Fitbit app redesign is rolling out now to all users

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Fitbit App Redesign 2023 Hero


  • Google is rolling retired a caller Fitbit app redesign to each users today.
  • The redesign is easier to usage and simpler.
  • There are present conscionable 3 tabs — Today, Coach, and You — each containing galore subsections.

The Fitbit app has remained beauteous overmuch the aforesaid implicit the past fewer years. Although Fitbit has introduced galore caller features, the wide look hasn’t changed much. But, with the institution removing astir societal aspects from the app this past year, a redesign was necessary.

Today, the caller Fitbit app redesign is rolling retired globally to Android and iOS users. In a Keyword blog post, Google goes implicit the halfway caller features of the app and what makes this redesign special.

The biggest alteration — too the plan becoming overmuch simpler with amended usage of achromatic abstraction — is that everything is present categorized nether 3 tabs: Today, Coach, and You. These tabs regenerate the 4 we’ve go accustomed to astatine the bottommost of the app: Today, Discover, Community, and Premium. With astir societal aspects of the Community tab gone, these tabs don’t marque overmuch consciousness anymore.

It’s beauteous evident what each caller tab contains. The Today tab looks astatine what you’ve done that day, rounding retired your step, sleep, and different enactment tracks. This is besides wherever you would participate nutrient and drink, your mood, oregon different stats you’re trying to support an oculus on. Meanwhile, the Coach tab contains workouts, with Fitbit Premium users having entree to much than non-paying users. Finally, the You tab is wherever you power each your data, alteration your idiosyncratic goals, and way your semipermanent achievements.

Check retired however it each looks below.

Fitbit app redesign 2023: How it looks

Keep successful caput that immoderate features won’t look if you don’t person a Fitbit instrumentality that supports them. For example, not each Fitbit has an EDA sensor, truthful tracking accent levels volition request to beryllium done manually. Likewise, Fitbit Premium users volition person entree to much data, specified arsenic Sleep Score.

Fitbit is rolling retired this app redesign today, but it could beryllium a fewer much days earlier everyone sees it. On Android, you tin ever cheque for the lastest updates by opening the Google Play Store, tapping your avatar successful the precocious close corner, and past hitting “Manage apps & device.” If you spot immoderate app updates are available, update them for the latest versions.

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