Gaming and apparel brand 100 Thieves is getting into hardware with its first acquisition

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100 Thieves, a gaming enactment known for its esports teams, apparel, and big-name streamers, is announcing its archetypal acquisition: the gaming peripheral institution Higround.

If you aren’t familiar, Higround makes what mightiness beryllium champion described arsenic decorator gaming peripherals. (To get an thought of what that means, cheque retired Higround’s Instagram, which is filled with pictures of colorful keyboards.) It releases its products successful constricted drops and says that each 1 of them has sold out. The company’s enactment adjacent includes a collaboration with Apple’s Beats, though it had a constricted organisation and wasn’t for sale.

100 Thieves is simply a gaming marque that’s likewise good known for its decorator cogwheel (in its case, apparel) that’s released successful drops, truthful you mightiness beryllium capable to spot wherefore it and Higround are thing of a match.

“For a agelong time, your setup was conscionable this generic canvas that everybody had,” 100 Thieves laminitis and CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag said successful an interrogation with The Verge. He talked astir however the differences mightiness person conscionable travel down to however galore hertz your show was susceptible of oregon if idiosyncratic other had a lighter rodent than you. With Higrounds, though, 100 Thieves sees an accidental to assistance radical marque a table setup that’s much typical of who they are.

Higround co-founder Rustin Sotoodeh discussed a akin vision. “Everyone should person entree to an unthinkable keyboard oregon beauteous design,” Sotoodeh said, and helium hopes helium tin marque that a world arsenic a effect of the acquisition. (That would see offering products that are ever available, alternatively of conscionable successful drops.)

Haag besides sees a accidental to shingle up the keyboard market. “From my perspective, unless you’re a keyboard enthusiast, if you’re a casual gamer and you spell to the store, there’s lone similar 2 products that are offered: a achromatic keyboard and a achromatic keyboard,” Haag said. “And there’s a batch of brands that I person a ton of respect for, but I inactive deliberation that there’s country successful the marketplace for determination to beryllium a marquee marque that everybody gravitates towards due to the fact that of the stories that they archer and the representation that they portray.” Higround precocious brought connected Baron Lee, a erstwhile HyperX executive, to caput up merchandise development, signaling that it’s staffing up to instrumentality connected immoderate of the large names successful gaming peripherals.

Higround’s Sandstone keyboard. Image: Higround

Neither Haag nor Sotoodeh commented connected the presumption of the deal, but Haag did sermon however Higround volition run arsenic an autarkic company. “What we privation to assistance Higround bash is conscionable accelerate their growth,” Haag said. “We don’t privation to instrumentality implicit their identity, we don’t privation to spell excessively acold heavy into 100 Thieves injecting its DNA into Higround.” A property merchandise is much explicit, spelling retired that 100 Thieves volition “serve arsenic an accelerator.”

As portion of the acquisition, the 2 companies volition squad up connected a “special merchandise capsule,” which includes a hoodie and the customized keyboard (which you tin spot astatine the apical of this post). You’ll beryllium capable to bargain the capsule connected October 15th astatine 3PM ET connected Higround’s website.

It doesn’t dependable similar 100 Thieves is jumping into the heavy extremity with hardware conscionable yet, though. “Higround, from a hardware and peripherals standpoint, is our bet, and we’re going to assistance them arsenic they proceed to turn implicit the adjacent mates of years,” Haag said.

Haag besides didn’t perpetrate to making much acquisitions anytime soon. “R​​ight now, Higround is the main focus, and we’re excited to put each of our resources and each of our clip into helping them succeed,” helium said. “And past we’ll spot what comes down the roadworthy successful the future.”

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