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The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress is an affordable mode to bring hotel-quality comfortableness into your home. Upon investigating a queen-size DreamCloud, we found it excels successful unit relief, somesthesia regulation, and question transfer. Thus, it's a large prime for anyone who experiences associated pain, overheats astatine night, oregon shares a furniture with a restless partner. Its medium-firm consciousness should suit astir broadside and backmost sleepers, but lightweight individuals whitethorn find it excessively hard astatine first. The DreamCloud is well-made and boasts and superb amenities, which see a 365-night trial, beingness warranty, and hundreds of dollars worthy of freebies — each astatine a outgo that's overmuch little than its luxury rivals.


  • +

    Great worth for a luxury hybrid

  • +

    Decent somesthesia regulation

  • +

    Stable question transfer

  • +

    Excellent unit relief

  • +

    365-night proceedings and beingness warranty


  • -

    May beryllium excessively steadfast for immoderate sleepers

Dreamcloud Mattress: Review successful brief

  • A luxury hybrid furniture astatine an affordable price
  • Ample unit alleviation for sleepers with associated pain
  • Gel foam and coils assistance alleviate overheating

The DreamCloud Mattress is simply a luxury hybrid made with premium materials yet sold astatine a overmuch little terms than equivalent beds from rival brands. It's 1 of the industry’s astir sought-after boxed mattresses acknowledgment to predominant mattress sales, which trim a queen-size DreamCloud Mattress to arsenic debased arsenic $999 (reg. $1,199). It besides comes with a afloat twelvemonth to effort it retired and a beingness warranty. Those are fantabulous perks for a mattress of its price.

But that's not all. As of this writing, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress besides includes up to $599 worthy of escaped premium bedding. That includes a brace of pillows, a cooling mattress protector, and a deep-pocket expanse set. Combined, that makes the DreamCloud 1 of the best mattresses retired determination if you're looking for hotel-level comfortableness astatine a spectacular value.  

DreamCloud Mattress: At a glance

Best for: Back oregon associated pain, blistery sleepers, couples
Type: Innerspring hybrid
Trial: 365 nights
Guarantee: Lifetime
Firmness:  7.5 (out of 10)
Materials: Cashmere blend topper, foam, innersprings
Depth: 14 inches
Sizes: Twin, duplicate XL, full, queen, king, Cal king

The DreamCloud mattress boasts implicit 7,500 affirmative reviews from verified buyers connected its tract and seldom is simply a reviewer little than afloat pleased with their experience. Eager to spot if the hype astir this furniture is justified, our investigating radical slept connected the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress for 3 weeks, evaluating it successful a fig of categories based connected our mattress reappraisal methodology

The 14-inch DreamCloud consists of an innerspring base, a 1.5-inch cashmere-blend quilted foam topper, and 3 layers of representation foam sandwiched successful betwixt them – including a furniture of gel-infused comfortableness foam to support sleepers cool. During investigating we recovered it to beryllium the cleanable blend of bouncy, soft, and supportive. It's responsive yet cradling with a bully magnitude of cushion. The tufted pillow apical adequately supported our head, neck, and shoulders to support everything aligned.

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress connected  a achromatic  background

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

While one-size-fits-all whitethorn not ever suit everyone (which is wherefore different brands connection antithetic firmness levels), the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid manages to fulfill astir sleepers, contempt its singular medium-firm feel. However, lightweight sleepers mightiness find the DreamCloud excessively steadfast for them to get comfortable. (Some front-side sleepers whitethorn privation thing a small softer, arsenic well.)

Overall, the DreamCloud Mattress performed good successful each of our cardinal tests, truthful we heartily urge it to anyone looking for a plush-top hybrid mattress that tin support them chill astatine nighttime and relieve associated pain. Motion transportation is minimal, too. For couples who slumber connected differing schedules oregon person a restless partner, you're improbable to aftermath up if the different idiosyncratic moves. The DreamCloud passed our borderline enactment tests with flying colors, arsenic good – which means you're improbable to autumn retired of furniture if you rotation towards the edge.

As we antecedently mentioned, the DreamCloud mattress comes with a 365-night trial. That means you tin slumber connected it for a afloat twelvemonth and spot however it fares crossed each 4 seasons. If you’re not satisfied, the institution volition refund your wealth and besides screen the returns fee. If you elite to support it, the DreamCloud Mattress comes with a beingness warranty, guaranteed against defects for arsenic agelong arsenic you ain it.

DreamCloud Mattress: Materials

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress materials diagram

(Image credit: DreamCloud)
  • A 5-layer mattress with representation foam and innersprings
  • Top screen is made with quilted foam and cashmere blend material
  • You'll person to spot-treat stains since the screen is not removable

The 14-inch, 5-layer DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid consists of a brushed interaction screen made from 1.5 inches of quilted foam and cashmere blend material. It's tufted, giving it a fancy and reasonably luxe look. 

Right underneath that is simply a 1-inch pressure-relieving comfortableness furniture made of gel-infused representation foam, followed by 2.5 inches of transitional 'sink-in' foam positive 1 inch of enactment foam. Combined, this ensures each the close pressure-relieving representation contours cradle shoulders, hips, and knees. 

At the basal are targeted 8-inch wrapped coils to let you to descend successful somewhat yet cushion unit points. They besides beforehand capable airflow, helping sleepers stay cool. 

Since the DreamCloud's screen is sewn into the apical furniture of quilted foam, there's nary mode to region it for cleaning. You tin spot dainty it if necessary; if you're unsure of however to bash this work our usher to larn how to cleanable a mattress. To further safeguard the mattress from stains, spills, and different undesirables, wrapper it successful 1 of the best mattress protectors.

DreamCloud Mattress: Prices and deals

  • A queen-size is often connected merchantability for $999
  • Comes with a 1-year proceedings and a Forever Warranty
  • Also included is up to $599-worth of freebies

The DreamCloud Mattress is competitively-priced among different luxury hybrids and is among the astir affordable mattresses successful its class. You whitethorn find merchantability prices fluctuate depending connected the clip of year, but successful immoderate case, DreamCloud discounts its flagship exemplary often.

Currently, a queen-size DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid retails for $1,199, portion a duplicate goes for $799. (That's not factoring successful the worth of the freebies the marque likes to see with its mattresses; much connected that shortly.) 

Here’s the 'official' pricing for the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress:

  • Twin RPP: $799 (normally priced $599)
  • Twin XL RRP: $999 (normally priced $799)
  • Full RRP: $1,099 (normally priced $899)
  • Queen RRP: $1,199 (normally priced $999)
  • King RRP: $1,499 (normally priced $1,299)
  • Cal king RRP: $1,499 (normally priced $1,299)

Like astir apical mattress brands, ostentation and proviso concatenation issues person caused the retail terms of the DreamCloud to rise. However, it's inactive overmuch little than its luxury rivals. The hand-crafted Saatva Classic mattress retails for $1,770 successful queen. (You tin work much astir it successful our Saatva Classic mattress review.) Meanwhile, the responsive gel tech of the Purple Hybrid mattress (opens successful caller tab) starts astatine $2,399 for a queen. Even erstwhile either of those brands is connected sale, DreamCloud inactive undercuts those prices by hundreds of dollars. 

It's not uncommon to spot $200 disconnected discounts passim the twelvemonth astatine DreamCloud. However, up of Labor Day mattress sales, it's including up to $599 successful escaped bedding, which is the champion specified connection we've seen from DreamCloud yet. (We usually spot up to a $499 worth for these products.) This entails a brace of brand's best pillows, a cooling mattress protector, and a deep-pocket expanse set.

Standard with the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is simply a 365-night mattress trial, providing you with an full twelvemonth to determine if the mattress is close for you. If you determine not to support the mattress, you tin petition a refund arsenic agelong arsenic you tried it for 30 afloat days. (You'll besides avail of escaped returns.)

But if you bash determine to support it, the DreamCloud Mattress is guaranteed for life. Should you ever find a manufacturer’s flaw oregon defect, DreamCloud volition repair oregon regenerate it.

DreamCloud Mattress: Firmness and comfort

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress placed connected  a woody  furniture  framework  successful  a achromatic  bedroom

(Image credit: DreamCloud)
  • We complaint it a 7.5 retired of 10 connected the firmness scale
  • Suitable for astir broadside oregon backmost sleepers who conflict associated pain
  • Lighter bodies oregon front-side sleepers whitethorn find it excessively firm

The DreamCloud Mattress comes successful 1 firmness level, which the institution declares is simply a 'luxury firm' astatine 6.5 retired of 10 connected the firmness scale. However, the members of our investigating sheet placed it betwixt a 7 and 8 — which averages to a 7.5 retired of 10 connected the firmness scale, oregon medium-firm.

Remember, however, that mattress firmness is subjective. Height, weight, and ascendant slumber presumption play a relation successful however you'll consciousness astir a peculiar mattress. That’s wherefore we behaviour our investigating with sleepers of varying builds and slumber preferences. (And arsenic you'll spot aboriginal on, we besides pore implicit lawsuit reviews.)

Since DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid lone comes successful 1 firmness level, we were amazed to find that we enjoyed sleeping connected it arsenic overmuch arsenic we did. Not everyone likes to slumber connected a board, nor bash immoderate similar to descend truthful acold down that it’s hard to rotation over. The DreamCloud strikes the cleanable equilibrium for astir of our panel, though lightweight sleepers mightiness find it a tad excessively hard for their liking. Some front-side sleepers whitethorn crave somewhat much support, arsenic well. 

If you're a heavier sleeper oregon idiosyncratic who battles chronic backmost oregon associated pain, the DreamCloud Mattress should beryllium cleanable for you. Its sturdy physique allows it to comfortably enactment larger bodies, whilst its medium-firm consciousness volition beryllium a payment to anyone seeking conscionable the close magnitude of unit relief.

DreamCloud Mattress: Performance

  • Low question transportation makes it suitable for co-sleepers
  • Hot sleepers are apt to slumber cooler connected this
  • Edge enactment is besides precise good

We slept connected a queen-sized DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid for 3 weeks. During our evaluation, we looked astatine each large areas of performance: however comfortably we slept astatine night, if our aches and pains were soothed, and whether we remained cool. 

In summation to the above, we besides performed respective tests to cheque for question transportation and borderline support. Durability, easiness of set-up, and the imaginable for off-gassing origin into our last score, arsenic well. Keep speechmaking to larn what we discovered...


The DreamCloud Mattress wrapped successful  integrative  connected  a furniture  frame

(Image credit: Future)

Score 5/5

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid ships escaped via UPS crushed transportation and arrives successful a ample navy-colored box. After you lug it wrong and unfastened the contents, you’ll person a ample plastic-covered-barrel-shaped mattress to unwrap – made easier courtesy of the small cutting gadget that's included. You’ll apt request a helper to get it connected your bedframe, particularly if you get a larger size. (The queen mattress weighs 85 lbs.)

After rolling it retired and removing the plastic, the mattress emerges and begins to instantly unpack from its vacuum seal. You tin slumber connected the mattress wrong an hour, which means you tin acceptable it up person to bedtime if you wish.

If you don’t privation to beryllium bothered with the set-up yourself, you tin take to wage $149 for achromatic mitt service, which includes the set-up of your caller DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress. For an further $20 interest the marque volition region your aged mattress, too. (Note this removal interest does not use for orders placed successful CA, CT, oregon RI.) Some rival brands, specified arsenic Saatva, supply escaped achromatic mitt delivery, but Saatva besides charges a $99 instrumentality fee, which DreamCloud doesn’t. 


DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress uncovered connected  a furniture  frame

(Image credit: Future)

Score: 4.9/5

The foam layers of the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress are CertiPur-US-certified, which means they don’t incorporate ozone-depleting chemicals and are debased successful the volatile integrated compounds (VOCs) emissions that thin to springiness disconnected that harmless chemic odor.

Fortunately, we hardly detected immoderate off-gassing odor portion unpacking the mattress and if determination was immoderate odor, it rapidly dissipated. But this is simply a hybrid mattress, which isn't arsenic susceptible to off-gassing arsenic its full-foam counterparts successful the archetypal place. 

You tin cheque retired our diagnostic connected what is mattress off-gassing for adept tips connected however to bounds immoderate perchance unpleasant scent that could travel your boxed mattress.

Pressure relief

DreamCloud Mattress with a kettlebell successful  the mediate  to trial  unit   relief

(Image credit: Future)

Score: 4.8/5

We placed a 50 lb. kettlebell value successful the mediate of the DreamCloud Mattress to trial for unit constituent relief. It sunk successful a minimal 1.5 inches, and we didn't announcement immoderate indentations upon removing the weight. 

As for however it fared with quality bodies, our investigating sheet thought the DreamCloud did an fantabulous occupation of relieving their unit points, particularly backmost and broadside sleepers. 

Those among america with achy joints said the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid sufficiently alleviated associated symptom successful their knees and hips by cradling and cushioning successful each of the close places. Meanwhile, our back-sleeping play impermanent reviewer recovered overmuch alleviation erstwhile resting connected the DreamCloud, besides noting that she felt her spine was well-aligned.

Motion transfer

DreamCloud Mattress during question  isolation test

(Image credit: Future)

Score: 4.9/5

To measure the DreamCloud's question transportation — which is erstwhile you tin consciousness idiosyncratic tossing, turning, oregon getting successful oregon retired of furniture portion idiosyncratic other is sleeping — we performed respective driblet tests utilizing an bare vino solid and a 10 lb. kettlebell. 

We dropped the value astir 2 feet distant from the solid from 3 antithetic heights: 4 inches (a spouse tossing-and-turning), 8 inches (a spouse getting successful oregon retired of bed), and 12 inches (a spouse jumping into bed, oregon a larger co-sleeper turning over).

With each 3 driblet tests, the vino solid was solid, hardly stirred, and lone somewhat stirred, respectively. This indicates that you would hardly consciousness immoderate of the question transportation connected the different broadside of the furniture from a partner.

In summation to our slumber partners uncovering nary specified contented with question transportation connected our queen-sized bed, we tin confidently urge the DreamCloud Mattress for couples who run connected antithetic schedules oregon slumber with idiosyncratic who is precise restless.

Temperature regulation

Score: 4.5/5

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid besides does a superb occupation of regulating temperature, contempt not being a designated cooling mattress. 

One of our testers is simply a blistery sleeper, but they ne'er noticed being overly lukewarm portion sleeping connected the DreamCloud. The breathable cashmere blend apical cover, gel representation foam, and coil strategy service to support the mattress and its occupants from overheating. The mattress remained chill to the interaction passim the night. 

Our testers besides utilized respective antithetic sheets including a jersey blend and a Pima fabric blend acceptable and recovered nary quality successful the DreamCloud’s quality to support cool.

Edge support

Edge of the DreamCloud Mattress

(Image credit: Future)

Score: 4.5/5

The borderline enactment connected DreamCloud Mattress is different country wherever our investigating sheet were mostly pleased. We were not lone capable to beryllium reasonably comfortably connected the borderline of DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid without problem, but we besides placed a 50 lb. kettlebell connected the borderline of the furniture to simulate a kid oregon ample carnal resting connected the broadside if the furniture and experienced nary issue. The mattress does a decent occupation of holding its signifier and the value lone sunk successful the aforesaid 1.5 inches that it did erstwhile placed successful the middle, indicating that the borderline enactment is decent.

This is bully quality for anyone who tends to rotation towards the borderline of the furniture whilst they sleep, arsenic they won't person to interest astir perchance falling onto the floor. It's besides beneficial for anyone with mobility issues who needs to beryllium connected the borderline of the furniture earlier getting successful oregon retired of it.


Woman resting connected  her broadside  connected  a DreamCloud Mattress

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

Score: 5/5

With lone a fewer weeks of investigating nether its belt, we would beryllium amazed if DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress didn’t stay sturdy and new-looking. The mattress utilizes high-quality physique materials and premium construction, which means it should beryllium expected to basal up to years of use. 

Fortunately, we tin look to reviews from long-time DreamCloud owners to gauge however good it holds up implicit clip — and what we recovered suggests that it's built to withstand regular use...

"We've been sleeping connected this mattress for astir 2 years, and it's conscionable arsenic comfy arsenic the time we received it," says 1 shopper, "There aren't any indents, and I ne'er aftermath up with backmost symptom anymore." And according to different account, "I bought my mattress implicit a year-and-a-half ago...and person had nary problems with indentations or anyplace wearing out." 

DreamCloud is truthful assured that their mattress is durable that they connection a 365-night proceedings and a beingness warranty. It'll besides assistance to cognize how agelong a mattress lasts truthful you tin expect erstwhile it whitethorn beryllium clip to regenerate it. (Hybrids typically past 7 to 10 years.)

DreamCloud Mattress: User reviews

Our investigating sheet is made up of individuals with varying builds and preferences, but it's inactive a alternatively tiny illustration size to spell by. Thus, we've besides analyzed idiosyncratic reviews from verified DreamCloud customers to supply you with a much broad look astatine however good this mattress performs.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid has gained popularity since its 2017 debut successful the bed-in-a-box category. As of August 2022, you tin find implicit 7,500 customer-verified reviews of the mattress astatine their site, the bulk of which are 5 stars. 

We were hard-pressed to find immoderate reviews beneath 5 stars. When we did determination was either an contented with firmness (which is subjective anyway), the institution forgot to vessel their escaped sheets, oregon nary mentation was fixed astatine all. 

Most customers, however, recognition the DreamCloud Mattress with alleviating backmost symptom and wide improving their sleep. There were respective users who praised DreamCloud's timely lawsuit work arsenic well.

Since DreamCloud lone sells from its online retailer and not third-party sellers, determination aren’t different sites to stitchery much reviews. Suffice it to say, determination is small to kick astir with a DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress.

Should you bargain the DreamCloud Mattress?

Family connected  a DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

Should you bargain the DreamCloud Mattress? We explored this question precocious but aft investigating it for ourselves, the reply is simply a resounding yes. It scores precocious marks for comfortability, support, and relieving backmost and associated pain. It's fantabulous for astir backmost and broadside sleepers who privation a medium-firm furniture that inactive provides a level of cushioned comfort.

Additionally, question transfer, borderline support, and cooling each lived up to the hype (and reviews). So if you slumber with a restless partner, are prone to rolling towards the borderline of your bed, oregon thin to overheat astatine night, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid ticks the close boxes erstwhile it comes to mitigating those issues. 

Although it's well-suited for conscionable astir immoderate benignant of sleeper, immoderate beforehand sleepers whitethorn find DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid a small excessively coagulated for their liking. And if you are petite, you whitethorn besides find the mattress a tad steadfast for your needs. Adding 1 of the best mattress toppers could soften the furniture up a bit, but the DreamCloud is already a lofty 14 inches tall, truthful support that successful mind.

If you're inclined to walk arsenic small connected a furniture arsenic imaginable but would alternatively person a softer, full-foam mattress, the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress whitethorn beryllium much your speed. (Read our Nectar Memory Foam Mattress review for each the details astir it.) As we enactment successful our Nectar vs DreamCloud showdown, some beds spot predominant discounts and travel with hundreds of dollars worthy of premium bedding. (It's besides worthy noting that Nectar and DreamCloud are labelmates nether the Resident umbrella.)

Ultimately, with its 365-night trial, beingness warranty, and precocious marks crossed each cardinal criterion, we deliberation the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is simply a win/win for anyone successful the marketplace for a luxe hybrid mattress. Best of all, it comes without the luxe terms tag to match.

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