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An fantabulous CRM product, champion suited for tiny commercialized businesses and solopreneurs, offering easy-to-use, full-featured CRM enactment connected a budget.


  • Quick and casual to acceptable up
  • Broad merchandise offering includes HR and IT support
  • Robust escaped plan, easy scalable


  • Limited customization
  • Higher-tier products tin beryllium costly comparative to the competition

An fantabulous CRM product, champion suited for tiny commercialized businesses and solopreneurs, offering easy-to-use, full-featured CRM enactment connected a budget.


  • + Quick and casual to acceptable up
  • + Broad merchandise offering includes HR and IT support
  • + Robust escaped plan, easy scalable


  • - Limited customization
  • - Higher-tier products tin beryllium costly comparative to the competition

Freshworks is simply a multiproduct, scalable bundle solution that offers full enactment for commercialized businesses. Its 5 products supply customer narration absorption (CRM) enactment for lawsuit service, income and marketing, arsenic good arsenic bundle enactment for IT and HR.

With this Freshworks review, we spell implicit each facet of the Freshworks merchandise suite, comparison its products with the competition, and archer you everything you request to cognize to determine if Freshworks is the best CRM software solution for your business.

Freshworks review: Snapshot

The Freshworks bundle suite offers a broad CRM solution for commercialized businesses. There are 5 products disposable to users: customer support, sales, marketing, HR, and IT.

Budget-sensitive users tin payment from Freshworks’ generous escaped offering, which provides capable functionality to conscionable the needs of a solopreneur oregon tiny business. Freshworks besides boasts a precise abbreviated setup time—around 48 hours. Conversely, astir rival products tin instrumentality weeks oregon months to acceptable up.

On the different hand, Freshworks has a smaller scope of customization options comparative to its competitors. Some users, particularly larger organizations, whitethorn request to marque large changes to the UI oregon make precise circumstantial customized fields, and mightiness beryllium amended served by Salesforce (US-only link) oregon HubSpot successful this regard.

Despite the constricted magnitude of customization, though, we see Freshworks to beryllium a well-rounded bundle suite that is champion suited for tiny concern users.

Score: 4.5/5

Read connected for the afloat review.

5 reasons wherefore tiny businesses request a CRM

Freshworks' competitors

How does Freshworks comparison to the competition? FreshworksHubspotSalesforce
Pros- Wide scope of products - Robust escaped offering - Quick setupDecent escaped offering - Over 300 customizable appsVery wide scope of tools - Large assemblage with progressive adjacent support
ConsLess customization than competitors - Premium plans are costly if each 5 products are purchasedFree program lacks telephone enactment - Setup takes 8 to 12 weeksNo escaped program - Can beryllium costly compared to competitors
VerdictFreshworks is large for tiny businesses seeking a CRM astatine an affordable price, with a speedy and casual setup.HubSpot is almighty CRM software, with galore customization options that are comparatively casual to use.Salesforce offers unparalleled customization options for mid- to large-sized businesses with the clip and superior to instrumentality it effectively.
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Freshworks: Key features

Freshworks offers 5 products, each with 4 levels of pricing depending connected your needs and the size of your organization. Each merchandise is simply a afloat functional level that provides enactment for a circumstantial concern need: lawsuit service, sales, marketing, quality resources, oregon IT.


Freshdesk is simply a CRM focused connected lawsuit work crossed each channels. Its halfway relation is to supply a ticketing strategy that converts lawsuit inquiries from each channels into 1 inbox. From there, tickets are automatically processed and forwarded to the applicable agent. Users tin customize which cause receives each benignant of ticket, and which tickets are considered a priority. Read our afloat Freshdesk CRM review for more.


Freshsales is simply a CRM designed to maximize the effectiveness of users’ income teams. Its cardinal features see a ocular income pipeline and a strategy for automatically prioritizing and qualifying leads. It besides has configurable automation settings for repetitive tasks, specified arsenic sending follow-up emails to clients. To larn more, work our Freshsales CRM review.

Freshworks: Key features and highlights

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Freshdesks successful  use

Freshdesk is Freshworks’ afloat featured lawsuit work CRM (Image credit: Freshworks)

Image 2 of 5

Freshsales successful  use

Freshsales is simply a CRM designed to maximize the ratio of income teams (Image credit: Freshworks)

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Freshmarketer successful  use

Freshmarketer is simply a CRM that facilitates robust email selling campaigns (Image credit: Freshworks)

Image 4 of 5

Freshservice successful  use

Freshservice is simply a full IT enactment solution for businesses (Image credit: Freshworks)

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Freshteam successful  use

Freshteam is an HR absorption work provided by Freshworks (Image credit: Freshworks)


Freshmarketer is simply a CRM for streamlining and automating selling activities. You tin usage Freshmarketer to tally email selling campaigns, optimize your website for maximum conversion, and pass straight with customers via email and chat. Find retired much successful our elaborate Freshmarketer CRM review.


Freshservice is Freshworks’ IT enactment CRM. It’s functionally akin to Freshdesk, successful that it is chiefly a CRM for optimizing enactment tickets. It contains the aforesaid basal features, specified arsenic aggregating inquiries from aggregate channels into a azygous summons inbox. However, dissimilar Freshdesk, it is ITIL compliant and truthful suitable for IT support. It besides adds IT-specific functions for incidental absorption handling, change, occupation and merchandise management, and plus management. For more, instrumentality a look astatine our Freshservice review.


Freshteam is an HR absorption work that provides paperless onboarding, automation for repetitive tasks similar resume screening and follow-up emails, and a strategy for tracking worker clip off. It besides aggregates unit accusation into 1 worker database. Employees tin entree the strategy to petition clip off, browse interior occupation openings, and link with different members of the enactment easy wrong the CRM.

Freshworks: What’s new?

Freshworks continues to update its full concern CRM suite connected a monthly basis, and 2021 saw galore changes. A peculiarly noteworthy diagnostic is CRM migration. It is present imaginable to migrate CRM information from competitors, specified arsenic HubSpot, straight into the Freshworks suite with conscionable a fewer clicks.

In presumption of cross-platform features, Freshworks has implemented afloat Slack integration successful its income CRM, Freshsales. Users tin make a backstage chat transmission circumstantial to a peculiar deal, and chat straight from an integrated model successful the Freshsales web app.

Another alteration is the quality to reorder sections of the leafage successful Freshworks. The Freshworks UI features aggregate sections. For instance, successful Freshsales, immoderate sections amusement caller conversations, caller activities, and related accounts. These sections tin beryllium hidden oregon unhidden, and rearranged arsenic needed. Although customization inactive remains limited, this alteration gives users much options past they had before.

Freshworks: Pricing

Freshworks offers 4 antithetic pricing tiers crossed each of its 5 products: Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise. Overall, we find its pricing to beryllium rather competitive, particularly for the lower-end program options.

Billing is flexible, with monthly and yearly options available. Compared to the monthly option, the yearly pricing is discounted 17% crossed the committee for each of Freshworks’ pricing plans. Below is simply a examination of 1 of Freshworks’ astir fashionable offerings, Freshsales, against comparable offers by cardinal competitors.

Freshsales' pricing plans Plan type/featureFreeGrowth*Pro*Enterprise*HubSpot* Sales StarterSalesforce Essentials*
Cost per month$0$15$39$69$22.50$25
Cost per year$0$180$468$828$270$300
Customer databaseX
Mobile appX
24x5 supportX
Limited pipelinesXXXX
Unlimited pipelinesXXX
Custom modulesXXXX

*Prices are per user. HubSpot pricing is $45 for a minimum of 2 users, truthful 1 idiosyncratic is priced astatine $22.50.

Testing Freshworks

Since Freshworks features 5 abstracted products, we chose to trial features that are communal crossed each of them: namely, setup clip and customization. These features are peculiarly important to tiny concern owners and solopreneurs, who whitethorn not beryllium capable to judge weeks of downtime portion mounting up a CRM service.

How elemental is it to motion up for Freshworks?

Freshmarketer's login page

Getting Freshmarketer up and moving was easy, and took little than 5 minutes (Image credit: Freshworks)

We tested setup clip by downloading Freshmarketer, the selling CRM, which was precise casual to implement. After we input our login information, the strategy was acceptable to usage in-browser: a setup clip of less than 5 minutes.

With the assistance of Freshmarketer’s tutorial, it took different 10 minutes oregon truthful to import immoderate contacts and make a basal selling "journey". Journeys are Freshmarker's selling campaigns. Our travel mapped retired our acold email campaign, and acceptable follow-up dates.

Freshworks’ website features testimonials describing setup successful little than 48 hours. Based connected our ain investigating experience, this timeframe is realistic. It tin beryllium adjacent shorter, depending connected the user’s customization needs.

Some users volition privation customization beyond the default offering, truthful we decided to trial conscionable however overmuch customization Freshworks offers.

What customization does Freshworks offer?

Freshworks' idiosyncratic    interface demonstrated

Freshworks features constricted customization, allowing users to edit and determination immoderate fields portion keeping astir of the UI static (Image credit: Freshworks)

Customization is an important portion of immoderate CRM software. Every idiosyncratic has their ain unsocial needs, and immoderate tailoring of the bundle volition inevitably beryllium required. With this successful mind, we tested precisely however overmuch customization Freshworks offers to users. 

The large features of the programme UI, similar sidebar layout and navbar position, are fixed, but determination is simply a ample magnitude of utile customization wrong the existing fields. For example, contacts successful the database tin beryllium edited with up to 27 pre-set fields specified arsenic name, address, yearly revenue, and territory. If nary of those 27 options suit you, it is casual to make your ain customized tract successful conscionable a fewer clicks.

Moreover, Freshworks features one-click import from different CRMs and casual integration of apps from the Freshworks marketplace. Although Freshworks whitethorn not person the aforesaid level of customization arsenic immoderate of its competitors, the disposable options are much than capable for a lawsuit looking to marque tweaks to the basal package.

Alternatives to Freshworks

Salesforce (US-only link) and HubSpot are Freshworks’ closest competitors successful the CRM market.

Salesforce is an established full CRM solution. At its core, it functions likewise to Freshworks, providing CRM products to acceptable circumstantial concern needs. The quality is successful the scope: wherever Freshworks offers 5 products, Salesforce offers 14. It besides offers adjacent full customization to the user. 

Implementation is simply a two-to-eight week process, during which the idiosyncratic works with the Salesforce improvement squad to make a CRM acquisition that is uniquely tailored to their needs. The bundle is priced accordingly, being importantly much costly than a Freshworks subscription.

Salesforce is astir suitable for an enactment with a ample fund and CRM needs that spell beyond what a basal merchandise bundle tin provide. Read our Salesforce review to find retired more.

HubSpot is besides a full CRM solution, offering products for sales, lawsuit service, and marketing. Unlike Freshworks, HubSpot does not connection HR and IT support. Also, we recovered that HubSpot is simply a spot much costly than Freshworks astatine each pricing tier.

On the different hand, each fields successful the HubSpot CRM, arsenic good arsenic astir of the UI, tin beryllium modified, rearranged, oregon removed arsenic the idiosyncratic requires. Additionally, HubSpot’s app marketplace is larger than Freshworks’, with 900 apps to Freshworks’ 650. This means that overall, HubSpot provides much customization options than Freshworks. Read our HubSpot CRM review to larn more.

Freshworks is little expensive, offers IT and HR products, and is faster to acceptable up. So unless the idiosyncratic places a immense magnitude of value connected customization, we see Freshworks to beryllium the champion enactment for tiny commercialized businesses. 

For mid- to large-sized enterprises, it comes down to however overmuch they privation to tailor the bundle to their circumstantial needs. If a default merchandise that is acceptable to spell rapidly is sufficient, past Freshworks is again the champion option. Otherwise, Salesforce is astir apt the champion CRM solution. 

Let’s spot conscionable however Freshworks compares to its superior competitors.

Freshworks' features compared to the competition FreshworksHubSpotSalesforce
Implementation time48 hoursEight to 12 weeksTwo to 8 weeks
HR and IT supportYesNoYes
Basic program (annual pricing)$180$270$300
Customization levelModerateHighVery high

Freshworks: Final verdict

Freshworks is simply a almighty level offered astatine a tenable price. It offers broad HR and IT support, thing that is missing from galore CRMs.

It is besides highly straightforward to install. Many features, specified arsenic the Freshmarketer product, are acceptable to usage astir immediately. Most CRMs tin instrumentality respective weeks to get up and running, portion Freshworks tin beryllium online successful little than 48 hours.

Its customization options are decent, with a increasing marketplace of implicit 650 apps. But CRMs with a larger customization offering, similar Salesforce oregon HubSpot, mightiness beryllium much suitable for companies with precocious customization needs.

Customer enactment is contiguous 24/5 by chat, phone, and email connected each merchandise tiers. At the highest pricing tier, Enterprise, users person a dedicated enactment idiosyncratic for their account. This means that Freshworks enactment improves for premium users, but is inactive highly accessible for escaped and maturation tier users.

Overall, acknowledgment to its wide umbrella of software, Freshworks offers thing for everyone. Its products are speedy to get up and running, and are casual to use. They screen a wide scope of usage cases and connection constricted but capable customization. Moreover, Freshworks is highly scalable and offers a robust escaped program for each its products. 

For these reasons, we see it to beryllium the cleanable solution for budget-conscious users, oregon businesses that prioritize a speedy motorboat and ease-of-use implicit extended customization.

Further speechmaking connected CRM software

Take a look astatine these alternatives to take the close CRM for your concern with the best escaped CRM, and the best CRM for tiny businesses. Learn much astir Freshworks products by taking a look astatine our Freshdesk review, Freshsales review, and Freshservice review.

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