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This communicative is portion of WWDC 2022, CNET's implicit sum from and astir Apple's yearly developers conference.

Apple announced iOS 16, its latest mobile operating system, at WWDC 2022, targeting a wide nationalist merchandise day sometime successful precocious 2022. However, there's already an aboriginal mentation of iOS 16 currently disposable to download -- the iOS 16 Developer Beta 2.

Downloading the beta volition get you an aboriginal look into the features Apple revealed during its keynote earlier this month, including a revamped fastener screen with widgets and amended customization, arsenic good arsenic the quality to edit and unsend texts successful Messages and view saved Wi-Fi web passwords successful your settings

But due to the fact that iOS 16 is inactive successful an aboriginal authorities close now, downloading the Developer Beta isn't going to beryllium worthwhile for astir people. 

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If you enactment arsenic an app developer, downloading this mentation of iOS could beryllium a large thought arsenic it could let for an aboriginal look into the nuts and bolts of the adjacent operating system. But astir radical should hold until the archetypal unchangeable merchandise of iOS 16 slated for aboriginal this twelvemonth -- apt astir the presumed iPhone 14 line's motorboat successful the autumn -- oregon astatine the earliest see the nationalist beta successful July if you perfectly crave aboriginal access.

However, if you are inactive tempted, we privation to outline 3 large reasons wherefore you astir apt should hold earlier downloading this developer beta of iOS 16.

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For starters, the iOS 16 developer beta costs money

If you privation to legitimately instal iOS 16 connected your iPhone, you indispensable archetypal beryllium a subordinate of the Apple Developer Program -- and that costs $99 a year (or successful section currency wherever available) for idiosyncratic developers. And the terms is worthy the cost, but mostly if you're a developer. As an Apple Developer Program member, you get aboriginal entree to beta bundle downloads and applications, and that helps developers amended physique retired their applications.

Latest Apple beta software

This is immoderate of the beta bundle developers tin download and install.

Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Even if you're a hobbyist oregon conscionable a immense instrumentality of Apple products, the terms of rank whitethorn inactive beryllium worthy it. But for everyone else, paying astir $100 a twelvemonth for bundle that isn't afloat developed oregon completed -- it's astir apt a no. Instead of paying for the Apple Developer Program, you tin hold until the nationalist beta merchandise of iOS 16 successful July, which volition let you to trial retired caller features and settings earlier the wide public.

iOS 16's beta tin besides bounds immoderate of your phone's features

Let's accidental you determine to wage for the Apple Developer Program and download the archetypal developer beta of iOS 16. Now you're installing it connected your main iPhone, which you usage each time to nonstop substance messages, cheque emails and browse the internet.

That whitethorn not initially look similar an issue, but arsenic is the lawsuit with each developer beta, these aboriginal iterations of iOS 16 person bugs that tin marque the bundle hard to use. Even if the archetypal developer beta doesn't person galore bugs, the adjacent mentation could.

For example, I'm moving the archetypal iOS 16 developer beta connected an iPhone 11 Pro and I've already had problems with respective features and settings:

  • Not each photograph oregon video that I effort to prevention from the net volition really prevention onto my camera roll. I person to redo the redeeming process respective times, oregon unit adjacent the app, earlier it really saves connected my device.
  • There is besides random unit closing. When I unfastened definite applications, similar Instagram oregon Twitter, they'll sporadically unit close, and it's astir apt owed to definite incompatibilities with iOS 16.
  • I besides person issues with closed tabs reopening successful Safari. No substance however often I adjacent definite tabs, they support reappearing.
  • AirDrop doesn't enactment fractional the time.

And that's not to critique the bundle itself, due to the fact that each developer betas volition person issues specified arsenic these, and that's normal. Most of these bugs, if not all, should beryllium ironed retired by the clip the wide nationalist merchandise is out. This is simply to overgarment a amended representation of what you tin expect from aboriginal pre-releases. Unless you're acceptable to instrumentality connected specified issues, you should not instal iOS 16 connected your iPhone, especially if it's your regular device.

And you whitethorn not beryllium capable to spell backmost to iOS 15 without deleting idiosyncratic data

Let's accidental you've upgraded to the iOS 16 developer beta and abruptly you're having issues. You're not blessed with this aboriginal mentation of Apple's software, and truthful you privation to spell backmost to iOS 15. Well, unless you've archived a backup from iOS 15, your lone mode to downgrade is to reconstruct your iPhone arsenic a marque caller device. And portion this volition instal Apple's latest mobile update (currently iOS 15.5), it whitethorn besides permanently delete important information & settings from your phone.

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Before you download and instal iOS 16, marque definite to make a backup portion moving iOS 15. You tin bash this via iCloud connected your device, but Apple lone holds a azygous backup astatine a clip (for each device), truthful an iOS 15 backup isn't guaranteed to beryllium disposable if a aboriginal update takes its place, particularly since astir iCloud backups are done automatically portion you sleep. 

iOS 15 impermanent  iCloud retention  transportation  to iPhone 13

Successfully downgrading from iOS 16 to iOS 15 with each of your erstwhile settings depends connected if you person a backup oregon not.

Patrick Holland/CNET

As an added precaution, you tin besides usage your machine to make an iOS 15 backup -- utilizing iTunes connected Windows oregon Finder connected Mac -- which volition beryllium saved arsenic a record connected that device. You tin past usage that record to reconstruct your instrumentality to iOS 15 and support astir of your idiosyncratic information and settings intact.

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