that Android app wallets will be available shortly.

Key features that are active within the wallet, as well as future features to come include:

  • Swap support for all coins (BTC, ETH, NIX, XTZ, etc.)
  • Save on fees with Bech32 receiving addresses for compatible coins (BTC, NIX, LTC)
  • Set custom fees with dynamic fee control
  • Seed phrase compatibility between mobile and desktop wallets
  • Simply set up and enable masternodes with masternode management (future release)
  • Secure and stake PoS based coins (future release)
  • QR & QR scanner support with BIP 21 format

“We have worked extremely hard for the past several months to create one of the most simple to use mobile wallets on the market. With all that work, the Flare iOS wallet is now available for download on the Apple App Store.”
– The Flare Team

Flare utilizes the NIX protocol with built-in atomic swaps that are fully private and anonymous.