Fortnite: Chapter 3 officially revealed with new island, Spider-Man, and plenty more changes

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And past determination were three. After a melodramatic unrecorded lawsuit connected Saturday, Fortnite is moving connected to Chapter 3, which introduces immoderate large changes for the conflict royale.

This greeting developer Epic elaborate play 1 of the caller chapter, called “Flipped,” and the astir melodramatic alteration is the displacement to a fresh, snow-covered island, 1 that features upwind conditions, on with caller locations similar Sanctuary — which appears to play a ample portion successful Fortnite lore — and the Daily Bugle. Those who prime up the caller conflict walk volition besides beryllium capable to get their hands connected characters similar Spider-Man and (eventually) The Foundation, voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. You tin get the afloat run-down of the conflict walk close here:

(It’s been a engaged play for spider-news, with a trailer for the sequel to Into the Spider-Verse besides dropping.)

It besides appears that the halfway gameplay volition beryllium shaken up rather a bit. Chapter 3 features 2 caller mechanics — sliding and swinging — that could marque the acquisition adjacent faster and much vertical, peculiarly for high-level players. And for those who walk clip successful the game’s originative mode, there’s present an enactment to gain conflict walk XP successful player-made experiences.

Outside of that, developer Epic is introducing immoderate persistent elements to the game. Here’s however the workplace explains:

This caller section brings camps, wherever players and their squad tin heal and store items from lucifer to lucifer — bringing caller persistent, societal gameplay options to Fortnite. Plus, determination are caller weapons and items to assistance triumph a triumph royale and gain the all-new, eventual prestige — the Victory Crown. Keep winning to support the crown.

Many of these details leaked retired earlier connected Saturday, up of an aggravated unrecorded lawsuit that saw the erstwhile land virtually flip over. Since past the crippled has been down arsenic players look astatine their characters adrift successful a immense ocean. You tin cheque retired our afloat recap of the lawsuit close here, oregon ticker it each successful the video below:

Fortnite’s 2nd section launched successful 2019 pursuing a astonishment achromatic spread event, and likewise led to an all-new island. It spanned 8 seasons that included everything from an alien invasion to an Ariana Grande concert to a Marvel superhero takeover.

While we person the details for Chapter 3, the update isn’t unrecorded conscionable yet, and it’s not wide erstwhile players volition yet beryllium capable to leap in.

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