Don't Miss Your Last Chance to Save on FightCamp, the Best At-Home Boxing Workout

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Jan 27, 2022, 4:00 p.m. EST | 2 min read

A pistillate   punching a FIghtCamp bag.FightCamp

We’ve sung FightCamp’s praises for a while. The at-home workout programme provides guided boxing oregon kickboxing workouts with virtual trainers and existent equipment. Plus, it costs a batch little than in-person boxing lessons. And if you motion up for FightCamp earlier February 1st, you tin save $220 connected a starter kit.

FightCamp’s Personal package, present conscionable $1,000 ($220 off) gives you everything you request to get started with the service, including a premium punching bag, a brace of gloves, a container ringing (for stability), and a acceptable of punch trackers. These trackers fto virtual trainers “see” each punch you propulsion and supply feedback oregon information during your workout.

The Personal bundle besides comes with 2 speedy wraps to support your wrists and clasp the punch trackers. These wraps are a batch much beginner-friendly (and little time-consuming) than the emblematic wraps that boxers use, arsenic they simply descent connected your hands.

In our experience, FightCamp is a much compelling option than rival at-home boxing services due to the fact that determination isn’t immoderate weird exertion involved. You get a due punching bag, a brace of gloves, and an app to prime workouts oregon drills. No tricks!

Of course, you inactive request to wage $39 a period for the FightCamp app and service. But this monthly interest is importantly cheaper than in-person boxing lessons, which you’d beryllium fortunate to find for nether $39 an hour. And the FightCamp app (which now works connected Android) is beauteous fantastic—you tin take from 10-day Curated Paths to larn the fundamentals of boxing, for example, oregon pump yourself up with playlists that travel the bushed of your exercise.

I should besides enactment that the FightCamp Tribe package is connected merchantability for $1,300. This bundle is usually the champion enactment for families, arsenic it includes aggregate gloves and speedy wraps. But it’s lone $50 disconnected during this sale. The modular FightCamp Personal bundle is simply a overmuch amended woody (today, astatine least) and leaves you plentifulness of wealth to bargain other gloves.

And if you already ain a punching bag, you don’t person to walk the large bucks connected a FightCamp starter kit. You conscionable request to bargain the FightCamp Connect package, which is presently conscionable $400 (that’s $40 off) and includes a acceptable of trackers, gloves, and speedy wraps.

Sign for FightCamp earlier February 1st to prevention $220 connected its Personal kit oregon $40 connected its Connect kit (these deals are eligible for 24-month and 12-month financing). Bear successful caput that FightCamp inactive costs $39 a period aft you bargain a starter package.

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