Do Kwon Interview Explains He’s ‘Devastated’ by LUNA Collapse, Says ‘There’s a Difference Between Failing and Fraud’

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Do Kwon Interview Explains He's 'Devastated' by LUNA Collapse, Says 'There's a Difference Between Failing and Fraud'

During a caller interrogation with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Terraform Labs (TFL) laminitis Do Kwon said helium was “devastated” by the LUNA and UST implosion that took spot successful mid-May. He told the WSJ that helium was astir apt a billionaire erstwhile LUNA tapped an all-time precocious earlier the collapse, but mislaid a large information of his nett worthy pursuing the aftermath.

Do Kwon Speaks About the Terra LUNA Collapse

Do Kwon has precocious discussed the LUNA and UST fallout during an interrogation with the WSJ contributors Alexander Osipovich and Jiyoung Sohn. The interrogation was published connected June 22, and its the archetypal interrogation Kwon has done since the Terra collapse. Kwon told the reporters that helium mislaid astir of his wealthiness aft the clang but that doesn’t fuss him that much. “This doesn’t fuss me,” Kwon told the reporters. “I unrecorded a reasonably frugal life,” the Terra co-founder said.

Kwon, however, said helium was atrocious astir the losses investors took from the fallout. “I’ve been devastated by caller events and anticipation that each the families who’ve been impacted are taking attraction of themselves and those that they love,” Kwon stated successful the interview. He besides discussed his assurance that galore called cocky, and noted that it was due to the fact that helium was a large believer successful the Terra ecosystem. Kwon said:

I made assured bets and made assured statements connected behalf of UST due to the fact that I believed successful its resilience and its worth proposition.” Adding helium said, “I’ve since mislaid these bets, but my actions 100% lucifer my words. There is simply a quality betwixt failing and moving a fraud.

Kwon Has ‘Great Confidence’ successful the Terra’s ‘Ability to Build Back Even Stronger’

Furthermore, Kwon discussed the caller Terra blockchain and LUNA 2.0 which is down 90% from the $18.87 per portion all-time precocious and present trades for $1.88. LUNA 2.0 has a marketplace capitalization of astir $238 cardinal connected June 23 and the token has mislaid 2.6% during the past 24 hours. Kwon believes the revival volition beryllium beardown and thinks that LUNA 2.0 could someday surpass the LUNA classical (LUNC) chain.

“I person large assurance successful our quality to physique backmost adjacent stronger than we erstwhile were,” Kwon told The WSJ reporters. Kwon’s WSJ interrogation follows the reports that said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was investigating Terraform Labs and the UST collapse. Moreover, a whistleblower called Fatman has accused Kwon of having monolithic amounts of LUNA successful idiosyncratic wallets.

Fatman has besides accused Kwon of cashing retired $2.7 cardinal successful funds earlier the task collapsed but the Terra co-founder denies that helium cashed retired and helium said the allegations were false. Kwon and Terraform Labs are besides being sued successful a class-action lawsuit that claims the co-founder and institution misled investors. Additionally, official records bespeak that Do Kwon dissolved Terraform Labs Korea earlier the LUNA and UST collapse. Three members of Terraform Labs’ in-house ineligible squad left the company amid the contention arsenic well.

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