EY Survey Finds 1 in 4 Hedge Funds to Increase Crypto Exposure Next Year

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EY, 1 of the large 4 consulting and auditing firms successful the world, recovered that 1 successful 4 hedge funds are expecting to summation their crypto vulnerability for the adjacent year. The 2021 EY Global Alternative Fund Survey describes that alternate money managers are dilatory taking a unchangeable spot successful the portfolios of investors, with integer assets being present, albeit successful a tiny way.

EY Survey Finds Hedge Funds Hungry of Crypto Exposure

The 2021 Global Alternative Fund Survey, a survey compiled by EY, 1 of the large 4 companies, shows the show and popularity of alternate money managers among investors during the year. The survey has found that hedge funds are 1 of the astir unfastened platforms to see crypto assets successful their structures. According to the survey, 1 successful 4 hedge funds is studying to summation their vulnerability to cryptocurrencies successful the adjacent year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, investors had to spell done an absorbing twelvemonth with galore challenges, and navigating done this gave a large accidental to alternate money managers. However, cryptocurrency is not fashionable with a lion’s stock of these money managers currently, with conscionable 1 successful 10 reporting having vulnerability to these assets, showing determination is country for growth. In immoderate case, these funds had an awesome performance. 51 percent of the investors surveyed reported having accrued worth delivered by these alternate investments, having met oregon exceeded their expectations.

Digital Assets arsenic Alternative Investments

The emergence of integer assets (cryptocurrencies) arsenic an important plus class, has made companies and money managers crook their regard to these arsenic comparatively profitable products successful today’s convoluted markets. While the existent engagement of these with cryptocurrencies has not been arsenic large arsenic with different nonregulated assets, they are starting to carve a niche successful the area.

This maturation has been achieved successful the look of an unstable existent concern erstwhile it comes to accepted investments, with investors seeking to inhabit caller markets with caller strategies. The survey made these findings based connected conversations involving 210 managers and 54 investors and offers a glimpse connected the aboriginal of alternate investments, and however cryptocurrency mightiness beryllium a large portion of it.

About the value of the decisions made successful this crossroads year, Natalie Deak Jaros, EY Global Hedge Fund Co-leader stated:

This probe highlights the resilience of our manufacture and the cardinal transformations that managers and investors are partnering to affect. 2021 was a twelvemonth successful which the manufacture invested to physique important momentum astir assorted initiatives that volition wage dividends for years to come.

What bash you deliberation astir the 1 successful 4 hedge funds studying to summation their vulnerability to cryptocurrencies adjacent year? Tell america successful the comments conception below.

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