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Owning a PC means owning a analyzable instrumentality wherever things tin spell incorrect successful galore ways. Your machine contains hundreds of hardware components that indispensable enactment unneurotic to function. Software adds further complexity to the process, arsenic immoderate small bug tin distort your PC’s quality to operate.

It’s advisable to person a instrumentality that helps place and hole issues connected your PC, and Fortect Protect is 1 specified tool. It works some arsenic a PC optimizer arsenic good arsenic an antivirus to support your PC from online threats. After downloading this tool, you tin scan your PC regularly to observe malware, junk files, missing files, oregon immoderate different imaginable threats.

Having Fortect astatine your broadside volition assistance support your PC successful bully shape, but the drawback is that this instrumentality lone works with the Windows operating system. What does Fortect connection to users, and however does it work? Our reappraisal volition fto you know.

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Fortect: Plans and pricing

Fortect offers a escaped mentation of its instrumentality that lets users scan their PCs regularly. This escaped instrumentality identifies and fixes problems connected your PC, but the fig of fixes is limited. The escaped program besides doesn’t connection nonstop support.

Fortect charges an yearly interest for its paid plan. You tin wage $33.95 annually for a azygous PC licence with unlimited scans and repairs. 

You tin besides take the Multi-Device plan for 3 PCs, costing $41.95 annually, oregon the Ultimate plan for 5 PCs, costing $58.95 annually. You tin stock these plans with your friends, family, and colleagues.

You tin wage connected Fortect's website done PayPal oregon a credit/debit card. If you're unsatisfied with the merchandise aft paying, you tin petition a refund wrong 60 days of your purchase.

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Fortect: Features

Fortect utilizes artificial quality and instrumentality learning to observe security-related issues connected your PC, similar malware, junk files, crashed programs, etc. This instrumentality is based connected the Avira anti-malware motor designed to place and artifact malicious bundle from infiltrating PCs. Avira has a immense database of PC threats that remains perpetually updated. It besides uses instrumentality learning and behavioral investigation to spot anomalies connected computers.

You tin download Fortect from the authoritative website ( and instal it connected your PC. Our installation didn’t instrumentality agelong due to the fact that of this tool’s comparatively tiny size. During installation, you tin take whether Fortect volition tally an automatic scan afterward oregon not.

After installing Fortect, you person six menus connected the dashboard: PC Profile, Crashed Programs, Malware and PUA, Junk Files, Broken Registry, and Privacy Traces. Let’s dive deeper into these menus below. 

PC Profile

The PC Profile is the paper wherever Fortect gives a elaborate overview of your PC. At the top, it’ll database each the hardware specifications of your PC, including the CPU, mainboard, memory, section drivers, and video card.

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Scroll down a bit, and you’ll find different important information. You’ll spot the disposable abstraction connected your PC, the fig of CPU cores, CPU power, hard disc thrust speed, and adjacent the real-time CPU temperature.

The PC Profile paper provides elaborate accusation astir your desktop oregon laptop successful 1 spot. Normally, you’ll request sizeable clip and effort to find this information, but Fortect aggregates and delivers it successful a azygous menu. 

Crashed programs

Windows PC users often kick astir crashed programs. You’re utilizing an app, and suddenly, it stops working. You’ll person to restart the app to proceed utilizing it.

Debugging crashed programs tin beryllium challenging, particularly for non-technical radical with small cognition astir a computer’s internals. But Fortect offers a solution. It scans your PC and identifies programs that person often crashed implicit respective months. It past pinpoints the issues with this app.

On our trial PC, Fortect identified 18 apps that crashed often implicit respective months. 12 were built-in Windows apps, and the different 6 were third-party apps. Fortect volition bespeak the past clip the clang occurred to springiness you much context. 

We utilized the premium mentation of Fortect, which made it casual to hole the identified issues. You tin click View & Fix for each app and proceed to resoluteness the issue. You tin besides deploy a hole for each apps simultaneously. 

Malware & PUA

Malware and perchance unwanted applications (PUA) are large problems for each PC owner. Hackers physique blase malware to instal connected unsuspecting PCs. They tin usage malware to bargain delicate accusation from your PC, instal spying tools, oregon fastener your files and request a ransom outgo to unlock it, i.e., ransomware.

Fortect helps you observe and hole malware connected your PCs earlier it’s excessively late. On our trial PC, it identified 1 record resembling a virus. We instantly deployed a fix, which took little than a minute.

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Junk files

Junk files are files that service nary intent connected your computer. They were created to alteration your machine to execute a task but became useless aft your PC performed that task. Examples see thumbnails, app installers, browsing caches, etc.

Junk files tin inhabit important abstraction connected your machine and dilatory it down contempt having nary utility. The bully quality is that Fortect helps you place and delete these files successful 1 swoop.

Fortect recovered astir 439 MB of junk files connected our trial PC. They were mostly impermanent log files for antithetic apps. As usual, we utilized the View & Fix fastener to lick the contented (by deleting the junk files).

Broken registry

Every Windows PC has a Registry. This registry is simply a database of configuration settings for your Windows operating system. It manages the settings for each your applications and ensures things enactment conscionable arsenic you person configured them.

Fortect scans your PC for defective registry files and lets you hole them. It besides checks for missing registry files and replaces them with the close files from its extended database.

Privacy traces

Fortect tin hint the browsing information that antithetic apps person stored connected your PC. Most of this information would travel from your superior web browser, e.g., Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. You tin delete the browsing information to sphere your privacy, but enactment that it whitethorn interfere with your browser’s accustomed function, e.g., you mightiness person to log into each your websites afresh.  

Browser extension

Fortect besides offers a Google Chrome hold to support you arsenic you surf the internet. This hold scans the websites you sojourn and alerts you if you sojourn immoderate suspicious websites. It gives elaborate reports and logs of your browsing activity, providing insights astir the threats you face.

The champion happening astir the Fortect hold is that it’s escaped to use.

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Fortect: Interface and successful use

Installing Fortect was a seamless process for us. You’ll download the executable record from the authoritative website and kickstart the installation process connected your PC. It took conscionable a fewer minutes during our test. Afterward, you tin commencement scanning oregon upgrade your program by inserting the licence cardinal you paid for.

Fortect has an intuitive interface that you’d find casual to understand. The dashboard is akin to a web leafage wherever you tin seamlessly scroll and power to antithetic menus. It is minimal and uncluttered.

After Fortect identifies issues with your PC, you tin hole them individually oregon simultaneously.

Fortect: Support

Fortect offers nonstop enactment via email. If you person immoderate issues, you tin capable retired the interaction signifier connected the authoritative website and hold for an email response. You tin besides entree idiosyncratic guides and FAQs to assistance lick your issues.

We didn’t spot immoderate enactment for live chat oregon telephone enactment connected Fortect’s website, which puts it astatine a disadvantage compared to the competition.  

Fortect: The competition

Iolo System Mechanic is the main rival to Fortect that we’d similar to highlight. Like Fortect, System Mechanic scans your PC to observe malware, viruses, oregon different threats. It besides helps you optimize your disk abstraction by clearing unnecessary files.

System Mechanic costs arsenic debased arsenic $15 annually, making it cheaper than Fortect. It besides provides telephone support, giving it a competitory borderline implicit Fortect, which is constricted to email support.

Yet, Fortect beats System Mechanic successful usability. It has a much intuitive interface than its counterpart.

Fortect: Final verdict

Fortect does its occupation well. Fortect helps you support and optimize your PC’s show for an affordable price. It has a modern, intuitive interface that you’ll apt bask using. The small drawback we observed is the constricted (email-only) lawsuit enactment option.

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