GAIMIN Releases Platform to Create a Global Data Processing Network With “Supercomputer” Performance

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PRESS RELEASE. Manchester, UK, 25 November 2021: GAIMIN releases level to make a planetary information processing web with “supercomputer” performance

UK and Swiss based gaming and blockchain company, GAIMINIO Ltd releases a PC-based level to make a global, decentralised information processing web with “supercomputer” level show and besides announces Nicky Butt, ex-Manchester United, Newcastle and England Team Player arsenic Company Ambassador.

A caller UK-based exertion level designed to boost the world’s processing powerfulness utilizing high-end gaming PCs has opened its level to users. GAIMIN utilises the unused processing powerfulness disposable from the GPUs of high-end gaming PCs to boost planetary processing powerfulness virtually, efficaciously creating a immense planetary supercomputer.

GAIMIN’s platform harnesses the “spare” processing capableness from gaming PCs creating a virtual root of interconnected, networked, information processing powerfulness that businesses and institutions tin pat into. GAIMIN presently uses this web of processing capableness to ‘power blockchain computations’, commonly known arsenic mining. Blockchains signifier portion of the underlying exertion down caller advances specified arsenic cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the Metaverse. Using AI, the GAIMIN level selects the astir profitable blockchain to powerfulness and returns 90% of the rewards backmost to users.

In the future, the GAIMIN information processing web volition beryllium utilised for much analyzable tasks specified arsenic video rendering and aboriginal vaccine sequencing, enabling businesses to tally high-demand information processing tasks without large infrastructure changes.

GAIMIN compensates the gamer successful its ain cryptocurrency token – GMRX. GMRX tokens tin beryllium withdrawn oregon much commonly spent successful the GAIMIN Marketplace, connected NFTs, gaming assets, accessories and merchandise.

GAIMIN’s ‘virtual’ processing powerfulness proviso level is simply a much businesslike and effectual alternate to the accepted attack to supplementing processing power, which relies connected a concern expanding its ain hardware oregon utilizing centralised information processing centres.

Backed by a committee of manufacture experts and advisors including ex-professional Esports subordinate and strategical manager Joseph Turner, and erstwhile Credit Suisse Vice President turned regulatory and compliance advisor to Blockchain and crypto companies, Simon Quirke, the concern has a wealthiness of acquisition to thin connected arsenic it launches.

Martin Speight, CEO astatine GAIMIN, says: “The solution has been created to assistance code the information that the satellite is moving retired of computing capacity, a content echoed by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella astatine the World Economic Forum.”

Martin explains, “The request for information processing powerfulness continues to rise. Centralised information processing centres are 1 solution but not without their ain important limitations. Our solution decentralises the requirement, taking disposable powerfulness wrong a level of interconnected devices and creating ‘supercomputer’ processing powerfulness without the associated risks.”

GAIMIN is besides pleased to invited Nicky Butt, ex-Manchester United, Newcastle and nationalist England Team Player arsenic Ambassador and Investor successful the company.

Martin Speight, further commented, “I americium delighted to invited Nicky connected committee arsenic portion of the GAIMIN team. He brings a wealthiness of acquisition not lone from his shot and coaching career, but besides from his entrepreneur and capitalist experience. Nicky volition beryllium a invaluable subordinate of the GAIMIN team, moving arsenic an Ambassador to correspond GAIMIN, our exertion and services and marque values to his wide-reaching assemblage of business, shot and gaming influencers.”

On his assignment arsenic GAIMIN Ambassador, Nicky Butt commented “I americium delighted to articulation the GAIMIN team. I person been looking for an breathtaking caller concern accidental to get progressive in; 1 that is extracurricular of my emblematic country of expertise, but 1 that utilises the skills, acquisition and interests I person built up implicit the past fewer years. GAIMIN presents the perfect accidental for maine – not lone arsenic an concern accidental but besides providing maine with an progressive relation arsenic an Ambassador for the company, helping turn the concern done my contacts and experience”.

About Nicky Butt

Nicky Butt is an ex Manchester United, Newcastle United and nationalist England squad subordinate who much precocious moved into the coaching arena. Nicky spent 12 years successful the Manchester United First Team, winning 7 Premier League titles. As 1 of the “Class of 92”, the hyper-successful Manchester United broadside of the 90’s, Nicky is simply a co-investor successful Co92 initiatives, including Hotel Football, Salford City and the Co92 University – UA92.

Following an instauration to GAIMIN, and aft a reappraisal of the exertion and concern imaginable of GAIMIN, Nicky has personally invested successful GAIMIN and has taken the relation of Ambassador for the company.

As GAIMIN Ambassador, Nicky volition personally correspond GAIMIN astatine a fig of strategical concern events and assistance beforehand the cardinal selling messages of the institution to his influential network. Nicky volition besides lend to the maturation of the concern utilising his extended cognition and acquisition successful coaching, teamwork and absorption skills.


GAIMINIO Ltd (GAIMIN) is simply a UK and Swiss based gaming institution focussed connected helping the gaming assemblage monetise the computational powerfulness of their gaming PC. GAIMIN has created a decentralised information processing web harnessing nether utilised processing powerfulness typically recovered successful gaming PC’s to make a world-wide decentralised information processing network, delivering “supercomputer” performance.

With a escaped to download PC-based exertion GAIMIN moentises the nether utilised show done innovative approaches to delivering “supercomputer” level information processing show from a world-wide web of autarkic processing devices. Focusing initially connected the powering of blockchain computations, the GAIMIN information processing web besides supports a fig of antithetic ample standard information processing applications, including video rendering.

GAIMIN pays users successful its ain crypto currency, GMRX which tin past beryllium utilized for purchases connected the GAIMIN Marketplace for NFTs, in-game assets, accessories and merchandise, oregon it tin beryllium converted to fiat oregon a antithetic crypto currency.

For further information, delight contact:

The Americas, Middle East and Australian Pacific – Andrew Faridani, Chief Marketing Officer for GAIMIN (based successful Toronto, Canada): [email protected]

UK and Europe – Marc Bray, Director of Communications for GAIMIN (based successful Manchester, UK): [email protected]

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