Ethereum risks 'bull trap' after 25% ETH price rebound

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Ethereum's token Ether (ETH) could beryllium entering a "bull trap" zone aft rebounding backmost supra the $1,000 people from 18-month lows of $885. 

Ether terms paints a "rising wedge"

The archetypal among these indicators is a "rising wedge," a classical bearish reversal setup that forms aft the terms trends upward wrong a scope defined by 2 ascending but converging trendlines. The wedge setup gains further confirmation if the trading measurement drops alongside the rising prices.

Theoretically, a rising wedge resolves aft the terms breaks beneath its little trendline and eyes a run-down toward the level astatine magnitude adjacent to the maximum tallness betwixt the wedge's precocious and little trendline

Ether has been forming a rising wedge since mid-June, arsenic shown successful the illustration below.

ETH/USD four-hour terms illustration featuring 'rising wedge' setup. Source: TradingView

Hence, its interim bias appears to the downside, with a decisive breakdown beneath the little trendline risking a diminution toward the $870–$950, depending connected wherever the breakdown begins. 

That means a 15%–25% diminution from June 13's ETH price.

$70M exits Ethereum funds

Ethereum's bearish lawsuit is supported by grounds of important outflows from concern funds.

Notably, Ether-related concern products witnessed outflows worthy $70 cardinal successful the week ending June 17, according to information fetched by CoinShares.

Notably, this was the eleventh-straight week of superior withdrawals, bringing the year-to-date outflow full to $458.6 million.

Flow of Asset. Source: CoinShares

In contrast, Solana (SOL), 1 of Ethereum's apical rivals successful the astute contracts ecosystem, attracted $109 cardinal successful 2022 for its related funds. While Bitcoin (BTC) saw $480 cardinal travel into its concern products.

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CoinShares cited investors' worries implicit Ethereum's "Merge" to proof-of-stake arsenic the superior crushed down its funds' mediocre show this year.

Ethereum options onslaught price: $1K

ETH options' unfastened involvement connected Deribit shows implicit $1 cardinal successful notional for Ether, awaiting the expiry connected June 24. Interestingly, these Ether options are large puts astir the existent terms levels, with a attraction astir the $1,000 strike, according to information from Coinglass.

Ether options unfastened involvement by onslaught price. Source: Coinglass

The June 24 expiration could perchance power Ether's terms action, chiefly due to the fact that it trades lone 10% supra the preferred onslaught terms of $1,000. Additionally, a determination toward $1,000 could trigger the rising wedge setup. 

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