GameSir T4 Kaleid wired controller review

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The GameSir T4 Kaleid is surely 1 of the prettiest controllers connected the market, but it’s acold much than its looks. Hall effect sticks and fantastically tactile buttons marque for a satisfying gameplay experience, and the controller’s truly astatine location connected PC with a afloat customizable app suite. The lone large drawback is simply a deficiency of compatibility with the PS5 and Xbox Series X.


  • +

    Lovely aesthetic

  • +

    Hall effect sticks

  • +

    Gorgeous RGB lighting

  • +

    Satisfyingly tactile buttons


  • -

    Switch and PC only

  • -

    Face buttons don’t lucifer Switch layout

  • -

    No wireless option

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I’m delighted to accidental that the GameSir T4 Kaleid was a pleasant surprise. It’s surely an eye-catching gamepad with its see-through casing and beauteous RGB lighting, yet it stands caput and shoulders supra different controllers successful its terms bracket acknowledgment to unthinkable customizability and precocious prime buttons and sticks.

If you’re sick of instrumentality drift connected the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers, the GameSir T4 Kaleid sidesteps the contented with the usage of hallway effect analog sticks, overmuch similar the fantastic 8BitDo Ultimate wireless controller. That reassured longevity, and wide precocious quality, has the T4 Kaleid lasting alongside the best Nintendo Switch controllers you tin buy.

That being said, it’s unluckily not rather the champion acceptable for its people console. The T4 Kaleid is wired only, which isn’t a large acceptable for Nintendo Switch. It besides doesn’t person the reversed X and Y fastener placement, opting alternatively for the much modular Xbox Series X|S layout. However, the T4 Kaleid thrives connected PC erstwhile paired with the T4k app which allows you to customize fastener layout, delegate inputs to the rear paddle buttons and, possibly astir importantly, make your ain RGB pattern.

GameSir T4 Kaleid: terms and availability

The GameSir T4 Kaleid is disposable to bargain close present for $41.99 / £41.99. You tin acquisition it either from GameSir’s authoritative store page, oregon done retailers similar Amazon and AliExpress.

That places the T4 Kaleid arsenic cheaper than the authoritative Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, and mid-range gamepads similar the Nacon Revolution X wired controller. As such, it's surely worthy considering if you're connected a choky budget.

GameSir T4 Kaleid: design

GameSir T4 Kaleid

(Image credit: Future)

I’ve got a immense brushed spot for controllers with translucent designs, truthful the GameSir T4 Kaleid was already starting to triumph maine implicit erstwhile I archetypal took it retired of the box. However, the controller uses its aesthetic prime creatively. That’s due to the fact that the circuit committee wrong is gorgeously laid out, and the brace of RGB strips that wrapper astir either broadside of the controller are dazzling. It’s surely a measurement up from galore Pro-adjacent controllers that thin to play appearances harmless with plain achromatic oregon achromatic colorways.

The fancy aesthetic wouldn’t magnitude to overmuch if the controller wasn’t of a decent physique quality, and thankfully the T4 Kaleid delivers here. The integrative ammunition is sturdy, portion the sticks and look buttons diagnostic a clicky, tactile feel. In the lawsuit of the look buttons, that’s owed to the usage of microswitches for a springy, crisp feeling press. 

That aforesaid feeling applies to the D-pad, triggers and enarthrosis buttons, too. Overall, we person a uncommon lawsuit present of a controller delivering connected astir each fronts. You truly person to nitpick to place plan issues with the T4 Kaleid erstwhile it comes to its buttons. But if I had to, I’d accidental the placement of the Start and Select buttons are a small higher up the controller than I’m utilized to.

Additionally, this is the 1 of the fewer cases wherever I lament the information that the controller is wired only. I consciousness that wired pads aren’t a bully acceptable for Nintendo Switch. There’s nary outward facing USB larboard connected either the Switch oregon Nintendo Switch OLED, truthful the usage of a wired controller present tin beryllium cumbersome. Plus, the T4 Kaleid isn’t compatible with Xbox Series X|S contempt bearing the Xbox fastener layout. I inactive highly urge it arsenic a PC-first controller, however.

GameSir T4 Kaleid: performance

GameSir T4 Kaleid

(Image credit: Future)

The GameSir T4 Kaleid is simply a amazingly feature-rich controller for its comparatively debased asking price. And that’s not conscionable due to the fact that of its chill plan and RGB lighting. There’s besides a brace of mappable backmost buttons that tin beryllium assigned via the T4k desktop app.

This is different crushed wherefore I urge the T4 Kaleid if you play connected PC. The T4k app is incredibly robust and lets you tweak everything from the RGB signifier to fastener assignments and more.

One diagnostic you mightiness not cognize the T4 Kaleid has is simply a hairsbreadth trigger mode. It’s not instantly evident arsenic there’s nary on-board switches similar with the HyperX Clutch Gladiate oregon the Xbox Elite Series 2. However, the mode tin beryllium toggled wrong the app and allows you to activate trigger inputs with conscionable a abbreviated press. A spot of a roundabout mode of doing things, but it’s apt a mode for GameSir to prevention connected components and support costs down. A beauteous astute move, overall.

Customization with the app leads the T4 Kaleid to beryllium a fantastic controller for gaming. As mentioned, those hallway effect analog sticks and microswitch-powered look buttons marque for a sturdy controller that’ll defy overmuch deterioration and teardrop implicit the years. The dual rumble motors besides supply a beardown furniture of immersion, and tin besides beryllium customized successful the app.

It’s a fantastic controller for erstwhile accelerated fastener presses matter. Take online shooters similar Fortnite or Halo Infinite, where speedy reflexes and quicker fastener presses tin beryllium paramount to success. Or adjacent platformers similar Mega Man 11 and Super Mario Odyssey where precision is often key. 

Should I bargain the GameSir T4 Kaleid?

GameSir T4 Kaleid

(Image credit: Future)

Buy it if...

You’re aft an affordable controller for PC
The T4 Kaleid excels arsenic a PC pad acknowledgment to its companion app and sturdy physique quality

You’re connected a budget
Simply put, the T4 Kaleid won’t interruption the bank. In fact, it’s a bargain terms for the features you’re getting.

You emotion customizability
Between its RGB lighting and afloat mappable controls, the T4 Kaleid is cleanable for players who similar a layout to telephone their own.

Don't bargain it if...

You’re aft a wireless controller
The T4 Kaleid’s biggest drawback is its deficiency of wireless functionality. If it had that, we could beryllium looking astatine a near-perfect pad.

You request a Nintendo Switch controller
The T4 Kaleid isn’t a large acceptable for Nintendo Switch, acknowledgment to its wired-only quality and the X and Y buttons pursuing the Xbox controller placements.

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