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This communicative is portion of WWDC 2022, CNET's implicit sum from and astir Apple's yearly developers conference.

Apple's iOS 16 is presently successful its developer beta signifier aft being unveiled astatine WWDC 2022 earlier successful June. The iPhone-maker's latest mobile operating strategy is lone disposable for members of the Apple Developer Program, but you tin download it close present if you like.

Among the caller iOS 16 features announced truthful acold are a redesigned fastener screen for the iPhone, the quality to unsend oregon edit substance messages and improvements to Apple Maps. And portion the upgrade isn't slated for wide merchandise until September, we'll locomotion you done however to get your hands connected iOS 16 close present -- adjacent earlier it enters its nationalist beta phase.

Although it's casual to download and instal iOS 16, beryllium alert that this prerelease isn't intended for wide use, particularly because, similar each developer beta releases, iOS 16 whitethorn presently person unfinished features. These aboriginal beta releases are intended for developers, to assistance them support their apps up to day portion besides providing aboriginal entree to the newest features.

This is each to clarify that you astir apt shouldn't instal this connected your main instrumentality if you truly privation to cheque retired this mentation of iOS 16, but possibly alternatively a spare iPhone that is caller capable to enactment with iOS 16 (the iPhone 8 oregon later). If you bash privation to instrumentality these steps, we'll besides amusement you what you request to bash successful lawsuit you request to revert backmost to a unchangeable mentation of iOS 15. 

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If you privation to larn much astir iOS 16, cheque retired the iOS 16 uncover during WWDC, how iOS 16 is bringing a large makeover to the iPhone fastener screen and Apple Maps' caller look that volition debut successful iOS 16

Before you download iOS 16, here's what you should know

Because iOS 16 is an aboriginal prerelease version, the bundle volition beryllium afloat of bugs and different issues.

Again, if you're reasoning astir downloading iOS 16, bash it connected a backup oregon secondary phone, if available. The iOS 16 beta preview's issues could cripple your telephone and marque it hard to use, disabling telephone calls oregon substance messages oregon making it highly laggy. However, if you lone person your main telephone oregon tablet available, make definite to back up your instrumentality connected iOS 15 earlier updating to iOS 16. That mode you person the enactment to instrumentality to iOS 15 if determination are excessively galore issues connected the caller OS.

Also, you indispensable person an iPhone 8 oregon aboriginal to tally iOS 16. The adjacent mobile bundle update volition not beryllium applied to the iPhone SE (2016), iPhone 6S, ‌iPhone‌ 6S Plus, ‌iPhone‌ 7 oregon ‌iPhone‌ 7 Plus. 

If you haven't already, enroll successful the Apple Developer Program

The archetypal measurement to get iOS 16 connected your iPhone oregon iPad is to enroll successful the Apple Developer Program if you aren't already a member. If you're connected your iPhone oregon iPad, here's however you tin enroll:

1. Download the Apple Developer app from the App Store.

2. Launch the app, spell to Account and pat Enroll Now.

3. Sign successful with your Apple ID credentials.

4. Read done the assorted benefits and instructions, participate your idiosyncratic accusation and scan your ID to verify your identity.

5. Once this accusation is submitted, you indispensable take your entity (individual for astir people) and hold to the programme licence agreement.

6. Finally, wage the Apple Developer rank interest (with Apple Pay), which is $99 (about £80 oregon AU$140) a year.

After you successfully marque the payment, you'll beryllium redirected to your Account leafage successful the Apple Developer app. Here you tin verify that you're present enrolled, and you tin besides cheque retired the day of your membership's expiration adjacent year.

Download iOS 16 with an over-the-air update connected your iPhone oregon iPad

The easiest mode to download iOS 16 is via over-the-air update, the mode you would update to immoderate different caller bundle merchandise connected your device. Here's how:

1. On your iPhone oregon iPad, spell to the Apple Developer Program download page, pat Install Profile for iOS 16 beta (iPhone) oregon iPadOS 16 beta (iPad) and deed Allow.

2. Next, unfastened the Settings app, pat connected Profile Downloaded and deed Install connected the apical close erstwhile it appears. Enter your passcode if prompted and past pat Install two much times. Your telephone volition request to restart.

3. Once your telephone boots backmost up, link it to power, marque definite you're connected Wi-Fi and spell to Settings > General > Software Update. If you don't instantly spot an update available, hold a fewer minutes and cheque again.

4. Finally, deed Download and Install > Install and participate your passcode to update your device.

After your telephone finishes rebooting, you should person entree to the latest iOS 16 developer beta.

You tin besides download iOS 16 utilizing your Mac

Over-the-air updates necessitate a definite magnitude of storage, and if you don't person that available, utilizing your machine is truly the lone mode to update to iOS 16 without manually clearing retired space.

1. On your Mac, spell to the Apple Developer Program download page, find iOS 16 beta oregon iPadOS 16 beta and click Download Restore Images.

2. Download the iOS beta bundle reconstruct representation for your circumstantial device.

3. Next, link your instrumentality to your machine and participate your instrumentality passcode oregon deed Trust This Computer if prompted.

4. Open Finder and click your instrumentality successful the sidebar nether Locations.

5. In General, adjacent to Software, you'll spot the latest bundle your instrumentality is running. 

6. Hold down the Option key, click Check for Update and take the iOS 16 beta bundle reconstruct representation you conscionable downloaded from the Apple Developer page.

The iOS 16 beta bundle volition instal connected your device. Wait for a fewer minutes and erstwhile your telephone reboots, you should person entree to iOS 16.

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