E-Commerce Giant Ebay Acquires NFT Marketplace Knownorigin

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The e-commerce and online auction elephantine Ebay has announced the institution has acquired the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Knownorigin. Ebay declared that the acquisition is an “important measurement successful Ebay’s tech-led reimagination.”

Ebay Purchases NFT Marketplace successful Order to Make E-Commerce Site the World’s Top Destination for Collectibles

Ebay revealed connected Wednesday that the institution has purchased the NFT marketplace Knownorigin. Last February, Ebay’s main enforcement officer, Jamie Iannone, discussed NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and however the institution continues to “evaluate different forms of payments.” Knownorigin is simply a UK-based institution and according to dappradar.com stats, the marketplace has seen $7.8 cardinal successful all-time sales.

The e-commerce and online auction corp said connected Wednesday that the acquisition is an “important measurement successful Ebay’s tech-led reimagination, ushering successful a caller epoch of integer collecting to the world’s apical destination for collectibles.” CEO Jamie Iannone besides spoke astir the acquisition and said that the NFT marketplace was a person successful the integer collectibles industry. Ebay, however, did not disclose the financials down the woody and the institution said the woody was ​​signed and closed connected June 22, 2022.

“Ebay is the archetypal halt for radical crossed the globe who are searching for that perfect, hard-to-find, oregon unsocial summation to their postulation and, with this acquisition, we volition stay a starring tract arsenic our assemblage is progressively adding integer collectibles,” Iannone explained successful a statement. The Ebay CEO added:

Knownorigin has built up an impressive, passionate, and loyal radical of artists and collectors making them a cleanable summation to our assemblage of sellers and buyers. We look guardant to welcoming these innovators arsenic they articulation the Ebay community.

Ebay’s Knownorigin acquisition comes during the crypto winter, and a clip erstwhile galore judge determination volition beryllium rather a spot of mergers and acquisitions wrong the crypto industry. During the archetypal week of June, Ripple Labs CEO, Brad Garlinghouse said: “I deliberation there’ll beryllium an uptick successful M&A successful the blockchain and crypto space.” Additionally, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried explained astatine the extremity of May that FTX is acceptable to deploy billions connected acquisitions.

Two days earlier the Knownorigin acquisition, the institution that operates the decentralized speech (dex) Uniswap, Uniswap Labs, announced that it acquired the NFT aggregation level Genie. “In pursuit of our ngo to unlock cosmopolitan ownership and exchange, contiguous we’re expanding our products to see some ERC-20s and NFTs,” Uniswap Labs detailed. “We’re excited to denote that we’ve acquired Genie, the archetypal NFT marketplace aggregator, which lets anyone observe and commercialized NFTs crossed astir platforms.”

What bash you deliberation astir Ebay acquiring Knownorigin? Let america cognize what you deliberation astir this taxable successful the comments conception below.

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