EA says it’s learned from Star Wars Battlefront controversy, vows to ‘be better’


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<em>Patrick Soderlund at E3 in 2017.</em>

The lead up to Star Wars Battlefront II was full of excitement. The original game, itself a reboot of the beloved LucasArts series, proved that EA-owned developer DICE was capable of fusing the world of Star Wars with a competitive shooter. But it was also a relatively light experience that players burned out on quickly. The sequel promised not only a bigger, more complex multiplayer mode, but also the much-requested addition of a story campaign. However, when the game finally came out, the conversation wasn’t about how it played or whether it was a significant improvement over the original.

Instead, Battlefront II was embroiled in controversy, thanks to what many saw as an overly aggressive use of loot boxes and microtransactions, tied...

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