Ford F-150 Lightning Prices Exceed $145K As Dealers Break Rules

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May 14, 2022, 3:00 p.m. EDT | 1 min read

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Now that the all-new Ford F-150 Lightning electrical motortruck has officially launched and is connected the mode to buyers, we’re starting to spot ridiculous terms gouging and trader markups. In fact, 1 dealership successful California is asking implicit $145,000 for the Lightning EV.

Electric vehicles are a blistery commodity lately, and that’s particularly existent erstwhile it comes to electrical trucks. We’ve seen unusually precocious Rivian R1T and GM Hummer EV prices. However, those were third-party sales.

Unfortunately, prime Ford dealerships program to interruption the rules and guidelines acceptable by Ford Motor Company and adhd upwards of a 50% markup connected the F-150 Lightning. As you tin spot from the representation below, 1 high-end F-150 Lightning Platinum that retails for astir $91,000 (with extras) is listed for $145,309. Gross.

F-150 Lightning overpricedFord Dealership

This isn’t the archetypal clip we’ve seen insane trader markups for fashionable vehicles, and Ford experienced thing akin with the Mustang Mach-E. When F-150 Lightning pre-orders opened, we saw dealerships asking $30,000 extra. Once that quality emerged, Ford issued a nationalist statement saying that if dealers people up prices, they’ll suffer their F-150 inventory allotments.

If a trader overcharges for the vehicles, Ford volition halt sending caller F-150 Lightning EVs to the dealership. Additionally, the institution volition issue $25,000 fines for immoderate store that sells a demo vehicle.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look similar those threats oregon statements volition halt dealerships from taking vantage of the hype and debased inventory. One dealership successful California has 3 F-150 Lightning models for sale, with 2 hitting the $130k people and different costing implicit $145,000.

Considering the debased inventory numbers, I’m assuming dealerships cognize they won’t person excessively galore to sell, truthful they program to marque arsenic overmuch wealth arsenic imaginable retired of each vehicle. That said, it could beryllium to beryllium a atrocious determination aboriginal this twelvemonth arsenic Ford ramps up production.

If you’re funny successful buying the caller Ford F-150 Lightning EV, marque definite you find a trustworthy and reputable dealership that won’t terms gouge you each the mode to the bank.

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