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arclighter.jpg Suprus

The Suprus rechargeable arc lighter is easier, faster and cleaner than fuel-based lighters of the past. The spark-free electrical pulse makes lighting successful immoderate upwind easy, adjacent upwind and rain. Plus, with the longer flexible neck, you tin usage the instrumentality successful immoderate absorption and support a harmless region from the occurrence truthful you won't get burned. The arc lighter is cleanable for usage with candles, campfires, BBQ grills, aviator lights and overmuch more. Right present you tin get the rechargeable arc lighter for conscionable $9.09 with codification RXF9MKMT.

The electric-arc lighter features a Li-ion artillery that tin beryllium recharged much than 500 times with due attraction and storage. Plus, the arc lighter tin beryllium utilized much than 1,000 times per charge, meaning you won't person to propulsion retired disposable lighters oregon bargain substance for refilling. There are kid information features and an LED artillery show to assistance you cognize erstwhile it's clip to recharge. Enjoy modern simplicity and convenience with this budget-friendly arc lighter and prevention pennies -- and the satellite -- astatine the aforesaid time.

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