Fox Entertainment’s Blockchain Arm Drops NFT Market Dedicated to Hit TV Series The Masked Singer

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Fox Entertainment's Blockchain Arm Drops NFT Market Dedicated to Hit TV Series The Masked Singer

Fox Entertainment and Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL) has announced the motorboat of, a non-fungible token marketplace and assemblage dedicated to the amusement bid and deed singing contention “The Masked Singer.” According to Fox and BCL, the NFT marketplace and a crippled volition beryllium powered by the Eluvio blockchain.

Fox, Blockchain Creative Labs, Eluvio Introduce The Masked Singer NFT Marketplace

In mid-May, Fox Broadcasting Company, the American commercialized broadcast tv network, announced it was launching a non-fungible token (NFT) concern called Blockchain Creative Labs. In June, Fox detailed that it had teamed up with Bento Box Entertainment (BBE) and initiated a $100 cardinal money aimed astatine empowering NFT contented creators.

Now the broadcasting and amusement institution is unveiling an NFT ecosystem dedicated to the fashionable singing contention amusement “The Masked Singer.” Fox and BCL launched, which allows fans of “The Masked Singer” (TMS) to “build their ain postulation of limited-edition integer masks for each quality from each six seasons of the bid to unlock surprises and exclusive giveaways.”

Fox Entertainment's Blockchain Arm Drops NFT Market Dedicated to Hit TV Series The Masked SingerFox, BCL, and Eluvio blockchain present

TMS is simply a bid that premiered connected the Fox tv web connected January 2, 2019. The U.S. version, hosted by Nick Cannon, is based connected the archetypal that started successful South Korea. The bid features good known individuals, nonrecreational athletes, and celebrities wearing costumes and masks to fell their identities.

The amusement besides stars Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke. During the archetypal and 2nd years of production, Adweek said the amusement was the “Hottest Reality/Competition Series” successful the United States. When the 3rd play of TMS appeared, it was the bid most-watched episode, and TMS ratings soared aft the onset of the coronavirus pandemic arsenic well.

‘Miss Masky’ and ‘Mask Packs’

The NFT driblet connected begins connected October 13 astatine 5:30 p.m. (EST) and determination volition beryllium aggregate stages, according to statements sent to News. The archetypal portion volition spot fans getting a escaped NFT of “Miss Masky” arsenic they make a integer media wallet, done Eluvio.

The announcement further details that passim the season, visitors volition beryllium capable to get “Mask Packs” that see quality cards from TMS and “will unlock a marketplace for fans to acquisition and merchantability cards to implicit their sets, arsenic good arsenic further premium and unsocial integer merchandise.”

What bash you deliberation astir Fox and Blockchain Creative Labs dropping “The Masked Singer” NFTs and marketplace? Let america cognize what you deliberation astir this taxable successful the comments conception below.

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