Filmmaker Behind “Don’t Look Up” and “The Big Short”: My Cryptocurrency movie would be about Cat Turds

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In an interview with Kara Swisher asked Adam McKay: “What bash you ideate a cryptocurrency-centered movie would look like?”, and this was his answer:

“It would beryllium astir a cryptocurrency that, alternatively than existing connected the blockchain, exists exclusively successful the signifier of Siamese feline turds. Governments would spell connected to make elephantine litter boxes successful airplane hangars wherever thousands of cats make turds 24/7 that are past shipped to the nationalist slope vault. Counterfeit turds are created by black-and-white tuxedo cats but tin beryllium detected by —

I’m going to halt this reply close present and apologize to you. I’m a spot tired. Ha-ha.”

Hehe, I’m giving it a a week earlier CATTURD becomes a meme coin 😂

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