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The Galaxy S21 FE, shown successful the render, could beryllium Samsung's adjacent cheaper high-end phone.

Evan Blass

The Galaxy S20 FE made its debut past year, offering a balanced operation of useful features for a reasonable $699 starting price. And its successor, the Galaxy S21 FE, could beryllium connected its mode soon. Despite earlier rumors of the phone's imaginable cancellation, the latest buzz from LetsGoDigital says Samsung's adjacent Fan Edition telephone volition motorboat connected Jan. 11, 2022. 

Samsung showed disconnected the costly foldable Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 at its August Unpacked lawsuit and more options to customize those phones astatine its October Unpacked Part 2 event. Although upgrades to different phones successful the Galaxy S21 lineup are besides connected their mode successful the adjacent aboriginal -- here's what we cognize astir the Galaxy S22 truthful acold -- Drew Blackard, Samsung Electronics America's vice president of merchandise management, antecedently said successful an interrogation with CNET that they're not a menace to the Galaxy FE oregon Note

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There person been a fewer leaks and different tidbits floating astir regarding the Galaxy S21 FE's imaginable specs and availability, truthful let's dive into what we cognize truthful far. We'll support updating this arsenic the merchandise day approaches and we larn more.

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Galaxy S21 FE specs

The Galaxy S21 FE's specs database reportedly appeared connected China's TENAA Certification tract (via MyFixGuide). According to the listing, the telephone would person a 6.4-inch surface with 2,340x1,080-pixel resolution, a 4,370-mAh battery, 3 cameras (a 32-megapixel main lens, a 12-megapixel front-facing and an 8-megapixel), an in-display fingerprint sensor and enactment for 45-watt fast-charging. The telephone would besides see 8GB RAM arsenic good arsenic 128GB and 256GB retention options.

If true, a 6.4-inch surface would marque the telephone a spot taller than the 6.2-inch surface connected the higher-end Galaxy S21, portion being somewhat smaller than the 6.5-inch surface connected past year's Galaxy S20 FE. However, this camera would beryllium some a measurement up from the Galaxy S20 FE's main 12-megapixel lens and a measurement down from the S21's 64-megapixel camera.

More rumored specs were reportedly spotted connected the Google Play Console analytics tool, according to MyFixGuide, including 6GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 888 chip.

The telephone could besides see 4 escaped months of YouTube Premium, arsenic SamMobile reports that Samsung France's website concisely listed that perk arsenic coming with the acquisition of a Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus oregon Galaxy S21 Ultra.

A leaked idiosyncratic manual for the Galaxy S21 FE, obtained by SamMobile, supported immoderate of the antecedently rumored features, including an in-display fingerprint sensor. It besides showed the caller telephone could connection reverse wireless charging support, IP68 particulate and h2o absorption and Dolby Atmos support. The manual didn't notation a microSD slot, which appeared connected past year's Galaxy S20 FE. 


A sequel to the Galaxy S20 FE is rumored to beryllium coming soon.

Angela Lang/CNET

What volition the S21 FE look like?


Noted leaker Evan Blass posted images that whitethorn beryllium the Galaxy S21 FE.

Screenshot of Twitter/@evleaks

Noted leaker Evan Blass tweeted out assorted purported Samsung renders successful July, which included a imaginable look astatine the Galaxy S21 FE. Blass aboriginal revealed what helium said were 3D renders of the upcoming smartphone connected Twitter successful August. 

According to the renders connected his account, the telephone could person a akin quality to the Galaxy S21, including a punchout for the front-facing camera and 3 cameras connected the back.

The similarity to the S21 makes sense: The Galaxy S20 FE kept overmuch of the S20's plan connection portion making cuts to the surface solution and cameras that apt helped bring down the price. And according to a leak reported by SamMobile, the S21 FE volition reportedly travel successful astatine slightest 5 colors.

The leaked idiosyncratic manual for the upcoming phone, besides from SamMobile, showed that the Galaxy S21 FE would travel successful white, black, greenish and purple. 

We whitethorn person gotten a sneak peek astatine the Galaxy S21 FE successful a back-to-school promo representation concisely posted to Samsung's authoritative Instagram relationship successful August. The telephone is shown successful a backpack beside a laptop and a brace of Galaxy Buds Pro. It looks akin to the Galaxy S21 from behind, but is shown successful a lilac colour that isn't presently 1 of the colour options for the Galaxy S21. The station has since been deleted from Samsung's account.

What volition the S21 FE cost?

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE's terms started astatine $699 successful the US, which was a important discount from the Galaxy S20's $999 starting price. That terms besides undercut rival OnePlus 8T's $749 starting price.

However, the Galaxy S21's starting terms of $800 was notably little than the Galaxy S20's, and it seems improbable that a Galaxy S21 FE would person a akin $300 discount -- arsenic the Galaxy A series of phones occupies that sub-$500 terms range.

While we don't person immoderate factual accusation connected price, a study from GizChina hypothesizes that the S21 FE enactment could motorboat with a starting terms of $699, the aforesaid arsenic the starting terms astatine motorboat for the Galaxy S20 FE. That terms would inactive enactment it astir $100 little than the Galaxy S21, positioning it arsenic a higher-end worth option.


If the tweeted images are so the Galaxy S21 FE, the telephone looks to beryllium akin successful plan to the much costly Galaxy S21.

Screenshot of Twitter/@evleaks

When volition it beryllium announced and released?

Although the Galaxy S21 FE was not unveiled astatine the August foldables event or Samsung's October event, it's imaginable that it volition travel past year's signifier of getting a stand-alone announcement -- if it's announced astatine all. 

The Galaxy S20 FE had its ain Unpacked event in September 2020; the phone's uncover was touted arsenic "a tribute to its Galaxy fans." That phone's release, however, was precise adjacent to the merchandise of the Z Fold 2, which besides took spot successful September. Perhaps this year's large phones volition get a akin magnitude of space. 

A September study from Front Page Tech's John Prosser suggested that the Galaxy S21 FE's motorboat day volition beryllium successful October, and preorders volition commencement connected Oct. 20. But, this has since been proven false. Now, LetsGoDigital hypothesizes the Galaxy S21 FE volition motorboat aboriginal adjacent twelvemonth connected Jan. 11.

Prior to the latest rumor astir the phone's motorboat date, speculation from South Korean work DDaily says the institution has considered canceling the Galaxy S21 FE and had reportedly removed the enactment pages for the Galaxy S21 FE. The institution antecedently added enactment pages for the smartphone nether its exemplary number, SM-G990B, that were removed pursuing rumors of the phone's cancelation, but the pages person present been reuploaded to Samsung's websites.

Leaker @IceUniverse has said that it's "reasonable" for Samsung to cancel the Galaxy S21 FE if the institution releases the Galaxy S22 successful December. 

For more, instrumentality a look astatine however the Galaxy S20 FE compares with different S20 phones. You tin besides cheque retired CNET's Galaxy S21 review and Galaxy S21 Ultra review

We volition support updating this roundup arsenic we perceive much astir the rumored Galaxy 21 FE. Do you presently person the Galaxy 20 FE and person thoughts astir what should travel next? Or person heard different rumors astir the telephone we should cheque out? Add them to the comments.

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