Dropbox to Finally Release macOS App With a Fix for Online-Only Files

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Aug 14, 2022, 1:13 p.m. EDT | 1 min read

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When Apple released macOS 12.3 Monterey earlier this year, immoderate depreciated kernel extensions killed prime features of apps similar Dropbox and OneDrive. For example, Dropbox users cannot unfastened online-only files successful its dedicated app. That’s a problem, but a hole is yet connected the way.

This week we received bully and atrocious quality regarding Dropbox’s macOS support. A institution typical shared an update connected the concern connected the Dropbox forum, saying a public beta of the caller Mac desktop app with afloat enactment for macOS Monterey is connected the way. Here’s portion of the statement:

“A nationalist beta for afloat enactment of macOS volition beryllium disposable successful aboriginal Q4. For now, you tin inactive double-click to unfastened files successful Finder. Everything other is moving arsenic usual.” 

So what’s the atrocious news? Well, it looks similar the Dropbox beta app isn’t disposable yet, and it’s not coming retired until sometime successful Q4. While this mightiness not beryllium a immense contented for each Dropbox user, for many, it’s excessively small excessively late. Considering macOS 12.3 arrived successful March, we’ve waited astir six months for a fix, and it’s inactive not present yet.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t the archetypal important occupation betwixt the two. In January, Dropbox released a beta app supporting Apple’s autochthonal silicon, which arrived aboriginal than galore wanted. Either way, this is bully quality for Dropbox users struggling to usage galore features connected the latest macOS release.

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