Gaimin․io Developed a PC-Based Platform to Create a Global, Decentralized Data Processing Network

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UK and Swiss based gaming and blockchain company, GAIMIN.IO Ltd has developed a PC-based level to make a global, decentralised information processing web with “supercomputer” level performance. The GAIMIN level utilises underused processing powerfulness disposable from precocious show GPUs and rewards users successful its ain cryptocurrency, GMRX, for information successful the GAIMIN data.

Why is the GAIMIN level needed?

The Digital Revolution has created a ample fig of caller industries, each with their ain ever expanding request for processing data. The powering of blockchain computations is 1 example. Within the cryptocurrency industry, this is commonly known arsenic mining. With an expanding fig of regular blockchain computations requiring progressively much hard computations and calculations to validate and adjacent transactions, the request for processing capableness and computing powerfulness is ever increasing.

Other industries, specified arsenic video and CGI rendering, technological computing simulations, AI intensive applications and beingness subject analytics, are creating an expanding request for processing power. These industries acquire, process, analyse and output information from aggregate sources and necessitate timely and close information for processing.

Emerging requirements for Data Processing

Global reliance connected the integer ecosystem requires adoption of technologies that present outgo effective, timely and reliable processing of transactions. The process indispensable beryllium unafraid and transparent ensuring the integrity of the transaction. Large standard information processing indispensable deploy solutions that validate the integrity and information of the transaction, whilst providing an constituent of visibility that validates transparency whilst maintaining the confidentiality of the transaction originator and recipient.

The Problem with Centralised Data Processing Centres

Large, centralised information processing centres are 1 solution nevertheless these are not without their ain risks and issues – they interaction the section biology and ecology, their carnal footprint is limited, they are astatine hazard from coercion and earthy disasters, vigor depletion for operation, cooling and ventilation is sizeable and impacts section vigor capableness and they typically devour ample amounts of fossil fuel.

More importantly, centralised information centres are not perfect for immoderate caller industries and exertion applications. Sophisticated caller technologies, specified arsenic the powering of blockchain computations, necessitate a antithetic solution – a distributed web of planetary processing power.

The Benefits of Decentralised Data Processing

Technology solutions are disposable to present unafraid and transparent services to industries nevertheless the biggest obstruction is entree to processing power. Centralised information processing centres are 1 solution but are not without their risks and issues; a decentralised information processing solution mitigates the issues and risks associated with centralised operations.

A institution with a solution to decentralise processing power, harnessing a planetary availability of underutilised processing devices, creating a scalable solution arsenic request grows and falls whilst delivering rewards to each stakeholders volition importantly payment from this planetary problem.

The GAIMIN Solution

GAIMIN has identified a root of disposable processing power, susceptible of being harnessed into a supercomputer-level information processing network, delivering the capableness needed to process ample amounts of data.

This root of untapped processing powerfulness is recovered successful PC-based gaming computers. The gaming manufacture is the largest and increasing amusement manufacture connected the satellite today. With 3.3 cardinal gamers worldwide by 2024 and 20% being PC-based gamers, determination volition beryllium 600m gamers worldwide with precocious show PC’s. Gamers tendency the eventual gaming acquisition and physique their gaming devices with the astir highly performing components, much specifically CPUs and GPUs, nevertheless these devices are lone utilized for 20% of the day, often remaining switched connected but unused for gaming.

GAIMIN has developed a level to harness this processing powerfulness and reward the individuals who let their devices to enactment successful GAIMIN’s information processing network, generating a passive monetization for the subordinate and gross for GAIMIN. This solves 1 of the gamer’s biggest problems – that of however they tin money their gaming acquisition some from a hardware position and besides from an in-game experience.

The GAIMIN PC-based application

The GAIMIN PC-based exertion is wholly escaped to download and run, nary recognition cards are required, and the gamer earns passive rewards based connected the show of their instrumentality and the fig of hours it remains connected to the GAIMIN network. Typically, this equates to betwixt $30 and $100 per month.

Gamers are the perfect demographic for a fig of reasons:

  • Gamers person precise almighty and invaluable computing resources which are often idle. The GAIMIN level allows for automated, passive monetization of these resources erstwhile they are not being used.
  • Gamers put important wealth successful the GPUs that powerfulness their costly gaming computers but these are lone utilized connected mean for 4 hours per time but stay switched connected and connected to the Internet. Using the GAIMIN application, the PC and its devices tin passively enactment successful the GAIMIN Processing Power Supply Network.
  • Gamers tin utilize their contacts via chat and societal media and gaming “channels” via the GAIMIN “Network Expansion Program” referral strategy and beryllium rewarded with an ongoing 10% of the hash powerfulness publication of anyone they refer. By simply referring conscionable 10 further gamers this efficaciously doubles the users hash publication and accordingly, their rewards.
  • No ongoing effort oregon cognition is needed by the gamer. A gamer lone has to download and instal the GAIMIN level and archer immoderate friends! No cognition needed. The GAIMIN AI Engine handles each aspects of monetization.
  • The GAIMIN bundle does not overclock oregon usage immoderate different specified practices which whitethorn origin immoderate further degradation to the user’s gaming PC than would playing immoderate of the astir fashionable online games.

The GAIMIN Data Processing Network

The GAIMIN level creates the optimal web to powerfulness the astir profitable information processing computations, identifying the disposable processing devices, harnessing them to make a planetary information processing web with “supercomputer” processing capableness and done AI, selects the astir profitable usage of the processing power.

Extensible monetization functionality is simply a cardinal constituent of the GAIMIN platform. The level presently monetizes done the powering of blockchain computations, video rendering has successfully been trialled and different functionality is planned for implementation.

The GAIMIN level presently focuses connected mining cryptocurrency to monetize services. Currently 27 cryptos are incorporated into the GAIMIN AI Engine, with much being added. GAIMIN receives mining fees for processing these computations and returns up to 90% of the rewards backmost to the participants successful the processing network, retaining the remaining 10% for its ain operations.

Passive Rewards

Rewards are paid successful the signifier of the mined cryptocurrency, truthful to mitigate users receiving rewards successful a multitude of antithetic cryptocurrencies, GAIMIN consolidates rewards into a azygous cryptocurrency – GAIMIN’s ain token, GMRX. Users person rewards straight into their GAIMIN wallet and are escaped to person their GMRX into fiat currency, different crypto currency oregon walk their rewards connected merchandise and accessories disposable from GAIMIN.


In bid to supply tangible payment to holders of the GMRX token, GAIMIN volition motorboat GMRX connected cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing GMRX to beryllium traded and exchanged. Prior to the launch, GAIMIN volition merchandise 8,888 Genesis NFTs which supply the proprietor with a monthly GMRX airdrop for 12 months on with a carnal token. These Genesis NFTs volition beryllium constricted to 88 Black Gold, 2,800 Gold and 6,000 Silver with each class having its ain dedicated utility. With a azygous acquisition terms and randomised allocation, acquisition volition beryllium constricted to 20 per person.

Gamers are incentivized by the passive reward capabilities of this token and besides whitethorn spot opportunities to gain in-game assets oregon NFTs for their favourite games, which are passively generated by dedicating the computing powerfulness of their instrumentality to the GAIMIN network.

No Gamer Left Behind…

With a people of implicit 1 cardinal progressive users successful its network, the bulk of whom volition beryllium gamers,GAIMIN has a precocious level of societal work to this influential community. GAIMIN volition make socially liable approaches to gaming to guarantee its assemblage balances the enjoyment of games with the non-gaming aspects of their lives.

GAIMIN volition bring gaming to under-developed countries and communities. Through aboriginal initiatives specified arsenic bespoke designed, dual GPU hardware, GAIMIN volition supply entree to starring borderline IT systems to underprivileged planetary users. The proviso of hardware and communications infrastructure not lone benefits the recipients but GAIMIN via the information processing. The outgo of these services volition beryllium covered by the processing powerfulness utilised from wrong the PC devices.

Disability and carnal limitations to not beryllium successful the integer world. GAIMIN volition inherit this doctrine successful the carnal world. GAIMIN are looking to connection devices, solutions and gaming accessories that supply the gaming acquisition to those radical whose disabilities forestall them from afloat participating successful a gaming experience

GAIMIN volition physique gamification into the GAIMIN exertion and dashboards. This volition see themes specified arsenic idiosyncratic development, idiosyncratic responsibility, leadership, morals, morals and societal responsibility. Combined with formalised skills development, specified arsenic crippled development, machine programming, economics and acquisition providers, GAIMIN has the powerfulness to signifier 1.5 cardinal youthful minds.

The GAIMIN doctrine – “No gamer is near behind.”

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