Equifax data breach FAQ: What happened, who was affected, what was the impact?

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In March 2017, personally identifying knowledge of a whole lot of tens of millions of individuals was stolen from Equifax, one of many credit score reporting businesses that assess the monetary well being of almost everyone in the USA.

As we'll see, the breach spawned quite a few scandals and controversies: Equifax was criticized for the whole lot ranging from their lax safety posture to their bumbling response to the breach, and prime executives have been accused of corruption in the aftermath. And the query of who was behind the breach has critical implications for the global political panorama.

How did the Equifax breach occur?

Like aircraft crashes, main infosec disasters are sometimes the result of multiple failures. The Equifax breach investigation highlighted quite a few security lapses that allowed attackers to enter supposedly safe methods and exfiltrate terabytes of knowledge.

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