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Facebook Connect / Meta lawsuit   October 2021

Facebook renamed itself to Meta successful October to bespeak its absorption connected creating virtual worlds.

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Facebook's antitrust woes look to beryllium growing. On Friday, Bloomberg reported that the US Federal Trade Commission and aggregate states, led by New York, are investigating imaginable anticompetitive practices by virtual reality headset shaper Oculus. Facebook, which renamed itself Meta successful October, owns Oculus. 

Citing radical with cognition of the matter, Bloomberg said investigators person been asking developers questions astir however "the Oculus app store whitethorn beryllium discriminating against 3rd parties that merchantability apps that vie with Meta's ain software."

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The FTC and the New York Attorney General's bureau declined to comment. Meta didn't instantly respond to a petition for comment. 

The reported probe could make a setback for the societal media giant's plans to make the metaverse, virtual spaces wherever radical tin work, play and socialize. It besides highlights the accrued US authorities scrutiny the institution faces arsenic it continues to grow.

This week, US District Judge James Boasberg denied Meta's petition to disregard a revised antitrust ailment filed by the FTC, but helium besides signaled the bureau volition look an uphill conflict erstwhile it comes to proving the allegations. The amended lawsuit, filed by the FTC successful August, accuses the tech institution of unlawfully maintaining its dominance successful societal networking by acquiring oregon eliminating companies it sees arsenic competitory threats. Meta besides owns fashionable photograph work Instagram and messaging app WhatsApp. In the complaint, the FTC alleged that Facebook's acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp person led to poorer services with decreased privateness and information protection, on with less user choices. Meta has said that its concern into some apps helped them turn and that "they person been bully for competition."

Last year, Boasberg dismissed a akin ailment filed by a radical of authorities attorneys general. On Friday, the radical filed an appeal brief arguing that the ailment shouldn't person been dismissed and that the determination should beryllium reversed. 

"Mark Zuckerberg claims to beryllium gathering the metaverse, but the actions of Facebook proceed to origin important harm to millions of consumers and galore tiny businesses present successful the existent world," said Attorney General Letitia James successful a statement. "Time and again, the societal media elephantine has utilized its marketplace dominance to unit tiny companies retired of concern and trim contention for millions of users."

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