Ethereum bulls likely to profit $130 million on ETH options despite two-week slump

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Ether (ETH) investors person nary crushed to kick aft the 344% gains accumulated successful 2021 until Nov. 24. Still, analysts fearfulness that the $4,000 absorption trial connected Nov. 19 is forming a descending transmission that aims astatine $3,600 by mid-December, an 18% correction from the existent $4,400 price.

Despite outperforming Bitcoin (BTC) by 16% successful the past period unsocial and the ETH/BTC brace climbing to 10-week highs, Ether seems to beryllium struggling with its ain success.

Ether/USD terms connected Bitstamp. Source: TradingView

Users proceed to kick astir Ethereum state fees, averaging implicit $45 implicit the past 3 weeks. However problematic that tin be, it leaves nary uncertainty that the largest decentralized concern (DeFi) and nonfungible tokens (NFT) markets proceed to thrive connected Ethereum.

Tried to bargain thing for $5 utilizing eth.

The state fees are $480.45.

How definite are we that an Airbnb merchandise manager isn’t the creator of Ethereum?

— Chris Bakke (@ChrisJBakke) November 17, 2021

Increasing regulatory uncertainties successful the United States stay a decisive limiting origin for Ether's rally. On Nov. 24, the Securities and Exchange Commission, oregon SEC, clarified that the crypto sheet successful the nationalist gathering scheduled for Dec. 2 would absorption connected the regulatory framework.

Not adjacent the one cardinal ETH burned since the implementation of EIP-1559 successful August was capable to support Ether's terms astatine all-time highs. As the web emits astir 5.4 cardinal ETH per year, Ether remains an inflationary asset. Still, Ether's terms accrued by 16% vs. Bitcoin since Oct. 25, partially reflecting that impact.

Bullish calls predominate Friday's ETH options expiry

Despite the 10% correction to $4,400 since the $4,850 all-time precocious connected Nov. 10, the Ether telephone (buy) options vastly predominate Friday's expiry.

Ether options aggregate unfastened involvement for Nov. 26. Source: Coinglass

The greenish country representing the $820 cardinal telephone (buy) options is the lion's stock of Nov. 26 expiry. Compared to the $440 cardinal puts (sell) instruments, there's an 87% difference.

Nevertheless, the 1.87 call-to-put ratio should not beryllium taken literally, arsenic the caller ETH driblet volition apt hitch retired 77% of the bullish bets. For instance, if Ether's terms remains beneath $4,400 astatine 8:00 americium UTC connected Nov. 26, lone $165 cardinal worthy of those telephone (buy) options volition beryllium disposable astatine the expiry.

In different words, what bully is holding the close to bargain Ether astatine $4,400 oregon $4,600 if it's trading beneath that price?

Bears request sub-$4,200 ETH to equilibrium the scales

Below are the 3 astir apt scenarios based connected the existent terms action. The fig of enactment contracts disposable connected Nov. 26 for bulls (call) and carnivore (put) instruments alteration depending connected the expiry ETH price. The imbalance favoring each broadside constitutes the theoretical profit:

  • Below $4,100: 15,400 calls vs. 15,200 puts. The effect is balanced.
  • Between $4,200 and $4,500: 38,400 calls vs. 8,800 puts. The nett effect is $130 cardinal favoring the telephone (buy) instruments.
  • Above $4,500: 50,200 calls vs. 2,300 puts. The nett effect favors the telephone (bull) instruments by $215 million.

This crude estimation considers telephone options being utilized successful bullish bets and enactment options exclusively successful neutral-to-bearish trades. Still, this oversimplification disregards much analyzable concern strategies.

For example, a trader could person sold a enactment option, efficaciously gaining a affirmative vulnerability to Ether supra a circumstantial price. But unfortunately, there's nary casual mode to estimation this effect.

Both sides person incentives to determination price

Bears request a 7.5% determination from $4,400 down to sub-$4,100 to equilibrium the scales and debar a $130 cardinal loss. On the different hand, bulls request a 2.3% terms summation to $4,500 to boost their profits by $85 million.

Traders indispensable see that the magnitude of effort a seller needs to unit the terms is immense and usually ineffective during bullish markets. Currently, options marketplace incentives are balanced, favoring the $4,200 to $4,500 terms range, entitling bulls to a $130 cardinal nett connected Friday, Nov. 26.

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