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I was pleased to find a pristine-looking iPhone 6 connected eBay for lone £75 (about $100 oregon AU$140). It was a immense savings implicit a caller iPhone and arsenic it inactive runs the latest iOS 15 I knew it would inactive beryllium harmless to use. But the artillery had aged to the constituent wherever the bundle had to artificially throttle the show to halt it from shutting down. Instead of casting disconnected the telephone and getting buyer's remorse, I decided to bargain a replacement artillery and tools from iFixit and person a spell astatine replacing the artillery myself.

It took a small implicit an hour, but I was capable to safely swap retired the battery, and the iPhone 6 was moving perfectly again. I'm not giving step-by-step instructions present -- head to iFixit and drawback a kit if that's what you're aft -- but I bash privation to picture my experience, including however casual this was to do, and hopefully reply immoderate of the questions you whitethorn person if you besides request a caller battery.

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Note that immoderate attraction you bash connected your ain devices is wholly astatine your ain risk.

1. Why would you request to regenerate an iPhone battery?

Batteries property implicit time, and considering that the iPhone 6 was released 6 years ago, it's nary astonishment that the 1 I bought wasn't moving successful premier condition. One time, the telephone unexpectedly restarted portion successful use, and it flashed a informing that read, "This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown due to the fact that the artillery was incapable to present the indispensable highest power. Performance absorption has been applied to assistance forestall this from happening again." Even the telephone itself knew it had a bum battery.

In short, a phone's show tin beryllium throttled if it tin nary longer header with powerfulness demands. There is the enactment to crook throttling off, but this volition effect successful much predominant crashes. Neither concern is ideal, truthful a artillery replacement seemed similar a astute mode guardant for me, since it wasn't my main telephone and I was consenting to instrumentality the risks. 


Opening up my iPhone 6.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

2. How overmuch does a replacement iPhone artillery cost?

The occupation with my concern specifically was that I bought the telephone for truthful small successful the archetypal spot that spending much wealth connected a artillery replacement work negated immoderate of those archetypal savings. Apple's authoritative replacement work costs £49 ($49), which is much than fractional what I paied for the iPhone 6 I bought. As I was successful the mediate of the coronavirus lockdown erstwhile I attempted this, I wasn't capable to get to an Apple store to instrumentality it in, and sending it successful done the message would bring the full outgo to £56.44 (about $75 oregon AU$105).

iFixit, however, sells a DIY replacement battalion for £35 (including postage to my location successful Scotland). It costs $30 successful the US and with shipping costs that comes to $37.96. It's not a immense redeeming implicit Apple's authoritative replacement, but each small spot helps. 

3. What comes successful the iFixit artillery hole kit?

iFixit's kit comes with a third-party replacement artillery that is not from Apple, since Apple does not merchantability its parts separately. It besides has each the tools needed to unfastened the telephone and region the aged battery. The lone further happening I needed was a hairsbreadth dryer to vigor up and region the glue.

4. Does replacing a artillery void your telephone warranty? 

Opening up an iPhone volition void the warranty, but if your artillery is aged capable to request replacing, likelihood are you're already retired of the 12-month warranty period. 


Prying the aged artillery retired was tricky, and I wasn't ever definite I was doing it safely.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

5. Is it harmless to regenerate your iPhone artillery yourself? 

This 1 isn't truthful straightforward to answer. iFixit's usher gives precise elaborate instructions connected the steps involved, but determination were a mates of points that made maine nervous. One measurement progressive heating up the backmost of the telephone with a hairsbreadth dryer successful bid to loosen the glue holding the aged artillery successful place. 

Specifically, it said to vigor it to "slightly excessively lukewarm to interaction comfortably," which I recovered a small vague. Especially since that conception besides warned that "overheating the iPhone whitethorn ignite the battery." But however blistery is excessively hot? What signs would I spot if it was overheating? I couldn't find this information, and arsenic specified wasn't definite however adjacent to overheating it I mightiness be.

Shortly after, portion trying to pry retired the aged battery, I accidentally ripped into what looked similar the achromatic wrapping astir that battery. I was beauteous definite that the artillery itself wasn't punctured -- determination was nary fume oregon hissing -- but I'd person felt a batch much comfy if I had "emergency" instructions connected manus astir what to bash if the artillery did ignite. 

6. Can I regenerate my iPhone artillery myself?

Up to a constituent I recovered I could, yes, and I'm not usually "handy" successful a DIY sense. iFixit's instructions were casual to follow, and determination were lone 7 interior screws to remove, which were casual to replace. 


The iPhone 6, aged artillery removed and each traces of the glue cleaned off.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

What I recovered a small confusing was that iFixit's instructions connected its web leafage extremity astatine the constituent wherever you region the aged battery. The lone acquisition successful the decision was to travel the erstwhile steps successful reverse order. Admittedly, that wasn't peculiarly hard to do, but I would person appreciated much guidance astatine that point. 

Another contented I ran into was that, during the removal of the screen, I cracked the surface protector that was successful place. I noticed the hairline cracks and was disquieted that I'd damaged the show itself, but thankfully that was unharmed.


With its caller battery, this iPhone 6 should beryllium moving astatine optimal level again.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

7. Is it worthy replacing an iPhone battery?

It truly depends connected the property and worth of your phone. If, similar me, you bought a inexpensive utilized iPhone and conscionable privation to get it backmost up to speed, past it could beryllium a large mode to respire caller beingness into aged tech without spending a fortune. Bear successful mind, though, that this wasn't going to beryllium my main phone, nor did I bargain it with my ain money. For me, the hazard was debased and had I done it incorrect and ruined the phone, it wouldn't person been a large problem. You'll request to see whether you truly tin negociate without it, and your tolerance for different risks.

If you're utilizing a much caller device, similar an iPhone X ($346 astatine Amazon), for example, I'd astir apt conscionable instrumentality it straight to Apple. The savings you'll get from doing it yourself aren't truthful large arsenic to warrant the imaginable outgo of damaging a much invaluable phone.

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