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Facebook is reportedly limiting who tin presumption and enactment successful immoderate interior "Integrity" treatment boards.

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Facebook is reportedly trying to trim insider leaks by making immoderate of its interior online treatment groups backstage alternatively of public. Facebook told employees connected Tuesday that it's limiting who tin presumption and enactment successful immoderate "Integrity" groups focused connected level information and protecting elections, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

The determination comes aft Frances Haugen, a erstwhile Facebook employee-turned-whistleblower, disclosed thousands of documents and interior communications that showed Facebook was alert of the dangers of its products but downplayed these effects publicly. Lawmakers crossed the governmental spectrum person truthful acold responded with renewed involvement successful holding Facebook to account.

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Last week, Haugen appeared earlier a US Senate subcommittee and alleged that Facebook's products "harm children, stoke part and weaken our democracy." Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg criticized Haugen's testimony, saying it presented a "false picture" of the societal network.

"As everyone is apt aware, we've seen an summation successful the fig of Integrity-related leaks successful caller months," an engineering manager wrote successful the announcement, which was reviewed by the Times. "These leaks aren't typical of the nuances and complexities progressive successful our enactment and are often taken retired of context, starring to our enactment being mischaracterized externally."

Tuesday's announcement indicated that immoderate of the treatment groups volition beryllium reviewed to region individuals whose enactment isn't related to information and security. Facebook's announcement said the changes are expected to hap successful "the coming months" and "with the anticipation that delicate Integrity discussions volition hap successful closed, curated forums successful the future," the Times reported.

Facebook appeared to support the determination connected Wednesday, saying that accusation leaks wounded the company's work.

"Leaks alteration the effectiveness, efficiency, and morale of the teams moving each time to code the challenges that travel with operating a level for billions of people," Facebook spokesperson Tracy Clayton said successful a statement. "They tin besides enactment employees moving connected delicate subjects astatine hazard externally and pb to analyzable topics being misrepresented and misunderstood."

Facebook didn't instantly respond to a petition for comment.

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