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It's yet time.

Andrew Krok/Roadshow

Another large time approaches for the start-up Lucid. The archetypal customers who preordered an Air Dream Edition, either the Range oregon Performance models, volition statesman receiving their cars this weekend, connected Oct. 30. It's not a Halloween trick; Lucid is acceptable to roll.

In Wednesday's announcement, Lucid said the time volition beryllium called the "Dream Delivery" lawsuit and instrumentality spot successful California. There, the archetypal owners volition person their cars, and institution enactment volition instrumentality them connected the "Lucid Rally." Owners volition spell connected a stint to showcase their car's ride, handling and show capabilities. After the rally, they'll thrust their recently delivered Air sedans home.

If you're looking for a mode into this event, halt searching. Lucid is lone delivering the Dream Edition cars to start, and they've been sold retired for months. Customers opted for either the Dream Edition Range with an EPA-estimated 520 miles of range, oregon the Dream Edition Performance with a whopping 1,111 horsepower and an EPA-estimated 471 miles of range. Both of those estimates presume buyers opted for the smaller, modular wheels. If you slap the optional 21-inch wheels on, the scope suffers, naturally.

Once Lucid gets the 520 Dream Edition cars to customers, it volition pivot to delivering the Grand Touring model. Though the institution didn't supply a factual date, it sounds similar Grand Touring customers volition commencement to person their cars by the extremity of the year. Lucid Air Touring and Pure customers volition get the keys to their EV adjacent year.

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