EOS Ecosystem Dying: BP Collusion, Community Fragmentation, High Costs

6 months ago 32

Hi guys, I'm the author of the article. I'm not pushing my perception as a universal truth. I can't possibly know everything, no matter how deep I dive into any project. I'm happy to take constructive criticism regarding my work.

Let's be real; every crypto project has issues. And no, CB isn't funded by DGC, you can find my criticism of Ethereum here. It doesn't mean dumb people created these projects, or they're scams. It just means there's room to improve. Likewise, my articles have room to improve. It's an iterative process, and the more we favor facts over opinions, the better version of the reality we have over time.

Many of my pieces contain criticism. So far, I encountered backlash from Ripple and Cardano for pointing out some of their flaws. That's fine. I think I better stick to looking for what can be improved now, rather than speculating on how great some chain will be in 5 years. That's my job, and constructive feedback only makes it better. Let's be friends, and let's push crypto forward, but be mindful of the industry's weak points.

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