DJI announces compact, modular, and magnetic Action 2 camera

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DJI has announced a follow-up to its Osmo Action camera, and it’s got a wholly caller plan — the Action 2 drops the Osmo sanction and focuses connected modularity with a suite of further parts and accessories that connect to the camera magnetically.

The camera module itself is tiny (it's 39mm quadrate and 22mm deep) and includes a 12MP sensor susceptible of 4K recording, a lens that provides a 155-degree tract of view, and a 1.76-inch OLED touchscreen covered by Gorilla Glass. Using magnets, you tin connect different touchscreen (which besides boosts the artillery beingness and adds an array of microphones), an other battery, oregon a assortment of mounts that fto you connect it to tripods oregon GoPro mounts, oregon adjacent deterioration the camera arsenic a necklace.

Modules, similar the 1 that adds other artillery power, connect with some magnets and carnal clips. Image: DJI

Speaking of GoPro, immoderate enactment cam is going to look comparisons, and the Action 2’s specs autumn abbreviated erstwhile enactment broadside by broadside with those of the caller Hero10 Black: it tin bash 4K astatine 120 frames per 2nd similar the Hero10 but lacks immoderate higher-resolution options (the Hero10 tin bash 5.3K60), and its 240fps ace slow-motion runs astatine 1080p alternatively of the GoPro’s 2.7K.

It’s worthy keeping successful caput that the Action 2 is tiny successful examination — it weighs conscionable 53 grams, which is astir precisely a 3rd the value of the Hero10. DJI besides includes 32GB of built-in retention (expandable with a microSD card), thing the GoPro lacks.

There’s besides the strategy of magnetic accessories DJI is moving on, which lets you customize your camera successful a mode that’s not truly imaginable with the GoPro. If you request a 2nd surface oregon much battery, you tin conscionable drawback them connected — and past instrumentality them disconnected erstwhile you privation a compact oregon discreet camera. Other accessories, similar a headband oregon magnetic ball-mount adapter that tin beryllium attached to tripods, are akin to GoPro accessories but volition (in theory) beryllium easier to connect to and detach from the camera.

The Action 2 has a touchscreen connected the back, and the beforehand surface module lets you adhd different one, arsenic good arsenic augmenting the camera’s azygous microphone with 3 others. Image: DJI

The Action 2 besides has enactment cam table-stakes features similar physics stabilization, skyline leveling, and the quality to livestream oregon beryllium utilized arsenic a webcam, arsenic good arsenic immoderate neat tricks similar a colour somesthesia sensor that DJI says volition assistance nutrient amended colors successful analyzable lighting situations oregon underwater.

Comparing the Action 2’s terms with GoPro’s isn’t straightforward, owed to GoPro’s pricing exemplary and the DJI’s modularity. You tin get the Hero10 for $400, but that requires having a $50-a-year subscription — otherwise, the camera is $500. The Action 2 powerfulness bundle costs $399 and includes the camera, powerfulness module (which extends your grounds clip to 180 minutes versus the camera’s 70 and adds an other microSD paper slot), a mount, and a lanyard. DJI tells maine you can’t bargain the camera by itself, which seems similar a shame.

If you privation to replicate the Hero10’s built-in front-facing screen, you’ll person to spell for the $519 dual-screen bundle, which includes the aforesaid things arsenic the powerfulness bundle (but swaps retired the artillery module with the surface one) and adds a ball-joint adapter arsenic well. While that’s technically much than the GoPro’s non-subscriber asking price, the Hero10’s deficiency of built-in retention means that you’d astir apt marque up the terms quality buying a microSD paper anyways.

DJI says that the dual-screen bundle volition beryllium coming connected November 2nd, and the powerfulness combo, on with astir different accessories, volition beryllium coming successful “mid-November.”

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