Foxconn reveals 'Foxtron' EV brand, teases new cars and electric bus - Roadshow

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Electronics shaper Foxconn whitethorn beryllium champion known arsenic an Apple iPhone supplier, but the institution is getting into the car concern -- and it's starting disconnected with plans for aggregate electrical cars (and a bus). On Monday, the institution shared a teaser video for its Oct. 18 Hon Hai Tech Day 2021, wherever it plans to uncover a "slate of electrical vehicles" that seems to see E- and C-segment vehicles. And that bus.

The video shows an SUV and sedan alongside the electrical bus, and the plan isn't excessively shabby! There's a premix of Polestar, possibly immoderate Byton vibes going on, but we'll person to spot the cars revealed successful afloat earlier making a last judgment. As for the bus: Well, it looks similar a bus.

These cars won't deterioration the Foxconn sanction but a caller badge: Foxtron. It's a decently futuristic rubric for what volition apt beryllium a tech-filled conveyance lineup. The institution antecedently announced its intentions to participate the car assemblage past twelvemonth erstwhile it revealed a caller EV architecture. However, it sounded similar Foxconn wanted to proviso the bones for different companies, not commencement its ain brand. Alas.

We besides cognize Foxconn volition enactment with startup Fisker to physique what's called Project PEAR, and the Taiwanese elephantine reached an statement to purchase the sprawling Lordstown Motors facility successful Ohio arsenic a accumulation hub. It seems similar Foxconn's moving quickly, but we'll larn a batch much connected Oct. 18 erstwhile it reveals these cars.

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