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adventurer 4 3D printer from the front

It's a large printer and you'll request a batch of space

James Bricknell/CNET

The Flashforge Adventurer 3 has agelong been 1 of CNET's favourite midprice 3D printers. The updated Adventurer 4 brings a fistful of iterative improvements that marque for a winning evolution.

 The Flashforge is simply a granular, self-contained strategy that gives you everything you request to commencement printing, including the company's proprietary software. While it's not arsenic fashionable oregon full-featured arsenic different 3D printing apps specified arsenic Prusa Slicer, it's gratifying to edit and portion your model, nonstop it to your printer and ticker it done a dodgy camera, each connected the aforesaid platform. I tin spot this strategy moving good for educators and hobbyists. 


  • Fully enclosed,including the filament
  • Multiple physique plates for faster setups
  • Usable Wi-Fi connection
  • Nozzles are casual to swap out

Don't Like

  • Small people size for specified a ample machine
  • Flashprint 5 bundle is limited
  • No existent automated furniture leveling
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At $799 (£699, AU$1,088) this isn't the cheapest printer you could commencement with. Basic models similar the Ender 3 from Creality oregon the Elegoo Neptune 2 tin beryllium bought for arsenic small arsenic $180. The terms present feels particularly precocious erstwhile you look astatine the size of the furniture compared to the machine's wide size. The outer dimensions are 500 by 470 by 540mm, and the physique country is 220 by 200 by 250mm. 

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Inside the box, you volition find the accustomed bundle of spares, hex wrenches, and scrapers you get successful a 3D printer box, with the blessed summation of 1 kilogram of PLA filament to get you started. Mine besides came with each of the antithetic nozzles presently available, from the modular 0.4mm, to the elephantine 0.6mm. More connected those later.

adventurer 4 printing a artifact  tractor

The LCD is agleam and casual to use.

James Bricknell/CNET

Because the Adventurer 4 is simply a afloat enclosed portion -- adjacent the large spool of filament is locked wrong it's acold larger than the comparable Anycubic Vyper, though the Adventurer 4's furniture is smaller by 10mm connected 1 side. The vantage of the enclosure is some information and control. If you're a teacher oregon a young family, you privation to support small fingers distant from the blistery end, which tin easy scope temperatures of 265 degrees Celsius (509 degrees Fahrenheit). The enclosure besides helps power the somesthesia and artifact drafts to let much delicate filaments, similar ABS, that request much cautious looking after.  

The Adventurer 4 besides comes with HEPA filters wrong the portion to gully distant the toxic fumes that immoderate plastics produce. This is particularly adjuvant erstwhile your 3D printer is successful a location oregon schoolhouse alternatively than a ample store with bully ventilation. Setting up the Adventurer 4 took astir nary effort. If you're caller to 3D printing, you'll beryllium pleased to perceive however casual it was to acceptable up and however wide the instructions displayed connected the LCD are. I got it retired of the container and printed the trial portion successful nether 10 minutes.

adventurer 4 Wizard dice holder

Marble effect integrative looks fantastic.

James Bricknell/CNET

Great hardware, OK software

The physique prime of the Adventurer 4 is excellent. Almost each of the issues I've encountered tin beryllium solved by tweaking the bundle and adding a small other cooling. I made this beauteous dragon equine from Loubie3D, and you tin spot that immoderate of the overhangs didn't span correctly. I fixed that connected consequent PLA prints by leaving the beforehand doorway open, allowing the worldly to chill much arsenic it came retired of the nozzle.

Even astatine higher furniture heights, people prime was excellent. The layers were accordant and adjacent crossed each layer, and tiny details similar tegument texture and dimples came retired good erstwhile utilizing the modular 0.2mm furniture height.

dragon equine  from Loubie3D

Some overhangs suffered, but it is inactive a bully print.

James Bricknell/CNET

I was precocious portion of a vacation artifact drive, and galore of the models I donated were printed connected the Adventurer 4. This allowed maine to trial however good the printer held up to extended use. It performed well, adjacent erstwhile printing 180 antithetic models for Santa. 

An other physique sheet is included, which allows you to drawback a finished physique plate, swap successful a cleanable one, and property people again. I utilized the instrumentality for astir 15 hours straight, with minimal downtime, and it performed similar a champ.

3D printed tractors and a harvester  harvester

Printed a batch of these toys for a vacation artifact drive

James Bricknell/CNET

But it wasn't each perfect. The  Adventurer 4 sometimes struggled to people much analyzable projects. I tried a ample articulated dragon (which I recovered connected TikTok by McGuybeer), but portion it worked good with the marque caller rotation of filament supplied successful the box, the people prime suffered connected older filaments. On the older stuff, I needed to summation the travel complaint to get accordant layers. Jumping betwixt newer and older filaments tin beryllium challenging, but I expect an $800 exemplary to instrumentality conscionable astir thing I tin propulsion astatine it. 

It's besides hard to support the furniture level. You person to manually acceptable the level, and it has nary mesh strategy to support the Z-height constant, truthful determination are ever precocious and debased areas. If that's implicit your head, it means setup and attraction are much manual and little automatic than galore different comparable printers. While FlashForge does accidental the Adventurer has "Auto-leveling," what it truly does is instrumentality you done a manual leveling process but moves the furniture automatically for you.

Extra nozzles for the adventurer 4

These nozzles person antithetic sizes and somesthesia ranges.

James Bricknell/CNET


The Adventurer 4's past instrumentality is the swappable nozzle system. Each nozzle is simply a stand-alone portion that you tin easy propulsion and replace. This tin springiness you a accidental to effort retired antithetic nozzle sizes to find retired however thicker layers tin adhd spot portion thinner layers assistance detail. 

Flashforge besides has a nozzle designed to grip overmuch higher temperatures truthful you tin people with ABS, PETG oregon adjacent c fibre for stronger prints. It besides makes replacing the nozzles and clearing nozzle jams overmuch much straightforward, though replacements from Flashforge outgo much than modular nozzles.


The video prime isn't great, but the Wi-Fi transportation is strong.

James Bricknell/CNET

The Wi-Fi transportation done Flashprint is bully too. 3D printers tin often person mediocre Wi-Fi systems, but the Adventurer 4 stayed connected and the camera showed the people connected everything I made. The 3D printer has onboard retention truthful the Wi-Fi sends the record straight there. This reduces the accidental of errors caused by a atrocious connection.

If I were an educator, I'd privation this arsenic my schoolroom 3D printing platform. Having 4 of these acceptable up successful a laboratory would beryllium cleanable for a people of 20 oregon more. The bundled Flashprint software, though limited, does let you to power aggregate printers astatine erstwhile -- you tin adjacent spot the people connected a built-in camera. 

An articulated dragon 3d exemplary  successful  a tree

Despite looking large successful this picture, the people prime isn't perfect.

James Bricknell/CNET

But for a hobbyist oregon tiny business, the Adventurer 4 requires immoderate tradeoffs. Yes, determination are amended printers retired determination for $800, but those necessitate much enactment to acceptable up and apt won't connection the implicit enclosure the Adventurer 4 has. The bottommost line? No substance what I threw astatine it, from the Lincoln bust CNET uses arsenic a benchmark to a elephantine dragon-horse that took up the full physique volume, the printer took it and spat retired a large print.

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