Feds reportedly take down top ransomware hacker group REvil with a hack of their own

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The authorities has successfully hacked the hacking radical REvil, the entity down the ransomware that’s been linked to leaked Apple leaks, attacks connected endeavor bundle vendors, and more, according to a study from Reuters. The outlet’s sources archer it that the FBI, Secret Service, Cyber Command, and organizations from different countries person worked unneurotic to instrumentality the group’s operations offline this month. The group’s acheronian web blog, which exposed accusation gleaned from its targets, is besides reportedly offline.

Reports astir the radical going offline started surfacing earlier this week, with TechCrunch penning that its Tor website was nary longer disposable connected Monday. There was speculation of a hack, fueled by a forum station from 1 of the group’s suspected leaders saying that its server was “compromised,” but astatine the time, it was unclear who was responsible. Reuters cites sources that accidental the government’s cognition against ransomware hackers, including REvil, is inactive ongoing.

The US is dilatory turning the screws connected groups associated with ransomware, arsenic the attacks go much and much costly for companies (one institution reportedly paid a $40 cardinal ransom to reconstruct its operations). The Treasury pushed sanctions that marque it harder to crook hacked machines into cash, and the Department of Justice created a team for investigating crimes committed by cryptocurrency exchanges, citing the interaction of ransomware respective times successful its announcement.

REvil has had plentifulness of vigor connected it owed to the high-profile oregon high-impact quality of the attacks it’s linked to. It’s blamed for an onslaught connected an Apple supplier that leaked schematics of the MacBooks that launched this week, arsenic good arsenic attacks connected massive nutrient processor JBS, IT absorption bundle developer Kaseya, Travelex, and Acer. The radical was named by the US Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network arsenic 1 of the biggest ransomware groups successful presumption of reported payouts.

REvil has gone offline earlier — its tract disappeared from the acheronian web successful July, conscionable a period aft the FBI said the radical was responsible for bringing down JBS, a institution liable for a 5th of the world’s nutrient supply.

It’s ever imaginable that the radical could travel back, though trying to retrieve from going down successful July is reportedly what opened it up to attacks from the US successful the archetypal place. According to Reuters’ sources, 1 of the group’s members restored a backup and unwittingly included systems compromised by instrumentality enforcement. A Russian information adept tells Reuters that infecting backups is simply a maneuver commonly utilized by REvil itself.

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