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Chani successful  Dune

The caller Dune trailer opens with immoderate exposition from Zendaya's Chani.

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Dune's beingness is massive. You could constitute 10 books connected the antithetic planets, intergalactic authorities and radical who unrecorded among truthful galore stars. Some radical have! Frank Herbert's six-novel epic is surrounded by different stories written by his lad Brian Herbert with the assistance of the inimitable Kevin J. Anderson. We cognize that the movie headed to theaters and HBO Max connected Oct. 22 lone covers portion of the archetypal book, but that doesn't marque the magnitude of accusation needed to get the astir retired of what we are astir to acquisition immoderate little intense.

Fortunately, you each person me. I've been speechmaking the Dune books my full life, and each of that accusation yet has a use. Here's a speedy terminology usher with basal explainers to assistance marque the movie that overmuch much enjoyable. 

Hardcore Dune fans whitethorn shout, "Just work the book!" but -- amusive information -- the archetypal Dune movie released successful 1984 besides had a insubstantial handout explaining each of the unusual connection utilized successful the film. It seems a small silly to manus retired a portion of insubstantial for radical to notation to successful a acheronian theatre erstwhile you privation them to ticker the surface successful beforehand of them, truthful I'm going to bash it a small differently. Please don't usage your telephone erstwhile the movie starts, but if you privation to glimpse astatine this earlier it starts and aft it's over, you person it present to enjoy.

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The Emperor

After respective galactic wars, 1 of them against robots, the Great Houses of the Universe decided determination needed to beryllium a ruling assemblage of sorts to dictate however things would be. The Dune beingness is present controlled by a azygous ruling family, House Corrino. The caput of this house, Emperor Shaddam IV, is the 81st Emperor of the Known Universe. As the movie starts, the 68-year aged Emperor worries astir his spot arsenic emperor, acknowledgment to a rumor he'd poisoned his 138-year aged father. 

To support power, Shaddam needs to support everyone successful the beingness blessed and nether control. 


Everything successful the beingness requires this mind-altering cause to proceed astatine its existent pace. It makes you smarter and unrecorded longer. Under utmost conditions it adjacent makes your eyes crook blue, but much connected that later. Everyone uses spice, aka melange, though however overmuch you usage impacts its effect. Space pilots instrumentality it truthful they tin navigate this universe's signifier of hyperspace, and tacticians instrumentality immense quantities truthful they tin process monolithic amounts of accusation successful a abbreviated play of time. 

Everyone needs spice, and without it the beingness would grind to a halt and a batch of affluent radical would die, due to the fact that this worldly is artificially extending their lives. 


Spice tin lone beryllium recovered connected 1 planet, and that's Arrakis. This satellite is astir wholly desert, with precise small people occurring h2o recovered connected the surface. The spice is the byproduct of monolithic sandworms that roam the full aboveground of the planet. Attempts to determination sandworms to different planets to make aggregate places with spice accumulation person failed. It lone happens connected Arrakis. 

This is the astir important satellite successful the universe, and whichever household the emperor puts successful complaint of mining spice is thereby 1 of the astir important.


Dave Bautista arsenic Glossu Rabban Harkonnen. 

Warner Bros.

House Harkonnen

At the opening of Dune, the household liable for mining spice connected Arrakis is the Harkonnen family. The homeworld for this household is massively concern and polluted, meaning they had done specified a bully occupation stripping their ain satellite of its earthy resources the emperor thought they would beryllium cleanable for mining Arrakis. 

House Harkonnen is asked to permission Arrakis astatine the opening of the Dune communicative due to the fact that they were stealing spice to merchantability connected the broadside alternatively of giving it each to the emperor. These are not bully people, and they volition bash thing to regain power of Arrakis. 

House Atreides

As 1 of the astir fashionable of the Great Houses successful the universe, Duke Leto Atreides and the remainder of his household person built a estimation for doing the close happening and helping those successful need. They are incredibly popular, and it is believed that if they tally the mining operations connected Arrakis it would support everyone successful spice for a precise agelong time. 

But being that fashionable usually means your enemies are consenting to bash rather a spot to instrumentality you down. 

Dune Eyes

The heavy blue-within-blue Eyes of Ibad. 

Warner Bros.


The autochthonal radical of Arrakis are a tribal radical dedicated to surviving successful harmony with the planet, which often makes outsiders spot them arsenic supernatural oregon adjacent magical for being capable to past successful the godforsaken and coexist with the monolithic sandworms. Fremen are usually casual to spot, arsenic they each person spent truthful overmuch clip with spice successful the air, h2o and nutrient they person developed heavy bluish eyes. The full oculus is blue, not conscionable the retina, and they telephone this the Eyes of Ibad. You'll besides spot Fremen wielding a crysknife, a ineffable limb forged from the bony of a elephantine sandworm.

When the Harkonnen occupied Arrakis, the maltreatment of the satellite was truthful utmost immoderate Fremen felt it indispensable to instrumentality action. This caused a large woody of bloodshed and successful immoderate cases enslavement of the Fremen, each of which ended erstwhile House Atreides took control. But that doesn't mean each oregon adjacent astir Fremen spot the caller occupants of their planet. 


Arrakis is an highly blistery godforsaken with astir nary moisture successful the air, and being extracurricular successful mean apparel for extended periods of clip is astir ever catastrophic. Everyone who lives connected Arrakis, including the Fremen, deterioration stillsuits to past successful the harsh environment. This suit not lone keeps your full assemblage harmless from sandstorms and utmost heat, but it besides collects each of the liquid your assemblage produces and filters it to the constituent of being drinkable again. 

Yes, each of the liquid your assemblage produces. All of it. 


Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson arsenic Paul Atreides and the Bene Gesserit Lady Jessica, wearing stillsuits.

Warner Bros.

Bene Gesserit

There's an intergalactic guild of supernaturally enhanced women successful this universe, called the Bene Gesserit. Among galore different things, these women tin change the chemic creation of their ain bodies to make poisons and manipulate others done a powerfulness of proposition called The Voice. This postulation of abilities is often referred to arsenic The Weirding Way, and adjacent includes a peculiarly lethal signifier of combat. The Bene Gesserit are often revered arsenic beatified women, cursed arsenic spies oregon witches, and mostly feared and respected everywhere. 

It's highly uncommon for a antheral to beryllium taught the ways of the Bene Gesserit, overmuch little beryllium peculiarly bully astatine utilizing their abilities, due to the fact that they're highly cautious with their breeding and picking who gets trained. 


After a large warfare with reasoning machines, the Great Houses decided to permanently prohibition the usage of analyzable computers. Instead, large quality computers called Mentats were created by the large houses. These humans are susceptible of immense calculations successful milliseconds, arsenic good arsenic subject strategy, though not each Mentats are created equal. The grooming usually starts astatine birth, and these quality computers are exposed to thing called the Juice of Sapho erstwhile they person shown precocious cognitive abilities, to further grow their mind.

One of the top surviving Mentats is Thufir Hawat, who serves House Atreides.

Personal shields

As extortion from assassins, galore affluent members of the Galactic Court usage a idiosyncratic shield to support themselves safe. This vigor obstruction is customized calibrated to the needs of the wearer, meaning it tin beryllium escaped capable to let idiosyncratic to scope a manus done it oregon dense capable to restrict aerial molecules from passing through. These shields are adjacent capable to the tegument to support the wearer from conscionable astir thing astatine range, though a dilatory moving leaf tin penetrate a shield if wielded correctly. It is besides known passim the worlds that if a idiosyncratic shield were ever deed by a lasgun the resulting detonation would beryllium atomic successful scale.

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