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Doctor Strange successful the Multiverse of Madness, which came to Disney Plus last month after landing successful theaters successful May, sends the Marvel Cinematic Universe's charmingly grumpy sorcerer connected an escapade that spans aggregate realities. The 28th MCU movie brings manager Sam Raimi backmost to Marvel for the archetypal clip since 2007's Spider-Man 3 and leans hard into his signature fearfulness style, with 1 of the 2 post-credits scenes riffing connected a infinitesimal from aboriginal successful his career.

The movie takes spot aft the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which saw Strange offering Peter Parker some magical help as the teen dealt with the full satellite knowing his concealed identity.

Let's measurement into a portal and research a beingness afloat of SPOILERS. We besides person a abstracted ending explainer, a deep dive into the Illuminati and a list of WTF questions the movie near america with.


Another sorcerer

In a mid-credits scene, Strange is happily strolling done Manhattan's streets, having seemingly accepted the corruption caused by his usage of the Darkhold. He's intercepted by a blonde sorcerer successful a purple and pinkish costume (Charlize Theron). She opens a portal to the Dark Dimension, the hellish world ruled by 2016 Doctor Strange large atrocious Dormammu.

Clea springiness  Doctor Strange an aggravated  look   successful  Doctor Strange successful  the Multiverse of Madness

Charlize Theron makes her MCU debut arsenic Clea.

Marvel Studios

"You created an incursion and we're gonna hole it... unless you're afraid?" she says.

"Not successful the least," helium responds, his Darkhold-induced 3rd oculus opening.

Doctor Strange 14 cover

Clea has been among Doctor Strange's astir reliable allies successful the comics.

Marvel Studios

What does it mean?

She isn't named until the credits commencement rolling aft this scene, but Theron's quality is Clea -- a Dark Dimension magic wielder who's been successful the comics since the '60s.

She's the girl of Dormammu's sister Umar and Dark Dimension Prince Orini, and became fascinated by Strange during 1 of his aboriginal adventures successful that reality. Their paths person crossed galore times successful the years since, with Clea becoming Strange's pupil and aboriginal his wife.

Following the events of 2021's Death of Doctor Strange miniseries (you tin ideate the premise), Clea replaced Strange arsenic Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. Stephen volition undoubtedly beryllium resurrected and instrumentality to the relation soon though, since presumption quo shifts similar this seldom past agelong successful the comics.

You mightiness person been excessively engaged reeling oregon screaming with joyousness erstwhile Reed Richards (John Krasinski) explained what incursions were earlier successful the movie, but they're catastrophic events that hap erstwhile a multiversal world crashes into another. In the comics, this happened successful 2015 lawsuit Secret Wars.

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It's unclear however Strange caused an incursion -- helium jumped done a full clump of realities successful Multiverse of Madness -- oregon what this means for the MCU, but it could spot elements from a antithetic cinematic beingness crossing into this one.

Such a crossover already created a unsafe script (filled with delightful cameos) successful No Way Home, truthful it's imaginable we'll spot characters from Fox's X-Men world next. The beingness of Professor X (Patrick Stewart) whitethorn person been foreshadowing this.

Or possibly that's conscionable more wishful thinking.


Bruce Campbell's cameo pays homage to his iconic Evil Dead quality Ash Williams.


Poppa Pizza returns

In an alternate reality's Manhattan, rude thoroughfare vendor Pizza Poppa (Bruce Campbell) earlier accused America Chavez of stealing his precious dough balls. Strange deed the mediocre feline with a spell to get him disconnected their backs, and they near him to beryllium attacked by his ain hand.

The post-credits country brings america backmost to Pizza Poppa conscionable arsenic his nutrient hook's run of unit ends.

"It's over!" helium says joyously.

What does it mean?

This country is improbable to person immoderate MCU-scattering implications, since it's much of an homage to Campbell and Raimi's relationship. The brace person been friends since precocious school, and the histrion played leader Ash Williams successful Raimi's 1981 breakout diagnostic The Evil Dead. In that movie's 1987 sequel, Ash's manus is bitten by 1 of the undead, becomes possessed and tries to termination him.

Unlike Pizza Poppa, helium tries to lick the occupation by severing his manus and replacing it with a chainsaw (which is highly metal). His erstwhile manus stalks him for the remainder of the movie.

Campbell besides shows up successful Raimi's non-MCU Spider-Man trilogy, seemingly playing 3 antithetic characters. He was a wrestling announcer successful the archetypal movie, a snooty usher successful the sequel and a French maître d' successful the third. If the scrapped Spider-Man 4 had travel to fruition, the histrion could person played Mysterio, Raimi confirmed to Rolling Stone.

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