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I've covered an unusual assortment of beats during my years connected the CNET Home team, from touchscreen refrigerators to app-enabled piggy banks, but I peculiarly enjoyed the clip I spent reviewing and investigating retired LED airy bulbs. Why? Lights are a necessity, and they tin marque a large interaction connected the mode your location looks and feels. But astir radical don't walk overmuch clip reasoning astir their lights astatine all.

Back successful my airy bulb investigating days, GE Reveal bulbs ever offered an evident uptick successful colour quality. You tin champion spot the quality by comparing the reddish and orangish M&Ms, the achromatic of the bowl, and the little yellowy code of the table's woodgrain.

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As such, I was ever anxious to find casual lighting upgrades that really marque a difference. Yes, LED lights tin marque your inferior measure much efficient, but you privation them to look bully doing it, too. Few bulbs I tested, if any, made colors look arsenic bully arsenic those in the GE Reveal line, which usage a peculiar filter to trim the precocious levels of yellowish emitted by LEDs. That filter makes the whites successful your location look whiter, and it helps marque colors look much close and vivid, arsenic well.

My lone lament astatine the clip was that determination wasn't a astute mentation of the GE Reveal bulb you could automate oregon power with a dependable adjunct -- but now, determination is! Available successful a classic, A-shaped bulb oregon an overhead floodlight LED -- neither of which costs much than $25 -- the GE Cync Reveal Smart Bulb is simply a sneaky bully tech acquisition for budding location automation enthusiasts, oregon for anyone who conscionable wants the colors successful their location to pop.

Why it's a large gift: As 1 of GE's Direct Connect astute bulbs, which usage built-in Wi-Fi radios to link straight with your location web arsenic soon arsenic you screw them successful and crook them on, the GE Cync Reveal Smart Bulb doesn't request a hub oregon an existing location automation level for you to usage it. All you request is Wi-Fi. Once a bulb is connected, you tin usage the Cync app and automate it to crook connected and disconnected oregon alteration colour settings astatine circumstantial times. You tin link it with Alexa oregon the Google Assistant for dependable controls, too. On apical of that, the bulb includes a afloat spectrum of RGB colors and respective animated presets, truthful if you privation thing amusive for a enactment oregon for the holidays, it's a large acceptable for that, too.

What you'll pay: Not much! The standard, A-shaped mentation of the bulb only costs $13 astatine Target, which is importantly little than a comparable full-color connected bulb from large astute location brands similar Philips Hue ($45 each) oregon Lifx ($35 each). With 800 lumens of airy output, the GE Cync Reveal Smart Bulb is conscionable arsenic agleam arsenic either of those, and with a powerfulness gully of 9.5 watts, it'll lone adhd a small implicit a subordinate to your vigor measure each year if you usage it for an mean of 3 hours per day. Meanwhile, if you request a BR30 floodlight similar the 1 I tested out, that'll outgo you $22 astatine Lowe's. Again, that's a batch little than overmuch of the competition, and it's inactive plentifulness agleam and efficient.

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