GameStop memes even harder with ‘Web3 Gaming’ and NFT job listings

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After a rollercoaster of a twelvemonth connected the banal market fueled by WallStreetBets retail trading, GameStop is going afloat meme and looking to physique a “Web3” platform, according to a flurry of occupation listings posted to its careers tract connected Monday. One of those ads, discovered by CoinDesk, is simply a LinkedIn listing for a “Head of Web3 Gaming” successful which the institution says it's looking for idiosyncratic to “accelerate the aboriginal of gaming and commerce” based connected blockchains.

If you’re fortunate capable to person ne'er heard the operation “Web3,” it’s often utilized to picture a decentralized, crypto-based internet. That tracks with the different occupation listings, which bespeak that GameStop is processing immoderate benignant of NFT platform, apt based connected Ethereum. While sometimes occupation listings are conscionable occupation listings, successful this case, it whitethorn beryllium a play by GameStop to get backmost connected WallStreetBets’ radar oregon to enactment its mode into the crypto community’s bully graces.

GameStop’s galore occupation listings for NFT and Web3 Gaming-related positions.

GameStop hasn’t mentioned its ardent retail trading fans overmuch in its net calls, but the company’s banal has intelligibly benefited from their enthusiasm — astatine the opening of 2021, it was hovering astir $20 per share, and it closed connected Tuesday astatine $177.84, according to Yahoo Finance. High banal prices don’t needfully bespeak that the institution arsenic a full is doing well, but they tin astatine slightest assistance support radical liking the stock.

When you’re dealing with an Internet mob, though, attraction yet fades. AMC has tried to tribunal backmost traders’ involvement (it was caught up successful the aforesaid trading fiasco arsenic GameStop) with things similar escaped popcorn and quality that they’re looking into accepting Bitcoin and different crypto astatine theaters. For GameStop, it’s imaginable that an NFT level promising a aboriginal of games wherever “play is driven by the things you bring” and incorporating buzzy phrases similar “Web3” and “blockchain-based gaming” is simply a akin maneuver to reignite the passionateness investors erstwhile felt for it.

With each the speech astir GameStop arsenic a chaotic banal marketplace bet, you’d beryllium forgiven for forgetting that its main concern is being a video crippled store. Whether oregon not video crippled vendors let for games that see NFTs is simply a spot of an unfastened question astatine this constituent — Valve declared that developers can’t merchantability blockchain-enabled games connected its Steam store, portion Epic has said that it’s good with them. Apple has yet to publically marque a determination astir the App Store, perchance due to the fact that developers are rightfully frightened to beryllium the archetypal ones to effort submitting an NFT-powered app.

Meanwhile, GameStop seems precise funny successful becoming a spot for those kinds of projects — 1 of the listed responsibilities successful the occupation statement is “build a squad to assistance creators motorboat their projects connected the GameStop platform.” While the institution seemingly teased plans for thing NFT-related earlier this year, an obscure webpage is much cryptic than a telephone for applicants who privation to physique a blockchain empire.

To whoever’s going to effort and bash this for GameStop, I privation you luck — due to the fact that you’re going to request it. Dropping the shot connected this task could upset the crypto people, retail traders, and blockchain crippled developers, and that’s a Venn diagram I’d privation to beryllium good extracurricular of. Though if things bash extremity up going disastrously wrong, delight email maine due to the fact that that could beryllium an unthinkable story.

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