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Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testifies earlier the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Subcommittee earlier this month.

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Facebook has instructed its employees to sphere each interior documents and communications since 2016 due to the fact that governments and regulators person started inquiries into its operations.

The move, known arsenic a "legal hold," comes amid accrued scrutiny from regulators, lawmakers and the media implicit the societal network's imaginable harms to users. For the past respective weeks, the institution has been grappling with the fallout surrounding Frances Haugen, a erstwhile Facebook employee-turned-whistleblower, who disclosed thousands of documents and interior communications that showed Facebook was alert of the dangers of its products but downplayed these effects publicly.

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The Wall Street Journal besides utilized immoderate of those documents successful its bid known arsenic The Facebook Files. A consortium of 17 US quality outlets, including The Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, past gained entree to these documents and published their ain stories, which started to rotation retired Friday.

"As you are astir apt aware, we're presently the absorption of extended media sum based connected a swath of interior documents," Facebook said Tuesday successful an email to employees, according to The New York Times, which earlier reported connected the order. "As is often the lawsuit pursuing this benignant of reporting, a fig of inquiries from governments and legislative bodies person been launched into the company's operations."

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the ineligible clasp was sent to employees connected Tuesday evening but didn't remark connected what led to the action. "Document preservation requests are portion of the process of responding to ineligible inquiries," she said.

Haugen testified earlier Congress earlier this month, and her lawyers filed complaints with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, alleging Facebook misled investors and the nationalist astir its relation successful fueling misinformation, hatred code and quality trafficking on with the harms it contributes to teen's intelligence health.

In effect to Haugen's revelations, Facebook is reportedly trying to trim insider leaks by making immoderate of its interior online treatment groups backstage alternatively of public. Facebook told employees earlier this period that it's limiting who tin presumption and enactment successful immoderate "Integrity" groups focused connected level information and protecting elections, The New York Times reported.

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