Eternights review - action meets romance in the apocalypse

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Eternights boasts fast, frantic, and rewarding combat with galore satisfying abilities and attacks to unlock, alongside profoundly enjoyable societal simulation elements. However, shortcomings similar a deficiency of map, samey environments, and immoderate questionable dialog dampen the wide experience.


  • +

    Fast-paced enactment which rewards well-planned attacks,

  • +

    Likable and memorable characters with fantabulous dependable acting

  • +

    An engaging equilibrium of combat and relationship-building elements


  • -

    Lack of representation is frustrating astatine times

  • -

    Environments successful the dungeons consciousness samey

  • -

    Dialogue tin sometimes beryllium a spot cringeworthy

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Review info:

Platform reviewed: PS5
Available on: PS5, PS4, PC
Release date: Sept 12, 2023

When you load up Studio Sai’s dating enactment crippled Eternights for the archetypal time, it’s evident what its absorption is. You - a quiet, young, dark-haired lad - are feeling painfully single, and with the assistance of your overzealous friend, person decided that it’s yet clip to get yourself connected immoderate dating apps successful the hopes of gathering that peculiar someone. 

However, it soon becomes evident that determination are greater issues to contend with than your dating profile’s allure. Before you tin spell retired connected your archetypal day with a mysterious faceless woman (you’ve decidedly had amended ideas than that, by the way), the satellite is plunged into an apocalypse, and the bulk of humans are transformed into grotesque, convulsive monsters. Oh, and you get your arm chopped off, but it grows backmost - glowing - and tin alteration into a sword. Normal stuff. Rest assured, nary of this is going to detract you from your quest for romance. And redeeming the world, I guess.

Blending exploration, action, and dating simulation elements into 1 neat package, Eternights provides plentifulness to love. Over the people of a acceptable fig of in-game days, you’ll combat your mode done dungeons riddled with unsafe foes and bosses successful a valiant effort to prevention the satellite and its inhabitants, portion besides utilizing your indomitable rizz successful your escaped clip to seduce 1 (or more) of the game’s imaginable emotion interests, connected your bid travel to the root of the apocalypse.  

Love hurts

A screenshot of combat successful  Eternights.

(Image credit: Studio Sai)

Combat is surely wherever Eternights shines the brightest. With your trusty glowing arm/sword/other ethereal weapon, you’re capable to execute a fig of antithetic attacks and combos connected your foes. The crippled rewards precision alternatively than fastener mashing, which is simply a acquisition I learned the hard mode - astir attacks won’t stun enemies, meaning that if you get overconfident, you’ll apt beryllium smacked quadrate successful the face. 

That’s wherever your dodge comes in, and your quality to play ‘well’ hinges connected you mastering it. Swiftly evading an onslaught astatine the past 2nd volition dilatory clip and marque you temporarily invulnerable, giving you a abbreviated model to crockery retired immoderate other damage, successful a mode not dissimilar to the Bayonetta series’ Witch Time dodges. 

In bid to unlock caller combat skills, you indispensable advancement your relationships with your confidants - the characters who beryllium astatine the bosom of Eternights. Each of these chap survivors (who’ll articulation you connected the bid passim your adventure) are chiseled and memorable, with excellent, fully-voiced dialog contiguous passim the bulk of the crippled to solidify their charming personalities. From the eccentric idiosyncratic Sia to the timid jock Min, each of them has their ain loveable quirks and deeper backstories, which unfold arsenic you rise their narration ranks.  

Getting to cognize you 

A screenshot of the subordinate    quality  hugging Min successful  Eternights.

(Image credit: Studio Sai)

Progressing relationships successful Eternights is a elemental substance - you tin simply take to bent retired with immoderate of the 5 characters erstwhile you’re not engaged battling it retired successful a dungeon, some connected the bid itself and retired successful the world. Spend capable clip with them, and with the objection of your champion buddy Chani, you’re capable to instrumentality things to the adjacent level and get romanticist (although doing truthful isn’t a request to get your hands connected the champion skills). Given that the assorted hangouts gradually capable you successful connected everyone’s backstories, which successful crook increases the stakes of the main story, the societal sim elements don’t consciousness similar filler contented and lend an important portion to the wide package.

If speechmaking immoderate of this reappraisal truthful acold has made you think, “Huh, that sounds a spot similar Persona”, past you’re not wrong. Persona fans volition consciousness close astatine location with Eternights’ time-management elements. Using a calendar to way your progress, the crippled employs deadlines astatine acceptable points to propulsion the communicative guardant - with each caller objective, you’ll beryllium told however galore days you person to get to a definite constituent successful the dungeons. 

Much similar Persona, if you don’t procrastinate and get consecutive connected with the task astatine hand, you’ll inactive person that aforesaid fig of days near to usage arsenic escaped clip with your confidants, truthful there’s nary request to interest astir cramming successful each your socializing first. It’s worthy noting though, that, astatine slightest from my experience, it doesn’t look to beryllium imaginable to max retired each of the characters’ relationships successful a azygous playthrough, truthful immoderate prioritization is required.

Lost successful your eyes (and dungeons) 

Exploring a dungeon successful  Eternights.

(Image credit: Studio Sai)

Unfortunately, Eternights isn’t without its flaws. Although it succeeds successful creating a gloomy yet modern instrumentality connected the apocalyptic aesthetic, immoderate of its dungeon environments tin consciousness sterile and samey, and this becomes exceedingly evident whenever you travel to permission an country aft a longer series of fights. Since combat has your quality stabbing and slashing foes successful each directions, you’ll often extremity up ending battles facing successful a antithetic absorption from what you started in. This shouldn’t beryllium a problem, but the fig of times that I’ve go uncertain arsenic to which mode I request to go, acknowledgment to each the routes looking the same, is much than I’d attraction to admit.

This contented is worsened by the information that there’s nary representation to notation to successful Eternights, truthful your navigation skills request to beryllium connected point. Most of the time, this isn’t an overwhelming occupation - dungeons aren’t location to immoderate large secrets oregon collectibles that you’d get mislaid looking for (beyond the occasional chunks of ‘Black Essence’, a worldly utilized to larn skills). However, 1 hospital-based determination had maine moving astir successful circles for acold excessively agelong arsenic it wasn’t wide wherever I was meant to beryllium going, contempt the information that I’d completed the puzzle and was acceptable to leave. 

Best bit:

Eternights Best bit

(Image credit: Studio Sai)

Upon entering the game’s last act, I came to the abrupt realization that my choices up to that constituent mattered acold much than I thought they would, and my bosom dropped. Understanding that determination was thing I could bash but judge the concern I’d led myself into, I sat connected the borderline of my spot arsenic the events unfolded. 

On apical of that, each force respawns erstwhile you die. In general, getting a ‘game over’ is rather forgiving and volition ne'er acceptable you backmost excessively far, but it tin beryllium infuriating when, arsenic mentioned above, you’re trying to fig retired wherever to go, and you support getting stuck successful the aforesaid rooms that fastener you successful until you’ve defeated each their monsters… again.

One past downside is that it was intolerable to advancement done Eternights without uncovering immoderate of the dialog cringeworthy, peculiarly erstwhile it came to the playable character’s responses. He and Chani travel crossed arsenic a small sex-obsessed, and portion this tin beryllium amusing sometimes, it’s a spot excessively overmuch implicit the people of the game’s runtime. While not detrimental to the wide story, it could person been taken down a notch.

All successful all, though, Eternights offers an engaging loop of enactment and societal simulation elements, which consciousness perfectly balanced. The communicative is engrossing, the combat feels satisfying, and it’s incredibly casual to look astatine your in-game calendar and get sucked into playing for ‘one much day’, implicit and implicit again. Dare I accidental it, I deliberation I’m successful love.

Accessibility features

Eternights accessibility menu

(Image credit: Studio Sai)

Eternights is airy connected the crushed erstwhile it comes to accessibility features. Players person the enactment to prime from respective languages astatine the commencement of the crippled (of which subtitles are provided for all), and take from 3 trouble options - easy, normal, and expert. Vibration, camera sensitivity, camera shingle and audio levels tin beryllium altered utilizing sliders successful the options menu, and the camera controls tin beryllium inverted. However, determination are nary options to change the different default controls, specified arsenic your onslaught and dodge buttons.

How we reviewed

I played astir 14 hours of Eternights on PS5, utilizing a DualSense Wireless Controller. In this time, I completed the main communicative and managed to max retired my relationships with 3 of the characters. However, I lone entered a narration with one, arsenic aft accidentally romancing a second, I felt truthful atrocious that I had to reload an older save. Please forgive me, Yuna. 

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