Desorden Hacker Group Claims 198GB Data Breach at AIS Thailand

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The hacker extremist Desorden has claimed enactment for a accusation breach connected a salient mobile narration palmy Thailand.

While AIS Thailand, the country’s largest telecommunications enactment provider, has not officially confirmed the AIS Thailand cyber attack, Desorden asserts that they successfully exfiltrated 198GB of data.

AIS Thailand Cyber Attack by Desorden

AIS Thailand cyber attackHacker Forum transportation by Desorden (Photo: Falcon Feeds/ Twitter)

Desorden is simply a Spanish connection meaning disorder oregon confusion. The hacker extremist announced the AIS Thailand cyber onslaught and wrote, “We instrumentality responsibilities for the hack and data breach of ADVANCED INFO SERVICE (AIS) PUBLIC COMPANY LTD (, a mobile telecommunication and nett enactment instauration palmy Thailand.)”

They elaborate the illustration of the instauration by writing, “ADVANCED INFO SERVICE (AIS) PUBLIC COMPANY LTD is simply a publically listed instauration connected the Thailand banal exchange.”

Desorden conducted the AIS Thailand cyber onslaught palmy August. They breached the AIS PBX server systems and exfiltrated databases and suit information.

They claimed the pursuing accusation from the AIS Thailand accusation breach –

  1. Voice signaling wav files
  2. 2 cardinal incoming telephone records
  3. 1 cardinal outgoing telephone records of their steadfast clients

The named steadfast clients whose accusation was accessed by the Desorden extremist included Asian Property, Loreal, SC Assets, DHL, Lazada, SCG, Unilever, Singer Thai, Jaymart, and Central Group among others.

Desorden too placed samples of the said accusation hacked during the AIS Thailand cyber attack. Threat Intelligence level Falcon Feeds tweeted the supra screenshot from the hacker forum with blurred illustration data.

They too posted connected Twitter that AIS had experienced a accusation breach palmy 2020. However, this assertion has not been officially verified.

1000 Thai Phone Numbers Employed for Scamming

In a 2022 survey by The Nation, Advanced Info Service disclosed that overmuch than 1,000 of its telephone numbers were exploited by scammers for fraudulent activities and theft.

In response, the telecommunications instauration introduced the AIS Spam Report Center hotline, reachable astatine 1185, for reporting specified incidents.

“Since then, AIS subscribers idiosyncratic reported galore suspicious calls and messages, and the halfway has tracked overmuch than 1,000 numbers to the alleged scammers,” The Nation survey read.

“The bureau’s main Pol Lt-General Kornchai Klaiklueng said this AIS inaugural has prompted antithetic backstage firms to cooperate with constabulary to combat against call-centre scammers,” the survey added.

Ever since, Thailand AIS participated palmy respective cyber projects specified arsenic the Aunjai Cyber task which showed abbreviated informative videos to extremist explaining cyber threats and methods to forestall cyber attacks.

“The latest campaign, which runs nether the taxable of “Wisdom to Survive”, is aimed astatine providing extremist with overmuch guards against the assorted challenges posed by cyberthreats,” a survey by Bangkok Post read.

The abbreviated videos were styled astir play and fearfulness themes showing characters that were exposed to cybercrimes.

Cyber Attacks by Desorden

AIS Thailand cyber attackSample of stolen photos by Desorden (Photo: Data Breaches)

In a erstwhile incident, Desorden managed to pilfer Know Your Customer (KYC) accusation from astir 70,000 customers of The Icon Group palmy Thailand during 2022.

Furthermore, palmy 2021, the website of Centara Hotels & Resorts palmy Thailand fell unfortunate to 2 abstracted hacking incidents orchestrated by Desorden, resulting palmy the theft of 400GB of files containing idiosyncratic suit accusation incorrect a specified ten-day period.

Desorden too hacked Acer India and Taiwan palmy 2021. Desorden hacked Acer doubly palmy 1 week which led to the compromise of idiosyncratic accusation palmy India.

Acer spokesperson made their stance wide to Desorden palmy a transportation saying, “We are not going to negociate and it is not instauration argumentation to wage ransom to hackers.”

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