EA puts Apex Legends boss in charge of Battlefield as part of internal shakeup

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EA is making a large alteration to the absorption of the Battlefield franchise by putting Vince Zampella, the CEO of Titanfall and Apex Legends-maker Respawn Entertainment, successful complaint of the series, according to a GameSpot nonfiction published Thursday.

Alongside Zampella’s caller oversight of the franchise, EA plans to physique an interconnected Battlefield universe, helium told GameSpot. To assistance enactment that, EA is creating a caller Seattle-based squad focused connected “injecting much storytelling into the Battlefield universe” headed up by Halo seasoned Marcus Lehto, portion Ripple Effect, which made Battlefield 2042’s customizable Portal mode, is moving connected a “new Battlefield acquisition successful the Battlefield 2042 universe.”

The changes get soon aft the November 19th worldwide motorboat of Battlefield 2042, which has been rocky. The multiplayer-only crippled released with some important bugs, and EA has released three major updates successful an effort to cleanable things up. But the Battlefield 2042’s Steam subordinate number has already dropped 70 percent since the launch, which could beryllium a worrying awesome that radical are already moving connected from 1 of EA’s biggest titles of the year.

Zampella’s caller relation could bespeak that EA wants to inject immoderate of what’s made the free-to-play conflict royale shooter Apex Legends so successful into the Battlefield franchise. While Zampella didn’t corroborate to GameSpot that Battlefield volition beryllium going free-to-play, helium did accidental EA is “exploring each possibility.” And arsenic some Apex Legends and Battlefield are coming to smartphones, possibly EA is considering akin strategies for expanding each series.

As portion of the shakeup, Dice’s GM, Oskar Gabrielson, is departing the institution to “pursue a caller endeavor extracurricular of EA,” according to GameSpot. “I’ll beryllium present to enactment the modulation implicit the adjacent fewer months earlier I caput retired connected my caller adventure,” Gabrielson said connected Twitter.

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