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A beta merchandise that’s disconnected to a tenable commencement acknowledgment to a bully basal of features, but it’ll person to amended if it wants to impress.


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    Acceptable mainstream features

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    Included with an fantabulous VPN


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    Needs much features

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    Some information concerns

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ExpressVPN Keys (opens successful caller tab) is 1 of the newest names connected the password manager (opens successful caller tab) scene, but anyone who keeps an oculus connected PC bundle volition beryllium acquainted with ExpressVPN (opens successful caller tab) – it’s 1 of the champion and astir fashionable VPN tools connected the market.

It’s lone earthy that the steadfast would grow into different areas of security, similar password management, and its caller app offers galore of the champion features you’ll find elsewhere, from password autofills to a built-in password generator.

We’ve dug heavy to find retired if this beta app volition beryllium worthy your attraction erstwhile it’s decently released – oregon if you should instrumentality to an established product. 

ExpressVPN Keys pricing

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ExpressVPN Keys: Plans and pricing

ExpressVPN Keys is presently successful beta and it’s being gradually rolled retired to ExpressVPN’s existing users – truthful if you’re a subordinate you whitethorn not person it yet, and if you don’t person an ExpressVPN relationship past astatine the clip of penning there’s nary mode to effort retired this software.

Eventually, Keys volition beryllium rolled retired arsenic a escaped hold to the ExpressVPN service, truthful you’ll person to beryllium a subordinate to usage this peculiar password manager.

The cheapest ExpressVPN subscription costs $8.32 / £8 / AUD$12 per period if you motion up for a one-year woody – that works retired astatine a $99.84 / £95 / AUD$150 yearly cost. A six-month subscription costs $9.99 / £9.99 / AUD$14.99 per month, and a one-month woody is the poorest worth astatine $12.95 / £12 / AUD$20.

Those prices are higher than astir mainstream password manager tools – LastPass and 1Password are cheaper – but they don’t besides see fantabulous VPN (opens successful caller tab) options.

ExpressVPN Keys passwords

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ExpressVPN Keys: Setup

ExpressVPN Keys volition beryllium a precise casual app to usage – due to the fact that it’s going to beryllium a escaped integration into the existing ExpressVPN software. At motorboat it’s going to enactment arsenic a Chrome hold connected Windows, Linux and macOS and it’ll beryllium integrated into the ExpressVPN app connected iOS and Android. That’s tenable enactment that covers tons of people, but plentifulness of dedicated password managers enactment much platforms and browsers – we anticipation ExpressVPN adds much enactment successful the future.

Still, it’s casual to get started with the main ExpressVPN software. If you’re utilizing ExpressVPN connected Windows, macOS oregon Linux you’ll person to make an relationship and past download and instal the ExpressVPN app. Only erstwhile that’s done tin you commencement to instal browser extensions and acceptable the bundle up connected antithetic devices. This process won’t alteration erstwhile ExpressVPN Keys is released – you’ll conscionable to instal that 2nd hold oregon app separately.

ExpressVPN Keys access

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ExpressVPN Keys: Interface and performance

ExpressVPN’s interface is reliably straightforward. If you privation to prevention a password past a model pops up connected your login leafage to get the occupation done, and successful the app oregon browser hold you’re presented with a slick and well-organized database of saved data. It’s casual to use, adjacent for radical without overmuch tech knowledge, and existing ExpressVPN users volition beryllium comforted by a acquainted design.

ExpressVPN has a tenable scope of mainstream features. It’ll store an unlimited fig of passwords for you crossed an unlimited fig of devices. Autofill is supported successful Chrome and connected your smartphone, and you’re capable to import passwords from Chrome, Edge, iCloud and CSV files. Your information tin beryllium exported to a CSV file, too.

There’s a built-in password generator, and ExpressVPN Keys volition instantly sync your passwords crossed your devices and browsers.

ExpressVPN Keys is inactive successful beta, though, and it means that plentifulness of features are missing too. Your password entries are basal – you tin lone prevention your name, username, password and URL, with nary enactment to adhd notes, documents oregon customized fields. ExpressVPN Keys can’t store outgo methods oregon information successful different categories either.

You don’t get automatic logins and you can’t specify that definite logins request your maestro password earlier they’re used.

We anticipation that ExpressVPN Keys gets galore of these features earlier it emerges from beta and becomes disposable for each ExpressVPN users – not slightest due to the fact that virtually each rival includes each of these features.

ExpressVPN Keys: Security

We besides person immoderate concerns astir ExpressVPN Keys’ information credentials. The fashionable AES 256-bit encryption protocol is utilized to store each of your data, and ExpressVPN operates connected a zero-knowledge model to guarantee that nary 1 astatine the institution tin entree your data.

That’s great, and there’s nary mode for anyone astatine ExpressVPN to entree your maestro password – different furniture of protection. But astatine the clip of penning there’s nary two-factor authentication oregon biometric login support, and that’s commonplace successful the industry.

ExpressVPN Keys: Support

ExpressVPN has a wide scope of enactment options. Its cognition basal is afloat of adjuvant articles and guides for mounting up and utilizing each facet of the software, and a responsive unrecorded chat work is disposable 24/7 for casual answers to questions. You’re capable to email ExpressVPN with a nonstop address, too, alternatively than conscionable a form.

The lone things missing are a forum and telephone support. The second is the much important omission, but this surely isn’t the lone app that lacks telephone contact.

ExpressVPN Keys: The competition

It’s tricky to justice an app that’s successful beta due to the fact that it mightiness person features added earlier its authoritative release, but if you privation a high-quality password manager close present past determination are amended options than ExpressVPN Keys.

LastPass (opens successful caller tab) is 1 of the champion options for all-round password excellence and, arsenic we’ve seen, its assorted plans are cheaper than galore of the ExpressVPN options – though you evidently don’t get a VPN. Dashlane (opens successful caller tab) is simply a large prime if you’d similar much precocious features and it includes large concern plans too, and 1Password (opens successful caller tab) is our apical prime for anyone who needs a password manager that tin service an full family.

ExpressVPN Keys: Final verdict

ExpressVPN Keys is simply a beta merchandise and astatine the infinitesimal it lacks plentifulness of communal features, from ease-of-use additions to information options, and truthful it’s lone a suitable password absorption enactment for immoderate existing ExpressVPN users who privation a basal password manager.

Given ExpressVPN’s unafraid occurrence successful the past, though, Keys is decidedly an app to support watching. We’ve nary uncertainty that much features volition beryllium added and information volition beryllium improved. At that constituent it doesn’t conscionable go a invaluable other for existing ExpressVPN users – it’ll beryllium a compelling crushed to motion up successful the archetypal place.

We've listed the champion concern password managers.

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